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Black Venom Bull Bars from Spyder Industries – An Overview

Spyder Industries has created a new “Black Venom” Bull Bar to protect your ride, create a unique diamond-shape adjustable bar look and certainly grab some attention when showing off your ride.

Black Venom Bull Bars from Spyder Industries - An Overview

The adjustable Black Venom Bull Bar has almost a factory like look to it.

Bull Bar Buyer’s Guide

Whether you drive your Toyota Tundra through the urban jungle, the high plains, or along narrow, forested roads, you might have thought about picking something up to protect the front end of your truck. When you consider how much there is at stake not only under the hood, but also the expensive-to-repair bodywork and lighting, it’s clear that you should take whatever steps you can to prevent your truck from falling victim to a careless touch-parker or stray deer.

Tundra Westin bull bar.

Here’s a 2007 Toyota Tundra with a Westin Bull Bar. It has the optional skid plate and driving lights. Westin offers this bull bar in either chrome or matte black finish.

Bull bars, cow catchers, deer killers, brush guards – these are all names for essentially the same product: A protective steel framework that extends out in front of your vehicle. Needless to say, there are many different types and styles of grille-guards on the market, ranging from hardcore to pure accessory. How can you decide which brand and style is right for your needs?