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Install A New Tundra Exhaust System in 27 Minutes has a nice quick article that shows how installing an MBRP cat-back exhaust system takes just about 30 minutes (27, to be exact). While this install time assumes that:

  • you have all the tools you need
  • that you know how to use them
  • that you have access to a vehicle lift
  • that the underside of your Tundra is relatively rust and grime-free

it’s still a great illustration of just how easy it can be to install a cat-back after-market exhaust system on your Tundra. Most cat-back exhaust systems are designed to use factory exhaust hangers, which means that install can be really, really simple…especially on a newer truck where there isn’t any rust or grime to deal with.

Tundra cat-back exhaust system installation

Off-Road Magazine installs a MBRP cat-back system on a new Tundra. Click to read the full article.

If you’re thinking about adding a cat-back exhaust system to your Tundra, here are a few ideas to consider:

Ask Unichip: Exhaust Systems, Air Intakes, and Custom Tunes

In this second part of our Q & A with Jack from Unichip (read part one), one the automotive aftermarket’s premier chip tuners, we dive a little deeper into the often confusing interaction between performance accessories and engine computers, and how these interactions affect a performance chip’s programming.

Unichip custom tuning air intakes exhaust systems

How does Unichip customize engine tuning for air intakes and exhaust systems?

In other words, if you want to learn a little bit about how air intakes and exhaust systems impact your truck’s computer system, read up.

Gale Banks Engineering Monster Exhaust System

There are a lot of performance companies out there hawking parts for your Toyota Tundra, but not all of them boast the kind of history that Gale Banks Engineering can claim. Headquartered in Azusa, California the man behind the company is Gale Banks himself, a legendary figure in the world of automotive performance who began setting records with his outlandish vehicles in the 1960’s. Not only did Banks compete in NHRA drag racing, but he also tackled powerboat racing and top speed titles on the Bonneville salt flats.

Motorsports icon Gale Banks

Motorsports icon Gale Banks

Staying at the helm of his own company longer than most other go-fast magnates of his era, Gale Banks has seen his vehicles top 275 miles per hour in street trim, while specialized record-setting models have gone as fast as 432 miles per hour on their way into the record books.