New Vehicle Factory Warranties: Toyota Is Last

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If you’re considering purchasing a new Toyota, or if you’ve heard anything about Dodge’s new lifetime warranty, you’re probably wondering how Toyota stacks up against the competition.

NOTE: We’ve heard lots of stories about Toyota and others stepping up and replacing parts out of warranty, but since these aren’t official policies they can’t be used as a basis for comparison.

Dodge Factory Warranty: Best Gimmick

In addition to the 3yr/36k mile standard new car warranty, most new Dodges now come with a “Lifetime” powertrain warranty. One reason “Lifetime” is in quote marks is because it’s limited to the first owner. The other reason that “Lifetime” is in quotations is that in order to maintain the warranty, you’re required to have your local Dodge dealership inspect your powertrain exactly every 5 years (at least within 60 days of the purchase date). As if these mandatory inspections weren’t cause for concern, in order to maintain your Dodge “Lifetime” powertrain warranty, quote “It is your responsibility to perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle. You

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  1. Page 10 of the 2007 Toyota Owners Warranty Information Booklet states:

    “TOWING: When your vehicle is inoperable due to failure of a warranted part. towing service to the nearest Toyota Dealership is covered”

  2. admin says:

    Fred — good point, but we should have been more clear. “Towing coverage” should have been replaced with “Roadside Assistance”. Toyota doesn’t offer jump starts, help with lockouts, or deliver gas if you run out. Everyone else does.

    Good catch — thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    why buy a toyota if they do not offer road side assistanace
    dont tell me AAA . Just bought a highlander $$$$$ picking it up
    Thursday will investigate otherwise will not buy the car !

  4. Anyone who is dumb enough to run out of gas, ( It’s happened to me too!!!) should not blame the vehicle manufacturer for their own stupidity. The Detroit 3 need to do anything they ca to help their customers. Soon, they will be offering chauffeurs for people. Have you been to a domestic showroom lately. They are empty!!!

  5. admin says:

    Fred – there’s no excuse for Toyota’s failure to offer roadside on their new cars. Considering the fact they’re the only manufacturer that doesn’t, it’s hardly a point of contention.

  6. ed perez says:

    Does installing for instance aftermarket cold air intakes or cat back exhaust systems to new 2008 toyota tundras void all maufactures warranty on vehichle that they offer on top of extended warranty you might have purchaced?


  7. Ed – Neither of those components will effect your warranty.

  8. ed perez says:

    thanks for your fast response to my question. I have one more. Is it necessary to reset the computer after install of a afe intake system and if so what procedure do you reccomend? how do i approach the install? i plan on doing so this weekend.


  9. Ed – Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was out all day today. I don’t think it’s necessary to reset the computer – the ECU should be able to adjust on it’s own almost immediately – but if you disconnect the battery, that will be a sort of basic reset. The instructions say to disconnect the battery before you begin (so you don’t damage the MAF sensor), so it’s not a bad idea anyways.

  10. ed perez says:

    no problem i appreciate your response. I am going for the afe intake install this weekend. Thanks for your support. Have a great forth of july.


  11. barney elders says:

    If I buy a Toyota in California but garage it in Hawaii will the warranty be honored by the dealership in Hawaii? I looked around the web for this information but could not find it and do not have a current warranty contract handy to consult. Would very much appreciate getting the actual warranty by email that talks about what places the warranty will be honored.

  12. Barney – Toyota will honor their warranty at any one of their U.S. dealerships, Hawaii included. You will have no issues whatsoever. Driving from CA to HI, however, may be difficult! 🙂

  13. Mickey says:

    Admin I’ll gladly email a copy of my window sales receipt offering roadside assistance. It falls under the Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC. It’s under the code XV7 for Toyoguard Plus protection group Customer Care includes:
    Roadside Assistance, Rental Car Assistance, Emergency Towing, Vehicle VIN Etch Protection, Exterior Paint Sealant, Undercoating & Sound Seal Sealant Cleaner, Interior Protection, No Charge First Oil & Filter Change. The oil change is for regular oil not synthetic. Since I went with synthetic it cost me $75. The price for that option which I didn’t have a choice in was $699. Also I had two lug nuts break off not to long ago and one of the lug nuts was my Toyota wheel locks. They replace the $80 lock set for free. So there is customer service these days. BTW Keith Pierson Toyota offers Lifetime Warranty. Like mentioned above do all maintenance by dealer.

  14. Mickey – Since Southeast Toyota Distributors has such a unique relationship with Toyota, your experience is a little different than most. Toyota doesn’t offer roadside anywhere outside of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas. It’s a strange arrangement, but Toyota setup this distributorship when they came to America and they’ve never been able to buy it back. SO, for most people buying a new Toyota, roadside assistance isn’t an option. Still, we should have been more clear.

  15. Mickey says:

    Jason it just seems different in why Toyota in certain places can offer one thing and go to the other side of the country and offer something different. I would think they would try to be unified. If I was to move to the west coast will I still have the coverage?

  16. Mickey – It’s goofy. Toyota has this arcane “distributorship” setup with JM Family Enterprises (JMFE) that basically gives JMFE near-total marketing control over the product inside their territory. As an example, visit and choose to “build a new Tundra.” Use your own zip code, and you’ll go to a site that JM Family owns and operates. Put in MY zip code (80203) and you stay on the Toyota site. Between the two sites, you’ll find different options and different prices. That’s how it is with just about everything – JMFE controls how Toyota’s are sold in their area (as is their legal right as part of their distributorship). No other large manufacturer has this arrangement – Toyota would probably like to go back in time and un-do it. To answer your question, your roadside should work anywhere in the US.

  17. Mickey says:

    Thanks…. Yes very strange set up.

  18. scott stephens says:

    Why is there a different warranty in california than in other parts of the country? My warranty states that if I live in california, mass, maine, conn, vt, or ny, i will get 150k warranty…elsewhere 36k…what gives?
    Legally, can someone who lives in a bordering state be given a better warranty and not have it offered to me? It says nothing about where you purchase the vehicle, only where you register and regularly operate. (I own a 05 Tundra, but am specifically talking about my 07 civic hybrid.)

  19. Mickey says:

    Scott if you read Jason’s input it might shed some light on that subject. I live in florida and have road side assistance where you’re at you don’t have it. It’s just weird.

  20. Scott – Each of the states you list has a different warranty law than the rest of the U.S. It’s surprisingly common for one state to have completely different consumer laws than another. It’s completely legal – if you’re a resident of one of the states listed, the laws apply to you and your vehicle.

  21. Does anyone know what the powertrain warranty actually covers? (in detail) 2008 Toyota Tundra.

  22. Jason says:

    Shannon – All lubricated moving parts. If it’s inside the engine or transmission, it’s covered. If it’s attached to the engine or transmission, it’s probably not covered. What part are you wondering about?

  23. Donna says:

    I am looking into buying a toyota Tundra. I love the look and the room. One dealership said they would give me a bumper to bumper warranty for life. If anything was to go wrong they will fix it in all states. They said it would cost me about 2400.00 extra. IS there a warranty out there in all dealerships or is this the only one doing it or is this a fake. Thanks Donna

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