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Toyota Bluetooth Cell Phone Basics

Bluetooth technology has radically changed the way that people integrate personal electronic devices into their automobiles. The term “Bluetooth” refers to a protocol for wireless data transfer that allows different types of consumer electronics – cell phones, navigational systems, and mp3 players, for example – to communicate with each other. Probably the most common instance of Bluetooth technology in use are wireless headsets for mobile phones. These small earpieces are paired with a cell phone that can be as far as 12 feet away, allowing hands-free operation of the phone while driving or working.


The Blackberry Bold (right) and the Samsung Eternity (left) are two new popular Bluetooth enabled phones that are compatible with Toyota”s Bluetooth systems.

Since cellular phones and driving safety have become inextricably linked over the past few years, many municipalities have passed laws banning the use of hand-held phones while driving. This has lead to a surge in the popularity of Bluetooth earpieces and headsets, as hands-free phone use is still usually permitted. Over the past few years, Toyota has helped to lead the charge to incorporate Bluetooth technology into their vehicles in order to take hands-free cell use a step further.

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