Kiwi PLX Gas Saver – Boost Your Truck’s Gas Mileage

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Earlier this week we talked about winter gas mileage and why the cold weather hurts your MPGs. Today, we’re talking about a series of electronics called the Kiwi PLX Gas Savers.

Kiwi's little MPG gas saver

Kiwi's little MPG gas saver

Fact: In-dash fuel meters with instant gas mileage readings have been shown to improve gas mileage.

Oddly enough, most hybrid vehicles (with their super-efficient powertrains) have in-dash fuel economy displays. Most pickup trucks (with their super-inefficient powertrains) don

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  2. Jeremy the Mad Hatter says:

    Lucky for me My truck already has a Instant MPG setting. It does entertain the kids. I’ll stick with my Unicorn fart recirculator to help me save gas.

  3. Mickey says:

    I’m with Jeremy on the instant mpg’s. Now just after I filled up and had 440 miles to go on the meter then I drove 30 miles at 55mph and then thing must have had a malfunction. The mpg was at 26.7mpg. That’s impossible. So yesterday I drove another 60 miles on it and it’s now at 25.6mpg. I know I’m experimenting with the truck doing different things like put it into neutral and coast down the bridge and to a stop sign or red light. Today another 60 miles and guess what? It was at 25.1mpg so I punched it and it dropped to 23.9mpg so now I feel better.

  4. Jeremy the Mad Hatter says:

    Yes, The 5.7 can sip fuel if you take it easy.

  5. mk says:

    Mickey must have a 2wd tundra. Never have I seen over 20-21 mpg driving at even 50 mph for an extended level surface period of time in my 4wd tundra 5.7L. I tried it once just to see babying it and letting everyone pass me for 60 miles, and registered 21 mpg going 50 mph. Never do that again – embarrassing as heck. Speaking of filling the gas tank, last night I had a 9 cents off per gallon coupon up to 15 gallons to use up and had 1/2 tank of gas exactly. I knew the pump was going to shut off around 12.00 gallons which it did, but I tried filling the rest of the gas very slowly since I had 3 gallons to go saving 9 cents per gallon. So, after 5 minutes of putzing filling the neck very slowly until gas leveled off at the very top of the filler neck, I got from shutting off at 12.00 gallons to 14.3 gallons. That is 2.3 extra gallons added AFTER the fuel pump said it was full and clicked off. I could not believe it. What is up with that? Does the filler neck curve in such a way that the pump shuts off prematurely thinking the tank/filler neck is full. I always wondered why all 07 and now 2010 tundras fuel gauge when clicked off the pump after filling stating full registered on the fuel gauge off the full mark only after 15-20 miles of driving, NOW I know why I guess. My past chevy silverados fuel gauge always stayed on the full mark more like 40 miles or so before moving off of the full mark instead of 15-20 miles like the tundra does.

  6. Jeremy the BUrritozilla says:

    Now we discover YET ANOTHER mystical property of our fuel tanks. Wow, if this hold true I have been playing with fire. sometimes I fill up and figure I had about 2 gallons left.

  7. Mickey says:

    I just get gas when the pump light comes on. Not an issue. It happens weekly for me.

  8. mk says:

    not exactly what I am saying guys. My fuel light always comes on when I have 6 gallons left (20 gallons of gas used), not 2 gallons left. What I am saying is after I fill up the gas tank and the nozzle clicks off thinking the gas tank is full, I put in an extra 2.3 gallons very slowly right up to the very top of the filler neck with gas. Don’t you think that is a bit much to have yet another 2.3 gallons to go before you get 100% completely full to the very top of the filler neck? Call me anal or a geek with too much time on my hands to be puzzled by this, but I find it amazing the filler neck after claiming being full can handle another 2.3 gallons of gas. Try it sometime, but be very careful and slow about it though since gas running down the side of the paint is not good. I checked to make sure gas was not leaking underneath the filler neck onto the concrete when filling up very, very slowly, but no gas was dripping below the filler neck.

  9. mk says:

    Or, I could be way off on this and it was just the gas stations pump shutting off prematurely registering full too early on (if that is possible) and maybe each gas station can set the full level registering the pump to click off at different settings or something like that? I rarely have used this gas station before, so maybe it was just a fluke – sorry to change subject on this thread guys.

  10. Jeremy the BUrritozilla says:

    Your pump sufffers from premature disengagement?

  11. mk says:

    Could be I guess? I’ll try it next time at my regular gas station and see how many gallons I can sip in slowly without hopefully spilling any out the filler neck all over my paint which I have done a couple of times. I think the pump was fine though since last night when I filled up and I have driven already 20 miles today and the fuel gauge is still above the full mark and has not budged where before driving 20 miles when the pump clicked off, the fuel gauge was just coming barely off the full mark.

  12. Jeremy the Mad Hatter says:

    A Doctor can help with that. E.D. (Engagement Dysfunction) is a common problem when truck owners get older. But you and your truck can enjoy fulfilling fuel ups again with new Cialid. Talk to your Doctor and see if new Cialid is right for you.

  13. mk says:

    I guess it is true I put an extra 2.3 gallons in after the fill pump shut off since I now have 60 miles on the full tank and still above the full mark on the gas gauge of the tundra. Never has it gone more than 25 miles without the gas gauge on the tundra moving off of full.

  14. Mickey says:

    mk I won’t fillup all the way up the goose neck. I round up to the dollar. What will end up happening to your truck is you will get a check engine light and your canister will be filled up with gas vapors and have to be replaced.

  15. mk says:

    I won’t try it again then, but that would be covered under the 3/36K warranty don’t you think? It is nice to know though that after the pump clicks off, you can get another 2 gallons in the filler neck if you pump it very slowly.

  16. Goofballtech says:

    I have the instant in my dash as well. Doesn’t help much with milage though. I can get it to say almost every number from 1.3 to 99.9 if i put some effort into it. 1.3 is the lowest i’ve ever made it say… it’s fun to try for a new record though.

  17. Jeremy the Mad Hatter says:

    I think I had a .9 once

  18. Mickey says:

    Man guys for a person like me to try and get max mpg’s to get .9 or 1.3 will hurt me to try that. The lowest i got was in the low 16mpg and I was disgusted when I did that. I guess doing 85mph for a couple of hours will do that.

  19. TXTee says:

    I’d take the money for the KIWI and go buy a performance chip instead. Point is, I can’t drive 55. TX – you’ll get RAN over! And I’d probably end up dozing off to coast at that speed. Showing me how poorly I am consuming fuel doesn’t help anything at all, esp. b/c like Jeremey said, the truck is equipped with MPG readings.

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