Toyota Tundra Auto Dimming Mirror

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Toyota Tundra Auto Dimming MirrorHave you seen this line item on a Toyota Tundra sticker?

  • Auto-dimming mirror — MSRP $280

That’s a lot of money for an accessory you can install yourself. Thanks to “Billy Bob” of Lancaster, NY, (a TundraSolutions forum member) we’ve got the low down on the best place to buy the mirror, and some tips for installation.

Aftermarket = Savings

First — where to buy. Your local dealer will charge anywhere from $400 to $600 for these parts, but you can get the exact same Toyota parts from dnd-enterprises on eBay. One tip: Make sure to ask for the long wire cover.

Here’s the link: 2007 OEM Tundra Auto Dim Mirror w/ Homelink and Compass

Price: $229 + Shipping. You can also look at the USA-made Gentex universal mirrors. Skip the compass feature, and you can get the Gentex K2 for about $100. If you want the compass, the Gentex K5 runs about $165. Neither Gentex mirror comes with HomeLink.


Depending upon your truck, install could be either easy, or very easy. Here’s how:

  • Remove the overhead console. Should be four (4) torx-head screws.
  • There should be two plugs tucked away behind the console.
  • Check to see if the power plug provided with your mirror will fit into one of these plugs. If your truck has the right plug, you can skip the next 3 steps.
  • If not, you’ll need to figure out which wires to tap into. Don’t worry, the tap connectors are provided. First, locate the plug with three input wires (it should be clipped into a holder).
  • Using a test light or multi-tester, find the ground wire, the constant power wire, and the ignition switch power wire.
  • Using the provided in-line snap connectors, attach the provided harness to the factory wiring.
  • Remove your current rear view mirror and attach the new one. Run the wires into the liner and attach them to the kit harness.
  • Test, then make sure to cover the wires between the base of the mirror and the headliner with the wire cover.

Next, to calibrate the compass, drive around the block once or twice. The compass should self-orient.

That’s it! You’re money ahead ($50 – $130) and you have the satisfaction of knowing you improved your truck. Don’t worry about “messing something up” either — this is a common dealer installed accessory. No problems with warranty, etc. provided you buy the OEM kit.

Thanks again Bob for posting this info on TundraSolutions, and allowing us to paraphrase.

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  1. Dean says:

    Will the Toyota mirror with compass and homelink (commonly found on the 07+ Tundra limited work on a 07+ Tundra SR5? I was told by a local Toyota dealership that it would not because the factory harness would not support it. Thanks

  2. Jason says:

    Dean – No idea – your local Toyota dealership would know. If you don’t think they’re right, you can contact the online Toyota parts dealers in our links section: http://www.tundraheadquarters......-links.php

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