It Won’t Be Long Before All Cars Contain Green Plastics

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Toyota Motor Company announced they will begin producing a hybrid vehicle using carbon neutral plastics for its interior. Expected to launch next year, the green plastics are either completely plant derived or derived from both plants and petroleum.

Do you think the Tundra would improve in popularity if it also contained a carbon neutral dashboard?

Although Toyota is starting with the new hybrid next year, the company says it won’t be long before they incorporate the environmentally-friendly plastic into other models as well.

To be “carbon neutral” means that the plastic will not emit any carbon emissions throughout its life. Coined “Ecological Plastic,” the company says the plastic will be used in up to 60 percent of interior parts including seat cushions, scuff plates, and headliners.

This isn’t the first time Toyota has made news for being green. Back in 2003 the company built its Japanese driven Raum using 100 percent plant-based plastics for the interior.

Ecological Plastic has been tested to withstand heat and shock and proven to be just as useful as petroleum-based plastics, according the company.

Let’s hope the plastic stands the test of time.

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