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How Much Does Car Repair Cost in Your Area?

A recent study has found that car repair varies throughout the country and that overall repair costs are dropping. How does your area measure up?

How Much Does Car Repair Cost in Your Area?

How much does the average check-engine light repair cost for your area?

Water Intrusion Into Charcoal Canister Triggers Check Engine Light – TSB

Toyota recently announced a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for the 2007-2011 Tundra concerning a condition where the check engine light will show “On.”

Water Intrusion TSB

A TSB has been issued for Tundras with specific DTCs for Check Engine Light malfunctions.

CarMD study – Toyota has fewest check engine light-related problems recently released its first annual CarMD Vehicle Health Index which provided a ranking of vehicles and top manufacturers. According to the study, Toyota is the top-rated manufacturer based on the average repair costs and the percentage of problems related to a “check engine” light.

CarMD study - Toyota fewest check engine problems

A recent CarMD study found that Toyota's had the fewest check engine light-related problems of any U.S. manufacturer.