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ArkPak Portable Power When and Where You Need It – Product Review

For many outdoor enthusiasts, portable power is a pain point. You can invest in a gas-powered generator to run campsite accessories, etc., but that’s a loud and expensive way to go. You can also plug things into your vehicle, but that only works if you don’t have much to plugin. You wouldn’t want to leave a camp fridge plugged into your vehicle all day long without fearing a dead battery.

If you’re interested in a power source for a campsite (or for tailgating) that offers more than just plugging into your car – but that doesn’t require the investment or hassle of a real generator – read on.

ArkPak Portable Power When You Need It - Product Review

The ArkPak provides portable power when and where you need it. It is a pretty cool piece of equipment for campers, tailgaters, and could even serve as a power source in a home emergency.

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