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Electronic Brake Controller Basics

The Toyota Tundra is a capable tow vehicle right out of the box, but there are a number of aftermarket accessories out there that can help to make hauling a heavy load a less stressful and much safer experience. One such item is an electronic brake controller, a device which can improve your truck and trailer combination’s stopping power and help to maintain the stability of your tow rig.

Draw Tite Time Delay Brake Controller.

Tekonsha Proportional Brake Controller.
How A Brake Controller Works

At its simplest, a brake controller relays an electric signal to your trailer’s brakes when you stomp on your Tundra’s brake pedal. Over the years, manufacturers have been able to improve on the simple “on / off” application of a trailer’s braking system in order to offer much more comprehensive control over braking characteristics, varying the amount of braking pressure applied to its wheels as well as the rate at which it is doled out.

There are several different types of electronic brake controllers currently available on the market:

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