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Toyota FINALLY Addresses Bed Bounce Complaints With TSB

Official Toyota Tundra Bed Bounce Treatment Now Available

Here on TundraHeadquarters, we’ve been talking about “bed bounce” since early 2007. After receiving dozens of comments and complaints, we contacted Toyota requesting ┬ámore info about the problem.┬áThe result? An oh-so-typical Toyota customer service email that said “Toyota had no information” regarding this issue.

Since that time, Toyota has steadfastly ignored and/or disavowed any and all bed-bounce complaints. A few Tundra owners complained enough to be referred to arbitration, and in these proceedings Tundra owners were told by Toyota representatives that the condition we describe as “bed bounce” was completely normal.

While it’s true that all pickups bounce a little bit – especially if they have stiffly tuned suspensions like the Tundra – it was clear from reports, videos, and testimonials that there was nothing normal about this problem to the people that suffered from it.

Last week, Toyota quietly issued a TSB offering a bed bounce treatment for 07+ Tundra DoubleCab owners that promises to reduce the severity of this issue. I have three thoughts:

Sulastic Rubber Springs and Tundra Bed Bounce

Many Tundra owners have found that their truck suffers from something we call “bed bounce,” which can be very pronounced and uncomfortable for some Tundra owners at highway speeds.

Note that we emphasized the word ‘some.’ Many Tundra owners report their trucks ride perfectly fine, while others say the ride is very harsh. Here at TundraHeadquarters, we’ve noticed an overall decline in the number of complaints after the 2008 model year, which might seem to indicate that 09′ and 10′ Tundras don’t have the same problem.

If your Tundra suffers from bed bounce, there are a few solutions.

Is the Tundra’s Bed Bounce Problem Overstated?

On August 30th, 2007, we wrote a post about “Bed Bounce,” a problem that we heard a lot of new Toyota owners complaining about at the time. We laid out a reasoned analysis of the problem and the likely causes, and many people who read the post seemed genuinely concerned and/or effected by the problem. At that time, we weren’t completely certain about the actual size and scope of the bed bounce problem, so we decided to send an email to Toyota. After a lukewarm response, we realized that we needed some hard data if we were going to have any hope of getting a sense of the size and scope of this problem.