Rigid Industries LED Light Bars

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Driving under the stars far from the bright lights of civilization is a big part of the appeal of off-roading.  However, when you take your Toyota Tundra off the beaten path and hit the trail, a rugged suspension and knobby tires aren’t the only aftermarket accessories you’re going to need.  If you trail drive at night, or even if you’ve run out of daylight on the way back to camp, then you already know just how useful off-road lights can be.

Rigid Industries has been in the off-road game since 2001, and has been a leader in bringing LED technology to an area of the market where every extra lumen of light helps.  The company offers cutting edge LED light bars that are designed to take the abuse that trail driving can dish out while simultaneously throwing down some serious illumination.  These ultra-bright light bars can be ordered in sizes ranging from four to 50 inches, and they can even be had in dual stacked designs that are easy to strap onto the front of the dirt bike your might be carrying in your cargo bed.  The 50-inch models (which cost about $1500) can provide a sensational 18,000 lumens from 100 LEDs.

Rigid Industries 50-inch LED Bar

The range of different sizes makes for some creative mounting options when deciding where to put each light bar on your truck.  Smaller bars are appropriate for above-bumper use or as reverse lights, while the larger bars can mount to the top of your rollbar or on the roof of your truck’s cab.

In addition to the off-road light bars sold by the brand, Rigid also offers a number of other LED products, such as its ultra-compact Dually line of 2×2 LED lights that can also be run off of a portable battery pack, its Victory colored LED strobes, and its Amber series LED fog lights.

Rigid 10 inch LED

Rigid Industries offers a number of different 10" LED bars, such as this Amber bar that makes a very nice fog light. The best part? They're under $200

A full line of flashlights can also be had from Rigid Industries, and their LED designs can provide as much as 900 lumens of tight, focused illumination while still maximizing battery life.

LED Light Bars Can Be Mounted Almost Anywhere

LED’s are taking over aftermarket lighting in a big way, thanks to their low-heat, ultra-bright and lightweight designs.  The light bars from Rigid Industries are an indication that the KC Hilites of old will be stepping aside as the years go on and more and more off-roaders stock up on inexpensive and rugged LED light options.

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  1. Dez says:

    Pretty awesome!

    I do hear complaints about driving through dust with LED bars can look like driving through a snow storm though.

    Maybe its all about the mounting location.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – Interesting – hadn’t heard that one before but it makes sense. LEDs kick out a narrower range of light frequencies, and it stands to reason that this results in different reflective behavior.

    I wonder if there’s some research on this…could be a good article. 🙂

  3. Dez says:

    RI makes an amber light bar the trophy trucks have been using which cuts down on glair from dust and fog Jason.

  4. Dez says:

    Junk and spam!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      LOL! Sorry, hadn’t gotten around to “spamming” that comment yet. 🙂


  5. Will says:

    Looks GREAT! but you def need to put up some night pics!!!

    • Will says:

      Awesome, curious if you have any install pics or pics of how you ran your wiring into the rig and what switch you are using, let me and every one know!!!
      although awesome light set up!!

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