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Toyota Recalls 2001-03 Tundra Pickups Over Faulty Front Passenger Airbag

Toyota is recalling certain 2001-03 Tundra pickups due to faulty front passenger airbags. These airbags were manufactured improperly by an outside supplier.

Toyota Recalls 2001-03 Tundra Pickups

A third-party supplier of airbags is being blamed for the recall on 2001-2003 Toyota Tundra pickups.

Study States Toyota Recalls Didn’t Affect Brand

A recent study produced at North Carolina State University suggests that customer perception of the Toyota brand may not have been affected by the safety recalls that occurred in 2009. Those recalls were due to a malfunction that caused certain Toyota models to accelerate suddenly, which was widely covered by the media. About 9 million vehicles were brought back to dealerships around the country, and many analysts feared that the Toyota brand would suffer irreparable damage.

Study States Toyota Recalls Didn't Affect Brand

A recent study has found that the massive Toyota recalls of 2009 didn't have any long-term impact on Toyota's brand.