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K&N Q&A – Bert Heck Answers Our Questions About Oil Filters

Tundra oil filter 5.7 4.6

Is the OEM filter for the Tundra the best option? How can someone know?

At we field a lot of questions – both in the comments section and via email – about oil filters.  We decided to collect the most often-repeated inquiries together and talk to someone who knows the business inside and out to get some answers.  That someone is Bert Heck, Performance Kit Manager at K&N Filters who took the time to provide us with his perspective regarding the intricacies of oil filtration.

Filter Flow Rate vs. Filtration Ability

The very first question we asked Bert had to do with the perennial debate concerning flow rate versus filtration.  Simply put, is it better to have a high flowing filter that runs the risk of not catching as much particulate matter as possible, or does an engine benefit from a more rigorous filtration system that doesn’t flow quite as well?

Heck’s response spoke from K&N’s experience in the high performance oil filter world

Tundra Oil Filter Review Rates Wix, OEM Filters Best Overall

When it comes time to change your oil make sure you carefully consider what oil filter you will use. Oil filters can have a dramatic impact on the performance of our engine. Here is a comparison of five different oil filters, with the intention of discovering which filter performed the best for the Toyota Tundra.

UPDATE: This article was supposed to link to the original comparison when it was published, which is found here: Toyota Tundra Oil Filter Comparison

Tundra Oil Filter Review - OEM Best Overall

A recent comparison of five oil filters found that the OEM filter was the best overall.