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Ask Doug Thorley – Short vs. Long Tube Headers

We have been having an email conversation with Jamie Joyce, who manages Automotive R & D for Doug Thorley headers. In our previous post we got some interesting background information on the differences between Doug Thorley headers and a stock Toyota Tundra exhaust manifold. This time, we’ll get a chance to hear some of Jamie’s answers regarding the thorny issue of short tube headers versus long tube headers in the pickup truck world.

Short tube headers vs. long tube headers

We started out by mentioning to Jamie that both the short and long tube header options offered by Doug Thorley appeared to offer a similar increase in low-end torque, with only a slight advantage going to the long tube units. This seemed to go against the conventional wisdom in the truck performance world that short tube headers can actually rob an engine of low rpm torque, especially in comparison to stock manifold designs.

Jamie told us that historically,

Smartphones Will Replace OnStar and Similar Systems says “Smart Phones Will Take Over the World, Muwahahahahah!

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. Maybe the smart phone won’t take over the world, but it is likely that the smart phone will take over the automotive industry’s incessant desire to provide navigation and emergency communications technology.

Earlier this month Toyota Motor Corp. announced it will introduce a technology similar to GM’s OnStar for select Toyota models. As a special introductory offer, new car buyers will receive a one-year free subscription to the service.

While we agree that the navigation and emergency assistance that OnStar – and soon Toyota – provides is an excellent service, OnStar and the like aren’t necessary anymore with the advent of smartphones.

Toyota has announced the creation of a competitor to GM’s OnStar service, but why? Smartphones currently offer many of the benefits of OnStar, and it’s only a matter of time until smartphones replace OnStar completely.