IFW BedSlide – No More Crawling In Bed

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Pickup trucks are often hauling gear. Big pickup beds are great for cargo of all shapes and sizes, but they’re not always ergonomically friendly when it’s time to load or unload. Gear placed in a long, deep box is hard to reach for all but the tallest people, and many of us find ourselves jumping (or crawling if we have a topper) into the truck bed to retrieve it. At the end of the day, crawling around or jumping in and out of the bed is usually felt in the lower back and shoulders.

IFW's BedSlide is like a big heavy-duty dresser drawer for your truck bed.

IFW's BedSlide is like a big heavy-duty dresser drawer for your truck bed.

Fortunately, ingenuity has come to the rescue. IFW has a slick truck bed accessory that really should be a factory option. Called the BedSlide, it’s a sliding floor panel that mounts in your truck bed and does exactly what it sounds like it does

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  1. mk says:

    Nice, practical item if on a daily basis you get stuff in and out of your bed everyday for work or play. Otherwise, I can live with rolling my big fat butt up on the tailgate and getting up that way until I either need to get in the bed more than once a week or am too old and fat to be able to get in the bed the old fashion way. Pretty pricey accessory if you ask me though.

  2. TXTee says:

    If they incorporate a hinge and make it into a ramp, I’d consider it. I’m tired of my dogs yelping if I get too near to the gonads when I lift their backend in.

  3. mk says:

    A piece of plywood with heavy duty casters on the bottom screwed into the bottom would do almost the same thing if you could stabilize the shifting front to back and side to side with sandbags or something for support. Then, TXTee, you would take that lets say 6-7′ long piece of plywood and lift it out down around the edge of the tailgate gently so as to not scratch the edge of your tailgate and use it like a ramp for your doogies. Total cost under 20 bucks.

  4. TXTee says:

    Good idea, MK. Not worried about tailgate…already scuffed from motorcycle ramp. I’ll have to try something cuz these male Labs are total scaredy cats compared to my previous female Lab. She always jumped in on her own or else she knew she was getting left home. But I dont want them to hurt their hips either (big breed issue).

  5. Mickey says:

    I can see where this is a decent idea for construction type workers. Your ordinary truck owner probably isn’t intrested in this. It does look intresting but that’s it for me.

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