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How Can Anyone Be Loyal To The “Domestics” When They’ve Laid Off Thousands?

As a long-time fan of the Toyota product, I’ve heard or read hundreds of comments about how Toyota isn’t an “American” company, that buying a Toyota product is hurting the American worker, etc.

I’ve always tried to educate the people who make these statements, explaining that 1) most “domestic” cars aren’t nearly as domestic as they think and that 2) some Toyotas (and Nissans and what have you) are designed, built, and sourced in the USA (like the Tundra).

Yet sometimes this info falls on deaf ears.

So, instead of detailed explanations about where Toyota’s profits go or numerous examples of supposedly imported products winning “most American” awards, I’m just going to talk about two numbers:




The first number? The number of workers fired or laid off by GM, Chrylser-Fiat, and Ford since the year 2000. The second? Workers hired by Toyota, Nissan, Daimler etc.*

Chrysler’s Super Bowl LIE

If you watched the commercial breaks during yesterday’s Super Bowl – you know, the one where the Steelers dug themselves a huge hole before eventually losing the game – you might have seen a very well-done Chrysler commercial staring the new Chrysler 200 and hip-hop mogul Eminem.

While this commercial is definitely compelling, it’s based on a tremendous lie: While the new Chrysler 200 is built in Detroit, it’s no more “American” than any vehicle built on U.S. soil by Honda, Toyota, or Hyundai. Why, you ask?

Because Chrysler is owned by FIAT, and Fiat is based in Italy. See the ad below:

YouTube Preview Image

“Buy American Trucks” – Hypocrisy At It’s Finest

We’ve all heard someone say that you shouldn’t buy a Toyota because “all the profits go to Japan.” Talk about hypocrisy. People think it’s wrong to support a global car company that’s spent $20 billion building plants in the USA over the last 20 years, yet they willingly fork over their dollars to bankrupt GM and Chrysler so they can “buy American.”

Here’s a newsflash for all you “buy American” hypocrites: Toyota’s profits on one truck sale pale in comparison to the amount of money YOU send overseas every year. The fact is, we’re all sending thousands of dollars a year in profits to foreign companies – regardless of the type of vehicle in the driveway. Take a look: