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DynoMax 39471 Exhaust System for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

Adding a performance exhaust to your Toyota Tundra is a simple way to not only grab a bit more horsepower but also improve the sound of your vehicle – especially if you own a V8 model. The lure of the eight-cylinder rumble is a powerful one, which means that there are many different cat-back exhaust systems available from the aftermarket. We decided to install a DynoMax system on our Tundra project truck so that we could evaluate both the benefits and the downsides of opening up your pipes.

Install A New Tundra Exhaust System in 27 Minutes has a nice quick article that shows how installing an MBRP cat-back exhaust system takes just about 30 minutes (27, to be exact). While this install time assumes that:

  • you have all the tools you need
  • that you know how to use them
  • that you have access to a vehicle lift
  • that the underside of your Tundra is relatively rust and grime-free

it’s still a great illustration of just how easy it can be to install a cat-back after-market exhaust system on your Tundra. Most cat-back exhaust systems are designed to use factory exhaust hangers, which means that install can be really, really simple…especially on a newer truck where there isn’t any rust or grime to deal with.

Tundra cat-back exhaust system installation

Off-Road Magazine installs a MBRP cat-back system on a new Tundra. Click to read the full article.

If you’re thinking about adding a cat-back exhaust system to your Tundra, here are a few ideas to consider: