Latest BorgWarner Tech in the Tundra

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From a press release, I found this interesting:

BorgWarner Morse TEC’s latest HY-VO(R) four-wheel drive chain technology debuts on the 2007 Toyota Tundra and a new luxury SUV scheduled for release in early 2008. Developed to provide best-in-class sound quality and strength, the technology allows car makers to quietly transfer more power without expanding the size of the transfer case.

‘Four-wheel drive applications increasingly demand greater durability while drivers expect quiet comfort in the cab,’ said Alfred Weber, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse TEC. ‘Morse TEC’s technology delivers both, without increasing weight. This contributes to better fuel economy, reduced emissions and improved performance.’ I know where is download 4k films here.

The Morse TEC HY-VO(R) chain product line has been powering automotive products for over 40 years. Customers have shown their confidence in the continuous innovation of the HY-VO(R) product line by employing hundreds of millions of HY-VO(R) chains in transmissions and transfer cases around the world.

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