Toyota Continues to Tease Diesel Tundra Enthusiasts

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Update: Read the complete story of the diesel Tundra

Here’s what our sources at Toyota have told us the last couple of years…

Toyota’s going to build a couple of diesel Tundra’s, and one of them will be a real live heavy-duty monster. Count on it – 3 years after launch tops.

No – wait – we’re not going to build a HD diesel right now, only the light-duty diesel. The big diesel and the HD Tundra will be delayed until this whole truck market bounces back.

Uh, we decided to go ahead and back off the light-duty diesel too. We’re not sure that with fuel prices being the way they are that blah, blah, blah.

In case you were wondering, this is an editorialized version of Toyota’s steady backslide on their commitment to build a diesel version of the Tundra. While Toyota is certainly entitled to change their mind about building a diesel Tundra (despite promises made to Toyota dealers to the contrary), what doesn’t make sense – what irritates the hell out of us, actually – is that Toyota continues to trot out the one-of-a-kind Tundra Diesel Dually that premiered at SEMA last year.

Visit to see their comments on this truck.

What’s the deal Toyota? You haven’t stomped on our hopes enough? Why keep showing us a truck you’re not going to build for at least another 5 years (if ever)?

The cynical answer: Toyota wants to keep the concept of a Diesel HD Tundra alive. They realize that some people will delay purchasing a diesel from one of their competitors based on the implication the SEMA Dually might actually exist someday. Sinister.

The logical answer: Toyota has stopped investing in the Tundra for the short term. They don’t have any concepts to show off aside from a supercharged regular cab race truck (big deal – we built one of those) and a “TRD off-road DoubleCab.”

Either way, shame on you Toyota. The truck market isn’t going to go away, and there’s plenty of reason to believe you can challenge Ford, GM, and Chrysler for leadership. Get to it!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do wish that Toyota doesn’t back of the LD Tundra Diesel!
    At present I’m not a Tundra owner nor am I a Toyota owner but I was completely hook line and sinkered in by the thought of a LD Tundra Diesel by late 2009 early 2010. I have been a fan of the Tundra line for about a year & half now and thanks mainly to you guys at Tundra Headquarters its been branded into my brain even more. I’m form the Caribbean and diesel engines are No.1 when it comes to all round dependability. I do think that a marriage of two A1 mechanical products just might be in the best interest for Toyota who knows there might just be more folks out there like me just waiting for a LD Tundra Diesel (Goose Bumps).

  2. Cardinal Hinds says:

    Come out with your guns blazing Toyota bring the challenge to Ford & GM!
    A LD diesel tundra is the way to go, don’t keep us waiting!

  3. Josh ruppert says:

    This really sucks of you toyota to be a quitter.. Especially now that diesel is low priced and Obama is on the bandwagon to produce algae Bio-diesel and other alternative bio-diesel. I was going to purchase a HD tundra diesel when my lease expires on my tundra i now own.. Throwing in the towel is so retarded i want to barf on the CEO’s at toyota..
    Quit teasing us and get down to buisiness.. If this tundra was run on algae biodiesel it would have nearly NO emissions.. Also it’s time to step up and produce a real heavy duty truck not another japanese small car.. Check your market and ask around.. Alot of people would buy a toyota HD tundra just based on toyota’s name and longevity.. The gas tundra was under-engineered and i can’t wait to give it back when the lease runs out.. Time to step up to the plate..

  4. Ken says:

    I just looked at the 1 ton diesel powered Tundra on this site, and I saw straightaway big competition to Ford and the others. That is one fine looking truck. Toyota, if you don’t build that one you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Think of all the retirees out there jerking fifth wheel trailers down the road. What are they pulling them with? Yes, your competition. There are also plenty of others out there making a living with their trucks, oilfield hotshots, ranchers, and so on. If you can make that thing get excellent fuel mileage, I bet they sell like hot cakes.
    A light duty diesel in a 3/4 ton and standard Tundra getting 25 plus mpg is bound to get attention too.
    Don’t leave the diesel idea on the back burner too long.

  5. Mickey says:

    I wholeheartedly agree Ken. I don’t have a need for one but what you put out is true.

  6. Reggie says:

    WHY would Toyota hold back on this machine! Up here in truck country this this would sell like hotcakes! (Including myself buying one) Ford, Chev and Dodge would take a hit huge up here! GO FOR IT TOYOTA!

  7. Desmon says:

    I have owned my Toyota 4Runner since purchased new off the lot in 1998. I have been waiting at least the last four years for a 3/4 ton or better Toyota Truck that has over 20mpg on the highway in automatic. I am currently serving in the military overseas and notice that many of the Toyotas out here are deisels. I have been holding my money and waiting on the promised hybrid, and now the possible diesel truck since then. But, I am starting to loose faith that Toyota is keeping track of consumer’s needs. Toyota, if you don’t come up with at least one of your promises by the beginning of 2010 then I will have no choice but to buy from the competition who is moving forward! You need to answer to call…or go home!

  8. jeff says:

    Toyota needs to come out with their new diesel i looked at it and about crapped my pants Toyota will be right up there with Chevey and Ford if they come out with this baby. YOU GO TOYOTA!!!!

  9. Robert Wiggins says:

    as a present owner of a 2004 toyota tundra trd ive been looking forward to having this truck hit the market. i dont think they should mess with our heads. i love my tundra and its the best truck to have but the more toyota waits, the more truck boys like you and me that want that diesel power and will most likely buy a powerstroke, duramax, or a cummins. JUST GIVE US TOYOTA OWNERS WHAT WE WANT!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wish they would stop the delay, because I would probably be one of the first to own one. I had to trade-in my Thundra Crewcab, V8 engine in Nebraska, because I bought a large fifth wheel. I could have cried to leave it on the car lot. I had to buy a Ford F-250, because I didn’t have the option to purchase a Toyota Diesel Dully to pull my camper with. Let me know if ya’ll need test drivers to ride around in the Toyota Diesel Dully here in the USA. My husband is sooooo excited and can’t stand it anymore. He is patiently waiting for the monster truck to come out. I called Toyota to inquire about this back in 2007 when we had to give up our Thundra. I told them we needed a Toyota Diesel Truck that can pull large campers. This will be awesome!!!!!!!

  11. Brian says:

    Why does everybody need to be so competetive, just because GM, Chevrolet and Ford have dual tires in the back, doesnt mean toyota needs one to, also, why now, they could have thought of the diesel when they made the redesign of the tundra, because the older tundra would have been to small to carry the diesel engine.

  12. mike says:

    toyota can never compete with the ford gm or dodge diesels i would love to see them try to compete with our truck line and just see how much the cummins could put them to shame i can see it now toyota is gonna bring there tonka toy out and put it to a test with a real truck and leave with there tails tucked between there legs lets see if they can compete with the big dogs!!

  13. Jason says:

    mike – When you say “our” truck line, are you an employee of Ford, GM, and Chrysler-Fiat? Or, are you saying that these are “America’s trucks”, and since you’re an American, they’re yours?

    Either way, I don’t disagree that the Cummins is a great motor. Same goes for the Isuzu diesel used in the GM products, most of the Navistar engines that WERE in Fords, and probably Ford’s new engine now (I’d like to see some durability results).

    Can Toyota build a diesel? Sure. They have one of the best-selling diesel trucks in the world, in fact. It’s made by Hino – you can educate yourself here:

  14. John says:

    I keep seeing this crap about diesel durability “a diesel will last 2-3 times longer than a gas engine” I’ve owned several of the Big Three’s diesel pickups, that I used for personal, and commercial use over the past 20 years, and to make a long story short, I will NEVER buy another diesel powered pickup. If you would all stop repeating propaganda, and actually do some simple math, with real world #’s, you will find that in 99% of all cases, a gas engine pickup will cost THOUSANDS of $$$’s less to own over average life vs. diesel, and with our government hatred of all things diesel, this will only get worse. As far as Toyota building a U.S. diesel, keep in mind that Toyota actually needs to be PROFITABLE, and isn’t being subsidized with YOUR tax dollars to build niche market toys…. I’m not including Ford in that jab-GO Ford! jus sayin…

  15. Bones says:

    I Just Heard Word From A Top Rep Inside Toyota That 2Years From Now, So The 2015 Tundra They Will Be coming Out With A 3/4 Ton Tundra That Has The Cummins Motor, And An Allison Transmission, Iam Praying To Read About It Soon Wouldn’t Usually Post ThisBut This Is Who I Work For (Toyota) So If They Do Eat Your Hearts Out Boys Toyota Will Clean House With The Best Of All 3 Worlds,

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