Reseting The Tundra’s Oil Change Reminder Light

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Do you do your own oil changes? If so, you might be wondering how to reset the oil change reminder light. The instructions below tell you how to reset your oil change light, aka “maintenance light” on your 2007 or newer Toyota Tundra.

You might want to read through this once before you do it…or watch the video.

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1. Turn on the ignition (do not start the truck) and make sure that the odometer is set to “TRIP A.”

2. Turn off the ignition to the point where you could remove the key if you wanted to.

3. Push and hold the trip odometer reset knob using your left hand.

4. Using your right hand, turn the ignition switch on (do not start the truck).

5. Hold down the trip odometer reset knob for at least 5 seconds until the “TRIP A” odometer reading counts down to “000000” and holds that reading for 1 second.

Reset Tundra oil change reminder light

What you'll see when you hold down the reset knob

6. If you’ve done it right, the maintenance light will turn off.

7. You can let go of the trip odometer reset knob now.


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  1. mk says:

    question: What about the 4.6L tundra with synthetic going 10K between oil changes? How come Toyota has not fixed this reset reminder to allow the maint. reqd. light to come on say at 9500 miles unless I am mistaken and they have figured that out by now?

  2. Jason says:

    mk – Didn’t think about that…great question. I’ll see what I can find out.

  3. Brian J says:

    mk and Jason, the light still comes on at 4500/5000 miles to remind you to perform all of the other maintenance required at that interval, such as tire rotation, fluid checks, etc. Its in the new owner’s manual supplement for the 2010 Tundra that just came out (Toyota just mailed me one about a month ago). What I want to know is if I run 0W-20 synthetic in my 5.7L can I go 10,000 miles between changes and still be safe for warranty/longevity purposes?

  4. mk says:

    How come Brian J got a supplement and I never did for my 2010 5.7L tundra? I don’t see why not go 10K between changes for the 5.7L using synthetic oil just like the 4.6L engine, but then again I am not an overpaid engineer. Personally, I would never go 10K between oil changes no matter what oil unless gone on a long trip, but say 8K or 9-10 months would be fine if you ask me.

  5. Brian J says:

    Its because Toyota likes me better than you. Ha! Just kidding. In all seriousness, you should be getting one. Check with your dealer. Not sure if its regional or not(I live in the Southeast).

  6. Jason says:

    mk – No idea…Toyota is notoriously slow when it comes to mailing things to consumers. Most automakers are slow, in fact.

    Brian J – There’s no reason that an engine can’t go 10k between oil changes, provided it was designed for that in the first place and a very good quality oil is used. The Corvette, for example, goes 15k between oil changes…even when owners beat on it.

    The issue, in my mind, is that synthetic oil changes are pretty expensive. If a 5W20 oil change is less than half the cost, it makes sense to change it twice as often. Having said that, supposedly synthetic 0W20 is good for an extra .5 mpg, so you get back the extra cost in better fuel economy.

    This is one of those situations where we have to decide how much we trust Toyota. I think they probably know best, but I don’t blame anyone for questioning this policy.

  7. RJ says:

    i have used this method which is in the manuel. i have 34560 and the light will not reset now??? any one hear of this???

  8. PIckC says:

    Yeah Buy a new truck!!!!!

  9. paula says:

    I was told to reset mine by useing those steps but push n hold buttom on the original miles now my 2005 tundra wont start all it does is click…any suggestions on how to fix it

  10. T says:

    Wrong instructions for 06 Tundra…has to be set to odometer not trip a

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