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Toyota Tundra Cummins Diesel – Fact or Fiction

The latest hubbub has been all over the forums and automotive news sites about Toyota considering a Cummins diesel engine. While it has been fun watching the all the buzz, it is time for us to weigh in. I talked with Toyota’s national brand manager, here is the real deal.

Toyota Tundra Cummins Diesel - Fact or Fiction

All the buzz lately is around a Cummins diesel coming to a Toyota Tundra. Fact or Fiction?

Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel – Big Deal to Toyota?

By now most everyone has heard that Dodge is going to release a diesel version of the Ram 1500. While this news has the potential to shake up the automotive world, is it that big of a deal to Toyota?

Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel - Big Deal?

Can the Ram 1500 diesel alter the truck market so much that Toyota will build a diesel?

Ford Now Offers Two Diesel Engines – Toyota Diesel Never?

Toyota Tundra fans and would-be buyers have been clamoring for years for a diesel option that competes with other truck makers. It now looks like Toyota is going to fall further behind in diesel technology with Ford’s introduction of a turbo-diesel for a van. For those keeping score, Ford has two, GM/Chrysler-Fiat has one and Toyota still has zero.

Toyota Diesel Never?

Ford plans to use a new, turbo-diesel in the 2014 Transit van. This leaves Toyota farther behind, will it ever offer a diesel?