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Toyota’s New FCV – The Car That Will Kill Tesla?

Toyota FCV Mirai

Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) – likely named ‘Mirai’ – may be the car that kills Tesla (At least if Tesla bets too heavily on their own Model III…).

Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) – which shall be known as the “Mirai” – hasn’t even hit the ground yet, and it’s already convincing some stock analysts to advise selling Tesla shares. Here’s why:

Toyota’s New FCV Pricing Comes In At $69k – That’s Kind of A Big Deal

You might have been asleep last night when Toyota announced their new fuel cell powered vehicle (FCV) in Japan (I know I should have been). However, I wasn’t, so here’s what it looks like, and why it’s a big deal.

Toyota FCV

Toyota’s New Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) is priced at $69,000, and that makes it more affordable than most fuel cell critics thought possible.