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6 Questions For Toyota’s “The Truck Whisperer” Mike Sweers

As I left Toyota’s Chief Engineer Mike Sweers house in Michigan, I received the following press release from Toyota about their “truck whisperer.” Sweers is one of the smartest guys I know and here is some good insight into what makes a truck chief engineer.

6 Questions For Toyota's "The Truck Whisperer" Mike Sweers

Mike Sweers (on the left) stands next to the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma along with Toyota’s Bill Fay.

Toyota’s Mike Sweers Defends 2014 Tundra – AutoNews Interview

Last week, Toyota chief engineer Mike Sweers had a revealing conversation with AutoNews West Coast Editor Mark Rechtin. Here is what he had to say.

Toyota's Mike Sweers Defends 2014 Tundra - AutoNews Interview

According to Toyota’s Mike Sweers, 88 percent of Crew Max owners hated the slide and recline rear seats.wee

Toyota Tundra Chief Mike Sweers – Hay Farmer Press Release

Toyota has released a press release highlighting Mike Sweers roots and the development process behind the Tundra. Saying that they “paid attention to every detail” makes us wonder if this release is in response to the 2014 reviews suggesting Toyota ran out of money to make changes.

Toyota Tundra Chief Mike Sweers - Press Release

Chief Engineer Mike Sweers and the 2014 Toyota Tundra.