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Tinting Your Truck Windows – Toyota Tundra Tint Tips

Few accessories set off a pickup truck quite like tinted windows – especially if you live in a hot climate. Tinting the windows of your Toyota Tundra can be one of the most cost effective truck modifications you will ever make, and not just from an aesthetic perspective. Tinted windows can keep the Sun out of your truck‚Äôs passenger compartment and combat the “greenhouse effect” that can raise inside temperatures, and they’re also great for boosting vehicle privacy.

How exactly are windows tinted? There are two basic approaches to the process. The cheapest is to use do-it-yourself window tinting film, which is designed to either use static cling to affix itself to your windows or is meant to be applied with a soapy solution in order to form a bond against the glass. With a lot of hard work chasing out air bubbles and cutting the film so that it is the proper size, passable results can usually be obtained for at least the first few weeks. However, this type of tint tends to mark up easily, a fact which is only made worse by the rolling up and down of windows. After a few months, the typical do-it-yourself tint will look tattered, torn, and faded (usually turning a slight purple color).

wDark mirrored window tint
Creative Commons License photo credit: Grumpy Chris

Check out this Mini’s dark and mirrored hybrid tint film – very sharp.

A far better option is to visit a local and reputable window tint shop.

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