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Why Install After Market Shocks on your Toyota Tundra?

Why change the stock shocks on your Toyota Tundra for a set of aftermarket units? There are actually several reasons why so many truck owners elect not to return to factory components when it comes time to replace their damping system. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why aftermarket shock replacements are so common.

Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Shock Options

The Toyota Tundra, like most trucks, has a fairly large number of after market replacement shock absorber options. In addition to the standard KYB shocks that are available on almost every vehicle ever built, the primary after market shock brands that cater to the Tundra are Rancho, Skyjacker, Tuff Country, Fabtech, and Pro-Comp. We’ve put together a quick roundup of the shock products offered by these five companies.

Sulastic Rubber Springs and Tundra Bed Bounce

Many Tundra owners have found that their truck suffers from something we call “bed bounce,” which can be very pronounced and uncomfortable for some Tundra owners at highway speeds.

Note that we emphasized the word ‘some.’ Many Tundra owners report their trucks ride perfectly fine, while others say the ride is very harsh. Here at TundraHeadquarters, we’ve noticed an overall decline in the number of complaints after the 2008 model year, which might seem to indicate that 09′ and 10′ Tundras don’t have the same problem.

If your Tundra suffers from bed bounce, there are a few solutions.