End of The Line for the Honda Ridgeline

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UPDATE: We got it wrong.

Filed under the heading “NO kidding” (sarcasm), it’s being rumored that the not-really-a-truck-but-sort-of-looks-like-a-truck Honda Ridgeline will be discontinued in 2012. PickupTrucks.com editor Mike Levine spoke with a Honda exec who said that he could neither confirm or deny that the Ridgeline will be flushed in 2012.

Honda Ridgeline wood chipper

Honda's feedin' the Ridgeline into the ol' woodchipper in 2012

Of course, there’s a difference between a rumor and a confirmation, but here’s why this rumor seems legit, and why we’re going to say goodbye to the Ridgeline.

The Ridgeline’s Sales Are TERRIBLE. Here’s a nice little sales chart for you, starting with the Ridgeline’s debut in 2005.

The annual sales goal (according to a very knowledgeable forum moderator at RidgelineOwnersClub.com) is 50k units. While Honda came close to that goal between 05′ and 07′, they’ve completely fallen off since that time. Industry experts tend to agree that a vehicle isn’t sustainable financially if it doesn’t maintain a minimum sales average of 15-20k units per year…with 2009 sales of only 15k units, and 2010 sales tracking to hit about the same number, the Ridgeline is very close to being unsustainable.

The fuel economy isn’t good enough to justify the small motor. The Ridgeline’s fuel economy figures aren’t that bad compared to most trucks – 15 mpg city and 20 mpg highway. Back in 2005, that 20 mpg highway number was genuinely exciting. However, by 2009, Ford and GM were offering V8’s that offered the same (or essentially the same) fuel economy, and this year Toyota’s 4.6L V8 gets close as well.

While there’s a difference between ‘close’ and actually matching the Ridgeline’s fuel economy figures, consider this: the Tundra’s 4.6L V8 has 310 hp and 327 lb-ft of torque compared to the Ridgeline 3.5L V6 that offers only 250 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque. Look at the numbers and ask yourself if you’re willing to trade a 24% reduction in torque for a 5% improvement in gas mileage.

The Ridgeline looks weird. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit the Ridgeline looks different. Kudos to Honda for trying to see if the ‘lunar lander’ look would excite the public, but the problem with bold styling is that sometimes it’s too bold, and potential buyers find themselves uncomfortable with the ‘statement’ that driving a unique style would make.

The Ridgeline’s capabilities were never good enough. People who are experts on cars insist that the average truck owner doesn’t need the capabilities of the truck they drive. Citing studies and market research as ‘proof’ that truck buyers really don’t need to tow or haul a huge payload, these car experts determined that the Ridgeline’s 5k lbs towing capacity and V6 would be more than adequate for the average truck owner.

Unfortunately, car experts just don’t get it – it’s true that most trucks are rarely pushed to their physical limits. However, that’s by design. If a ‘truck person’ needs to tow 5k lbs on a regular basis, he or she will buy a full size because they want the extra capacity just in case. If they tow 10k lbs on a regular basis, they go and buy a SuperDuty. Sure – a Tacoma will tow 5k just fine and a Tundra will tow 10k with a power to spare – but truck people aren’t interested in buying a truck they have to worry about maxing out. By buying a little bigger than we need, we guarantee our trucks are never pushed too far and we never worry about being in a situation we can’t handle.

That’s how a truck person thinks. Unfortunately, Honda either didn’t have any truck people on board when they conceived the Ridgeline or they didn’t listen to them. So long, Ridgeline – it was interesting.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    But fear not Ridgeline lovers. DODGE, the same people who brought you the Omni and the K-Car, is turning the Dakota into a less reliable version of the Ridgeline. Complete with Unibody construction, useless drivetrain, and questionable utility.

    DODGE, We also make minivans with beds.

  2. Jason says:

    Jeremy – LOL – great joke man.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Ok, the minivan thing was a joke but look at this link. It has a rear SLIDING door. It really is a minivan with a bed.

  4. danny says:

    after looking at Jeremy’s link, i think i’ll wait for the scion truck. The rampage was out in the early 1980’s wasnt it?? a lil’ 2.2 front wheel drive baby el camino looking thing? Forgive me Tundra faithfuls, i like the look of the new rampage in that link. Yes, a minivan with a bed. Gotta get rid of those error prone sliding doors tho. Jason, i agree about the marginal mpg. If honda had improved that catagory, i think its sales could have been better. It wasnt really that bad looking…… just different. Variety is always good. I remember a lot of people that didnt like the chevy el camino or the ford ranchero. They were differnt too, but served a purpose to someone out there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm the Rampage isn’t that bad looking..needs a few lil touches but I’d roll in it if it weren’t Dodge LOL

  6. mk says:

    My uncle had an el camino back in the 80’s and it was pretty cool for the times. It rode nice and had a very useful longer bed like a pickup truck, but only seated 2 people and got decent gas mileage for the times with I think a V6 motor in it. However, I think being rear wheel drive, it got stuck a lot in the winter snowstorms and light in the back end. Everyone didn’t like the chevy avalanche when it came out either, and I think that did fairly well with a ‘good buy’ and ‘recommended’ from consumer reports.

  7. danny says:

    i was and still am a fan of the monte carlo ss. when the el camino ss came out i wanted one soooo bad. unfortunately it never happened for either of them. luckily i did score a buick GN. Well, back to the el camino, is it a car, a truck a cruck?? I like them and they always catch my attention when i see one rollin’ down the road. I think the ridgeline suffered the mpg issue more than any other reason for its demise besides price. I had considered the ridgeline, the honda element, the jeep patriot, the scion xb and the chevy hhr when we were looking for a smaller work vehicle. The criteria was price, cargo capacity and most of all, MPG since most of our job sites are 125+ miles away. The HHr won all of these catagories. Unfortunately, we forgot the consider breakdowns and the HHR lead that catagory too. Currently 14 times in the shop in less than 2 years. Another reason we were opposed to the ridgeline was it’s big price tag. The cheapest one on the lot was 24k. we got the hhr for 16k. We try to use the Tundra only when we have to due to fuel cost. If it wasnt for the need to carry plyboard and drywall or pull trailers, we would have bought a midsize truck instead of the Tundra and may have considered the ridgeline. not considering the above listed needs, the ridgeline is perfectly capable. other than that, the ridgeline cost too much and its mpg should have been better, then we might have bought one.

  8. Jason says:

    danny – I hear ya. I think the Ridgeline looks fine personally, but it’s just so polarizing. People either love it or hate it. You also mentioned the price issue on the Ridgeline – it’s pretty damn expensive for what it is.
    I think there’s a place for a small, car-like truck, but no one has gotten it right yet. Until someone makes the trade-offs that come with buying a lightweight truck acceptable – i.e. significantly better fuel economy in exchange for acceptable capabilities and style – I don’t think they’ll work. Mahindra has got the best formula I think, but they might not ever make it to the USA at this point.
    mk – Good point about the Avalanche. My opinion: The Avalanche is SOOO much more of a truck than the Ridgeline. Even though the capabilities are pretty similar, I can’t tell the difference between an Avalanche and a regular old Sierra/Silverado (at least until it’s time to load or tow). My point is that it’s a very truck-like psuedo-truck. I think that’s what consumers want – an SUV with a small bed is only slightly more useful than the SUV it’s based on. Fundamentally, the Ridgeline isn’t quite a truck and isn’t quite an SUV, and I think that’s part of the reason that it’s struggled. Toss in the poor performance in the segment, average fuel economy, high price, and limited capabilities, and it’s really not hard to understand why Honda is walking away.

  9. Mickey says:

    I actually got to see yesterday the trunk in a ridgeline. That was very different and a great value of utilizing the space it had. I just don’t like the looks of it. As for the Avalanche I do like the new versions utilizing the SUV frame vice the truck frame. The truck looks sharp but I just can’t go with a truck that has the second worst fuel mileage besides the Hummer according to C/R. If it had better mpg’s it would be a definite truck for what I do.

  10. Jeremy says:

    The ridgeline would have been a run away hit if it had 2 things.
    1) lower price
    2) better fuel economy

  11. Jason says:

    Mickey – That trunk is cool, and so is the tailgate. I think it’s got some redeeming qualities, but the truck market segment is pretty crowded, and sometimes the fellas in Japan would be wise to try and *not* reinvent an American icon. In my mind, the Ridgeline is a symbol of Honda’s hubris as much as anything…they acted as if they were the smartest truck company on the planet when this thing came out. Then it failed. Score one for ‘real’ trucks, LOL.
    Jeremy – I think it would be holding it’s own at least. If Honda could figure out how to make a cheap truck as well as they make cheap cars (the Civic and Fit), Toyota’s Tacoma would be in a world of trouble.

  12. Jr says:

    I think the ridgeline is a cool truck, but it looks like it took the looks of the chevy avalanche. Plus its 3.5L V6 can only tow about 5,000LBS. The 4.0L in the tacoma can tow 6,500LBS. and the styling of the Tacoma is definitely more original

    Ever since the release of this truck i always suspected it wouldnt last very long, im surprised it even lasted till 2010.

  13. Steve H says:

    I’m surprised that the Ridgeline is expected to quit production in 2012 (I heard the same thing earlier). I know a lot of guys that bought ridgelines this year. It seemed to really take off. I saw a lot of them on the road this year also. The Ridgeline is really comparable to other compact PICK-UP’S as far as price. I still don’t get why people don’t think the Ridgeline is a truck? It has the same capabilities as far as other trucks in its class. I have a feeling that the Ridgeline will bounce back this year (the 2010 sales number is only an estimate). The ridge is much more than a minivan or Subaru Baja too. I think that most people don’t use the full capacities in their trucks as far as payload and towing. If there was a TRUCK to max out and stress to the limit, it would be the Ridgeline with it’s ruggedness and reliability. I repeat, the Ridgeline IS A TRUCK!

  14. Steve H says:

    Wait a second, what about the economy! The sales of all vehichles have dropped I’m sure. Does this mean anything?

  15. Anonymous says:

    How many front wheel drive trucks are there? Should a front wheel drive be considered a truck? That’s how the Ridgeline works,front wheel drive until they slip then it shifts power.

  16. Steve H says:

    Ananymous- Most trucks aren’t allways in 4 wheel drive. They only shift into 4×4 when they need to. The ridgeline shifts into front wheel drive when it hits a speed of 30 mph for fuel effeciency. It is totally capable of as many off road situations as other trucks small or large.

  17. MJB says:

    Your right 4wd is for when you need it. How many real trucks are out there that use the front tires as the primary drive wheels? Meaning the rear tires are doing nothing.

  18. MJB says:

    It isn’t always about off road but how a front wheel drive handles a payload and towing.

  19. Steve H says:

    The Ridgeline can still tow up to 5000 lbs. That still isn’t that much but it is competative to other small pick-ups. Front wheel drive also helps with traction (more wieght on the front wheels). I think you guys are missing the point. The Ridgeline is a compact truck, not a full size heavy duty contractors truck (like the Tundra). It is still capable of most everyday towing and hauling. It is a TRUCK, Honda just designed it for light duty work. It can do as much as other small pick-ups. It just does it smarter (trust me, I own one). I don’t think people buy as many because people don’t think it is a truck and because of the gas milage. They won’t give it a chance.

  20. danny says:

    Steve H,
    please forgive us if we make it out to sound like the ridgeline isnt a truck. It most definitely is. Furthermore, most of us are not comparinging it to a full size Tundra or any other fullsize truck. The point that i was trying to make, for the amount of towing, hp and bed size that I have to give up, the Ridgeline should compensate with much better mpg and lower sticker price. As i stated earlier, if it wasnt for the need to carry full sheets of plyboard, drywall and tow trailers, we would have considered the Ridgeline. Also, when we were looking for a smaller cargo carrier, the Ridgeline was out of the price range and the mpg was much too low. We considered it both times we bought vehicles. Ironically, i love the ridgeline’s looks but hate the chevy avalanche. We even turned down the Tacoma when we bought the Tundra because it cost more than the Tundra and mpg was about the same. It’s like, why would you buy a chevy colorado when the fullsize silverado cost less and gets better mpg?
    I gave the ridgeline a chance, it just didnt work for us.
    We meant no offense to Ridgeline owners.

  21. Steve H says:

    I understand that if you need to tow large loads and need to put extremely large things in your bed than the Ridgeline may not work for you. Thankyou for saying that the Ridgeline is a truck. Me and my family always have to stick up for the Ridgeline because many people tell us it’s not a truck. Even this article says that the Ridgeline is “not-really-a-truck-but-sort-of-looks-like-a-truck”. I want to verify that the Ridgeline can hold sheets of plyboard. We were able fit a 42″ lawn tractor in the bed also (this is partly because the Ridgeline has no wheel wells). I’m almost positive that the Avalanche can’t fit plyboard in it because the bed walls are so thick. I think the Ridgeline’s fuel economy is so bad because it has front wheel drive and the transmission can’t take an engine much bigger than it has (I’m not saying the transmission or drivetrain is weak, unreliable, or stessed). That meant that honda had to make a high output naturally aspirated V6. The Ridgeline is actually a very good value compared to other trucks (tacoma, frontier). It costs about $1500 more than a simalarly equiped tacoma double cab 4.0 L V6 4×4.Even though the tacoma can tow about 1500 lbs more than the ridgline, the Ridgeline can carry over 200 lbs more in payload. The ridgelines back seat and overall interior room is much bigger than the Tacoma’s or any other small truck.

  22. Jason says:

    Steve – It’s a truck, but it’s not a very good value. Same price as a full-size, yet only slightly better fuel economy and a lot less capability. It was a decent attempt by Honda to reinvent the truck, but Honda’s best move would have been to try and copy the formula of Ford, GM, and Dodge and then improve upon the quality and engineering. Which, by the way, is pretty tough to do.
    Also, the estimate is probably high. The sales rate is slowing, and news like this almost always hurts sales. Of course, it’s not ‘official’ until it’s OFFICIAL, so it’s possible the Ridgeline will survive…but I’m betting heavily against it.

  23. danny says:

    Steve H,
    Thanks for the info on the ridgeline’s bed size. I didnt know that it could actually hold full 4×8 sheets of plyboard. If the Ridge is still around in about 5 years (or less), we may consider it the next go around, but it’s gonna have a lot of possible competition with the Scion, Rampage and maybe a few others in that market niche. Rest assured that the Ridgeline has a place in the small to medium truck catagory. I just wished it got better mpg.

  24. Steve H says:

    Jason- The Ridgeline is not a GREAT value but it is not a bad deal. The ridgeline costs $2000 more than the 4.0L V6 double cab Tacoma but has advantages over it, and other mid sized pick-ups. A full sized adult would have a hard time sitting in the back of 90% of mid sized pick-ups like the Tacoma (I’ve tried). The Ridgeline has a heck of a lot more interior and back seat room than most other small to mid sized pick-ups. It’s like getting a whole other cab size which costs a lot more in a truck. For some reason, Hondas usually cost a little more than other vehicles in their catagory. I don’t know why the MPG stinks so bad though.

    Danny- The Ridgeline is a great truck. Me and a few guys I know who own Ridgelines all LOVE them. Every time I get in it, it just gets more enjoyable to drive. I personally would take the Ridgeline over the Tundra because the Ridgeline will accomplish everything I need it to and it is smaller. It is easier to wash, park, the body doesn’t roll as much, and the Ridgeline is the most reliable truck out their. You should give it a second chance unless it really doesn’t work for you. Why wouldn’t the Rideline have worked for you anyway? PS: The reason the Ridgeline can hold 4×8 goods is because it has no wheel wells (good thinking on Hondas part).

  25. Jason says:

    Steve – The Ridgeline costs more because, in most segments, Honda can charge a premium for their build quality and engineering, which is what they’re doing on the Ridge. If the Ridgeline was a traditional half-ton truck with a big V8, lots of towing capacity, etc. – and if it was made to the same high standards as the rest of Honda’s line-up – there’s NO doubt in my mind it would be selling just as well as the Tundra or, at worst, the Titan. The Ridgeline’s biggest problem is that it’s a compromise. The not-quite-a-truck but definitely-not-an-suv mix is tough sledding – Subaru’s Baja is a great example of a compromise that no one liked. I would also argue the SporTrac falls into that same category.

  26. Steve H says:

    Why would the ridgeline be a compromise? The ridgeline is definately built to the same quality as other hondas, I don’t understand why it doesn’t sell as good as the Tacoma. I looked at the tacoma yesterday and it had smaller wheels than the ridgeline, a way skinnier bed, smaller cabin, and just an overall smaller truck. I think this is why it cost kind of a lot. The Rigeline can manage a lot of situations fairly well. It can hold big passengers comfortably, hold a good amount of stuff in it’s bed, and is capable in most off road situations. The Ridgeline has different traits than that of other trucks but accomplishes what other small pick-ups do just as well. The ridgeline just accomplishes it smarter and more innovatively.

  27. Jason says:

    Steve – Let’s agree to disagree, shall we? The Ridgeline was a good attempt for sure.

  28. Mickey says:

    Steve if it was the way you are stating then the Ridgeline wouldn’t be going away. It’s not selling, which means most people don’t care for that type of vehicle.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The ridgeline can accomplish everything that other compact trucks can accomplish. I also think that some people think it looks ugly. That’s what turns people away from it. Micky- you really have to try the ridgeline before you make assumptions.

  30. danny says:

    In defense of the ridgeline, it does fit a niche market of the truck market. Unfortunately the niche is quite small and price wise, there are many alternatives. One reason the Tacoma does well, it has a very good power to weight ratio. Secondly, it is fairly easy to modify into what ever you desire. Third…. well, it’s a Toyota and well built and almost indestructable.
    I’m not sure how a ridgeline would look all modded out and lifted. Another reason the ridgeline may not be doing so well is that it looks too “refined” to be a truck. It needs to have more of an “attitude”. Most (not all) truck owners take a lot of pride in their trucks. Who’s bigger, who’s badder, who’s louder, who’s meaner, etc, etc. The Ridgeline is too elegant and refined to appeal to most truck owners. It’s like, have you ever seen an Escalade in a mud pit, deer camp or a job site? Rarely if at all. By no means am i saying that the Ridgeline can not perform with the best of the best in its catagory, it just doesnt look the part and cost too much. Call it ego, but it does sell trucks. Unfortunately.

  31. Jason says:

    danny – I think ego definitely plays a part in truck sales – I’ve seen it first hand dozens of times. I agree the Ridgeline doesn’t have that ego aspect, and I think that’s a very good point as to why the Ridgeline struggles compared to the Tacoma. Your point about accessories is well taken too – truck accessories are a big business, and the Taco offers lots of options. The Ridgeline? Not nearly as many (at least to my knowledge).

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous what assumption? Just look at the article above. If it was selling we wouldn’t be having this discussion. That’s the facts. Personally too small and I don’t care for the looks either.

  33. Mickey says:

    Forgot to sign in…. My comment above.

  34. danny says:

    I admitted in an earlier post that ego played a part in my decision to buy another full size truck. But, bed size and cargo capability was about 75% of the decision. I dont regret buying a Tundra but the Taco looks so cool to me, especially if its been slightly lifted. I can safely say that when we bought the chevy HHR, there was no ego in that decision. I still feel it’s the ugliest thing i’ve ever owned but its good points definitely out weight the ugliness. It handles great at highway speeds, awesome cargo space and 32+mpg (at 72mph). So, i can definitely see why a Ridgeline owner loves his truck while everybody else questions it. If it makes you happy, then it can’t be that bad (sheryl crowe). I think the conclusion that everybody has made, it works for some people and it doesnt for others. Everybody has different needs, desires and ego with their vehicles. Some take function over form or vice versa. Some take full size and some compact. Heck, i pretty much like any truck that can splash mud!

  35. Steve H says:

    Danny- you hit the nail on the head. Right on! You’ve got to try the ridgeline and you’ll get a really big ego. Remember, great things come in small packages.

    You know honda did a documentary about green energy and stuff (www.honda.dreams.com… I think). They mentioned that failure is part of success. When Thomas edison created the lightbulb, he messed-up something like 10,000 times. He said that he didn’t fail 10,000 times, he found out how not to make a lightblub 10,000 times. If honda drops the Ridgeline, I think it will come back in the future. They’ll probably figure out what they did wrong and redesign it in 2018 or so. Who knows.

  36. Mickey says:

    Steve that’s a good possibility. Keep the positive side of thinking on the Ridgeline.

  37. danny says:

    Steve H,
    Yeah, i saw that video about 2 months ago. I agree with their philosophy (sp?) whole heartedly. I was suprised to find out that honda was the only engine in IRL. must be doing something right! We have 2 honda cars and i dont think either has ever been in the shop except for routine stuff.
    I kinda feel that Toyota is following the same path. The toyota truck has evolved and improved over the decades, but with some major setbacks. Someday, they’ll get it right. They sure caught the competition quickly (at an expense). I think if the ridgeline de-evolved to a more aggressive nature, it would sell. If you look at the japanese made truck market, they definitely made inroads into the so called domestic market. Unfortunately, most americans dont see them as “macho” and tough as the big three, but that is quickly changing. When i think of honda or toyota, i think of small fuel efficient, underpowered cars. Then you drive one and realize that isnt the truth. My sisters 4banger camry is much more powerful than you think and the 5.7tundra is just overkill in the power department. The image changes over time. Maybe the ridgeline’s image will too. I think the next time we go looking for a vehicle, we will give the ridgeline another chance.

  38. Steve H says:

    Right on Danny. I think if Honda advertised the Ridgeline more with commercials and magazine advertisements, it would have sold better. If you don’t need to do any heavy hauling and towing, it’s a great truck. It will accomplish what a tacoma and frontier will. The 4 wheel drive is great for getting dirty too. I only know of one guy who owned a ridgeline and didn’t like it (I know a few guys who own them). Then again, he went out and bought a Nissan Titan.

  39. Steve H says:

    I just talked to my neighbor who owns a Honda dealer. He says the Ridgeline is not dying any time soon. I kind of get the feeling that this is a rumor that is not true.

  40. bill says:

    They shld make it an acura and put more luxery into it. and it would sell more. It is a very well made truck I have a 2006

  41. Steve H says:

    That might work. You mean like what Chevy did with the Avalanche? I still think the Ridgeline sells okay as it is.

  42. Jason says:

    Steve – It’s not definite, but I can’t imagine Honda keeping it. If they do, I’ll gladly admit my error.

    bill – Interesting idea. Acura, however, might not survive either. With the rise of Hyundai, Honda’s niche isn’t nearly as clear as it once was. Acura seems like the Asian version of Buick – it’s not really luxury, just “premium.” Not sure it’s a good strategy based on what I’ve heard others say.

  43. craig says:

    I have to admit when the ridgeline’s first came out I didn’t really care for them. Mainly because of the body style. In december I got rid of my 01′ accord with 202k mile’s on it. Would have got another one but I wanted something with four wheel drive for when I go north in the winter for snowboarding. I didn’t want a truck and the accord wasn’t the greatest in the snow so I picked up a subaru legacy. It did its purpose in getting me up there but I was never really in it. In march my father picked up a ridgeline and after the first time I drove it I was really impressed. So I ended up trading in the legacy for a ridgeline I am very happy with the truck. I do agree that the fuel economy could be better. I think its a great truck for people who don’t really need to tow anything but having the bed when you need to put something big in comes in handy.

  44. Steve H says:

    How about a 2 door Ridgeline? This is an interesting photo.


  45. Jason says:

    Steve H – I like that pic – looks like a real pickup! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve driven a few Ridgelines my friend. They’re very SUV like, and in all honesty they would work great for me and my needs…but I want a big bad V8, so I wouldn’t have one.

  46. Steve H says:

    I can understand that. I read that the tundra with the big V8 can really move too.

  47. Joe says:

    I buy a new Honda every two years. There is not a better built car on the road than Honda. Honda’s have always taken good care of me and never let me down. I plan on buying a Ridgeline in June irregardless of whether the Ridgeline is discontinued in 2012.

    P.S. I’ve also owned Toyotas in the past, (a Tacoma truck and a Camry V6), the two sorriest cars I’ve ever owned. I’ll never throw good money after a poorly made Toyota again!

  48. Jason (Admin) says:

    Joe – Good for you man. I’m a fan of Hondas too…I just like my pick-ups to be cost effective. Considering a V6 Ridgeline is half as capable as a V8 Tundra (yet costs about the same), it’s a pretty clear choice to me.

    As for your bad experience with multiple Toyotas, you’re in a pretty small group. Sorry to hear you hate them.

  49. Steve H says:

    I personally don’t like Toyota only because they seem very streamline and boring. I am an enthusiast so that’s probably why Honda’s appeal to me so much. I do like Toyota trucks although I’ve never driven one.

  50. Chris says:

    I got a Ridgeline new in 08. Love it! To be honest, with what the Ridge cost, I probably could have gotten a full size crew, maybe without some features (I got the RTL). Or for a few thousand more, a fully loaded Sporttrac V-8. Fuel economy (at least I thought) was one of the things that swayed me (I just really didn’t need a big truck or a thirsty V8. And Honda makes about the best V6 out there). The truck is very well done, has some great features (the in-bed trunk holds all my seadoo equipment securely and water tight!) and I did ONCE get a real world 21.84 mpg…. just once, I average 18.5. The seat room in the truck is better than all other “mid-size” crew cabs out there. If you need a heavy hauler, this is not your truck, but how many of us really need a heavy hauler? 5,000 lb. towing capacity covers most boats, mower trailers, even a car hauler and a small car (1700 trailer, plus 2500 lb. car —miata?). I am very happy with mine…. however with the 3.5 V6, and over 50% hwy driving, better mpg would be nice. If you test drive one, you will understand the appeal of the truck. Hope Honda can keep it! How can they build the best large SUV (Pilot), the best minivan(Odyssey), the best small SUV (CR-V), and this NOT be a quality product?

  51. rman says:

    I have a ridge and to be honest mine will be on the road still running when your piece of crap ford or Chevy is in the junk yard or trade in lot at the dealer. Or at least until your toyo goes crazy and does not stop because of a malfunction.

    The Toyos remind me of the Isuzu that was popular in the 90’s. Honda in my opinion has if figured out. They understand that most Americans like nice looking cars with digital gauges and modern touches but Ford is getting better.

    Let me preface my comment that I have owned a ford truck and Chevy. Hands down Honda has a winner but I can even admit most Americans are not willing to pay 30k plus for a mid sized truck.

    Honda needs to retool the ridge with a v8 and a longer bed and no truck could touch it.

  52. Jason (Admin) says:

    rman – If Honda builds a V8 truck with a long bed – and raises the truck’s capabilities accordingly – I have no doubt it would be a worthy competitor. Unfortunately, Honda’s Japanese masters simply don’t get the USA/Canada truck market. If they did, they wouldn’t have declared the V8 to be “dead” – https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2009/10/28/honda-president-says-big-engines-dead/

    BTW, I’m a big fan of Honda cars. I owned an Acura Integra GS-R for a few months and that was by far the coolest 4cylinder I ever owned. 8800RPM? Awesome!

  53. impala steve says:

    Let’s just admit it. The Ridgeline was just plain EDIT. I never once saw one being driven with something in the bed. Every guy I saw driving one always had a dumb look on his face as if to say, “well, it’s almost a truck.”

  54. Jason (Admin) says:

    impala steve – I too have yet to see a Ridgeline doing any real work, but the same can be said for a lot of the psuedo-trucks (Escalade EXT, Avalanche, Subaru Baja, etc.). I haven’t seen ANY of those trucks being used as trucks.

    I think Honda makes great cars. Not as excited about their trucks. I think most truck owners fall in or near the same camp.

  55. Steve H says:

    Apparently you guys don’t like small trucks. Small size+ small engine= small truck which= lower performance numbers.

  56. Danny says:

    not all of us, i’ve been on your side the whole time dude! i think the ridgeline fits a niche market and i might still consider it the next time we go truck shopping.

  57. Saint says:

    I am on my 2nd Ridgeline, I had a 06 and now an 09, and was looking for the next generation Ridgeline in 2012…
    I love the ride, I don’t need a heavy duty truck or a big V-8, the Ridgeline is ideal for me.. you will not get much better mileage with another truck. I am surprised it is not popular, I have had a number of people ask me about mine, and you can’t find a used one on the lots, so it must be popular…I also think the low sales were during the time of the high gas prices, which hurt all truck sales…

  58. Saint says:

    Toyota would just love this to happen, make all those Life long Honda Customers, that are used to one of the best rated automobiles/trucks to switch to them….
    I hope they have to wait alot longer.

  59. Hammer says:

    I love my Ridgeline. I didn’t want a big truck and didn’t need big towing capacity or serious off road ability and I liked the features it offers and COMFORT. I had my wife and kids come and test drive with me and it was way more comfortable than the Frontier or Tacoma. I didn’t consider any other mid sized offerings.

    As for pricing, $5000 off MSRP, very comparable to the others I looked at, got alot of throw ins (auto starter, bug deflector and full set of winter tires on rims) and a 7 yr/130km full warranty for $900 since they offered a 1%reduced financing interest rate for taking the warranty.
    I though it was a pretty good deal

  60. Hammer says:

    Oh and my 2 cents on Toyota. Before my Ridgeline I was driving a 2001 4runner. Without a doubt a very solid SUV, but very slow (147hp and geared more for off road) and a cramped interior. I must say I did like it though and it was very practical for life in the Yukon. However the tranny died at 204,000km and I still got really good $$$ for it. Must say I like the Ridgeline better though.

  61. Omar Rodriguez says:

    Well I am a current owner of a ridgeline and I love it. I believe these is just a rumour, I did my research and talk to the owner of my local Honda dealer, he assured me the ridgeline is not going no where. The ridgeline offers a lot for what is price for.

  62. Jason (Admin) says:

    Hammer – It does sound like you got a good deal. I hope your Ridgeline is as good as a vehicle as your Tacoma was.

    Omar – I had a conversation with a local Honda dealer employee just a few weeks ago about the end of the Ridgeline, and he too said that he wasn’t aware of any plans to cancel the product. However, Mike Levine’s sources are incredibly reliable and he rarely says something unless he feels there’s a reasonable chance of truth. When you consider the sales volumes, the new CAFE rules, and Honda’s declining profits, I think it’s hard for company execs to justify taking a “gamble” on a new Ridgeline. Therefore, I’m going to stick with my prediction: After 2012, the Ridgeline will be no more.

  63. Bryon O says:


    Prediction = dead wrong!

    The Ridgeline is PERFECT for those not needing a full-size pick-up. The Tundra is a cool truck, but it is much more than I need, and I am not afraid to admit it. I love my Ridgeline and I’ll likely buy another one, though they may have to pry this one from my hands.

  64. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bryon O – Our prediction may very well be wrong, but USA Today noted that the Honda executive didn’t really offer any specifics. I think that comment might have had more to do with saying the Element is gone but the Ridgeline isn’t.

    Considering that our prediction is that the model will be flushed in 2012 (meaning 2012 will be the last year of production and/or when the model is officially canceled), I’d say we’ve got some time.

    Still, this is a positive sign for Ridgeline fans. Glad to hear you’re pumped up.

  65. Steve H says:

    I think people actually bought ridgelines around 2007-2008 when Honda dealerships were giving good deals on them. Currently, the price has risen slightly and honda dealers aren’t giving those deals. Under 15,000 Ridgelines sold is horrible! 50,000 is better. Most ridgelines I see are pre-2008.

  66. Jason (Admin) says:

    Steve H – That’s an interesting point. I also wonder if Ridgeline sells best to people who are already Honda loyal. If most of the Honda loyal who need a truck already have a Ridgeline, sales would drop off quite a bit.

    Just a theory.

  67. John harley says:

    I just read this truck fan boy article. The author fails to realize that Honda was not targeting Truck Guys with this entry. Those who fall into the target group and who actually own them, love this vehicle. If honda would have improved mpg with a 6 speed tranny or a turbo diesel, it would still be around. This vehicle is so much more practical than any suv.

  68. Jason (Admin) says:

    John – I agree that Honda wasn’t aiming at your typical truck owner with this product, but you might have to agree that the audience they’ve aimed at isn’t big enough to justify a distinct product.

    The clock is ticking, and all signs point to discontinuation. https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2011/01/10/honda-ridgline-not-canceled/

  69. Danny says:

    i dont know if the segment was too small. many companies have made their bread and butter going after niche markets and have sucessfully done well. the ridgeline seems to be a more refined type of small multi purpose vehicle. unfortunately, with the high cost and marginal fuel economy, i think many of their potential buyers opted for the ford ranger, an inexpensive, better fuel economy alternative. if those two factors were equal, the ridgeline could have slaughtered the ranger. i still like the ridgeline but its just not big enough for my need. when we were considering a medium to small size truck, the ridgeline was our 3rd choice behind the frontier and tacoma. just my 2 cents.

  70. Jason (Admin) says:

    Danny – That’s a good point for sure. It’s possible to make money on a low-volume model, but the only examples I can think of are fairly expensive.

    I think we’re saying the same thing really: The Ridgeline would be fine if there weren’t more cost-effective alternatives in terms of fuel economy or more capable alternatives in terms of capability.

    The Ridgeline is the quintessential “tweaner” – too small to attract large truck buyers, yet too expensive to compete in the compact/mid-size market.

    I’m not saying that the Ridgeline is bad – I’m just saying it isn’t popular enough to keep producing.

  71. Tim says:

    I own a 07 Ridgeline and it is probably the best vehicle I have ever owned! I will be buying a new one in a year or so! Hope they keep on making them because they are a very versatile truck!

  72. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tim – Awesome. It’s certainly possible Honda will keep them alive, but I’m voting no. If it is canceled and you wait until the last minute, you might be able to get a great deal.

  73. Ronan says:

    I love my 2006 Ridgeline, I’am a construction worker, 2 kids, 12′ trailer for my tools. My ridgeline is a perfefect everyday life and work conbination. I used to drive a 2005 F-150 (XLT 5.4L), I really liked the truck but it was way too much for me, too big and horrible gas efficiency. I just hope there will be a new version of the ridgeline in 2012, or else what will I drive?

  74. Jason (Admin) says:

    Ronan – Cool man, glad to hear you liked it. By 2012, Dodge will supposedly have a new car-based Dakota with similar size and features to the Ridge. We’ll see.

  75. Tim says:

    Jason, I was thinking the same thing! I really hope they don’t stop making them but if they do I will wait till the last minute to purchase a new one!Still happy with my 07 but my mileage is getting up there. Don’t know why they don’t do more advertising of this great vehicle!

  76. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tim – I think that advertising would definitely help, especially now that truck sales are coming back.

  77. Steve H says:

    I never saw that many commercials on television for the Ridgeline. I think advertisement was a big problem with the Ridgeline too.

  78. Jason (Admin) says:

    Steve H – This is a problem that Toyota has had too. Japanese executives simply don’t understand the market or the product so they’re unwilling to support it. This is why it’s been so hard for Honda and Toyota to make headway – they have no background in big vehicles.

    Toyota has appointed an American to design and build the next-gen Tundra, so there’s a good chance it will be an even better attempt than the 07′ (which is a solid offering by any measure). Perhaps Honda will follow suit and get someone from the USA or Canada to build the next Ridgeline (assuming it won’t be canceled that is).

  79. Danny says:

    Jason and Steve H., i really dont know if advertising plays as big of a crucial role in auto sales as it may in other disposable and durable goods. i cant think of any vehicle ive ever bought because a commercial influenced me. infact, the only ones that i have owned with commercials, i had bought long before i saw the commercials. how many have you guys owned and have actually saw the commercial prior to purchase? as we have discussed before, a vast majority of sales are influenced my family members. for example, grand dad and dad owned a ford so thenext generation buys one too.
    one thing that is proven , the Japanese have a slow learning curve outside of Japan, but eventually figure it out. in the 60’s and 70’s, who would have thought those tiny japanese import cars would eventually rule the market. who would have ever thought that the tiny import trucks of the past would eventually take over the medium to small truck market. the frontier and tacoma own that sector of the market. slowly but surely, the tundra and titan will take over. as for the ridgeline, besides the high cost and low fuel economy, i think the ridge looks too refined to be a truck, eventhough it is. it needs to look more rugged and aggressive. the ridge looks like a miniture version of the chevy avalanch. what is the sales figure for the avalanch versus regular full size truck? that may also be an indicator for the ridgeline. just my 2 cents!

  80. Joe says:

    I’d still rather own a used Ridgeline than a new Tundra.

  81. Jason (Admin) says:

    Danny – Aside from a cheap lease ad, I don’t think that a TV commercial can drive sales today right now. I think that most of the commercials are designed to get current and aspiring owners excited about the brand.

    So, I agree. However, I also think that Honda could have sold more trucks to their own customers and/or people who were open to the brand by pitting the Ridgeline against competing vehicles…which brings me back to my favorite gripe about Japanese execs not understanding pickups.

    Joe – Fair enough. Get one while you can.

  82. frank says:

    For the record, I have loaded my ’06 ridgeline with firewood many times and have moved (towed full trailer) more than 1000 miles with my motorcycle in the bed.

    I have borne many insults -the best being that ‘it is not a car, it is not a truck – it is a “cauck”‘. And for some reason I enjoy calling my ridgeline a cauck. ha ha!

    This truck’s weight distribution and traction control are bar none the best I’ve experienced. As a forester I have driven all kinds of trucks, F150s and dodge and GMs. I seriously cannot do donuts or get the rear end to slide on the Ridgeline. I have only got it stuck ONCE – going over water bars in the mountains and was hung up so all 4 tires were spinning in the breeze. I just jacked it up and put rocks under the tires, and then kept going! The truck is bulletproof.

    And unlike domestic trucks, I have only had it in the shop for oil changes. No electronic malfunctions or odd quirky expensive problems that my friends who have domestic trucks just accept as normal.

    It is not a heavy duty truck and I’m sure you’ve heard all this before. I am a real truck user, but the cauck is also so comfortable on the highway and looks great in town, very professional.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the forum! If the Ridgeline is discontinued it will only increase the resale value of what will sure to be a collector’s item in 20 years. I can see myself driving this truck for at least that long. My honda accord lasted almost 30 years but rusted out before the engine ever gave out.

  83. Jason (Admin) says:

    frank – No insults here, but I will tell you that over-loading a truck is never a good idea. I’m sure the Ridgeline can handle all the weight you’ve put in it, but if you ever got in an accident while you were over capacity…let’s just say that’s the kind of scenario the ambulance chasers live for.

    I hope you get 20 years of service my friend – thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. tom says:

    i now own an 08 canyon, the first truck ive ever owned that wasnt 4×4 in over 30 years. after all the bad weather this year in texas i was seriously concidering trading it in befor next winter. the ridgeline was on the top of my list. i guess its off the list now.

  85. Danny says:

    i wouldnt give up on the ridgeline just yet. even if they do decide to discontinue it, you should be able to get a sweet deal on it. furthermore, Honda is a good company and will support the warrantee. also, there is a large aftermarket sector that will still cater to the ridgeline long after its discontinued. if you still decide to walk away from the ridgeline, the Toyota Tacoma is a great midsize alternative. its probably the best weight to power ratio 4×4 out there. also, the Tundra is a good choice in a full size truck. good luck with your decision!

  86. Another Joe says:

    I have had a Ridgeline since October ’05 and Frank is right on the money 100%. I understand it was expensive and the milage not so hot, but the combination of usefulness and comfort was unbeatable, Great quality. I would have no doubt on buying a new one when the time came. If true I’ll be bummed. Tundra-Tacoma great vehicles but the Ridgeline is a one its own type of vehicle and that is always not a sales success.

  87. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tom – Danny makes a good case. My only caution would be resale – cars tend to lose value once they’re discontinued.

    Danny – Good points.

    Another Joe – I would guess that most Ridgeline owners would feel the same way, and I agree that Honda makes a great product. Maybe they will surprise us.

  88. Tim says:

    Saint,I’m with you!! I haul my Qaud in the back of my Ridgline with ease! My Buddy could’nt believe the ridge did’nt drop an inch when I loaded it on!I haul my 17ft. boat and you can hardly tell your pulling anything! I have had a number of people comment on what a nice truck it is. Perfect all around vehicle and would definetly buy another one!Hope they come out with a 2012!!

  89. Steve E. says:

    Yes please help. I’m looking for one of the better bed covers. I own a 2010 ridgeline. I want one that is made for the ridgeline and will last for years. Thank you.

  90. Ryan J. says:

    I am a finance manager at the largest Honda dealership within 4 states and I can tell you it is our understanding that the Ridgeline will NOT be discontinued, but is expected to have a complete redesign to address the issues with fuel economy, capacity, etc.

    Honda probably would have addressed these issues sooner, but the economy hasn’t exactly been so hot nor have the sales for Ridgelines. We sell a ton of Pilots and Odyssey’s, the problem is people don’t think of Honda when they think of trucks. If they gave the Ridgeline a chance they’d probably fall in love. I used to hate it until I drove it, and I love it.

    I own a RTL with Navi, and I like that I get all the creature comforts and the ability to go just about anywhere, including driving in snow no issues with just my all season tires.

    The truck bed is great, the trunk hidden in the bed is even better. I love the waterproof lockable hidden space that doesn’t make you give up bedspace, easy access to the full size spare tire. drain plug in the bottom to wash it out or fill it with ice for tail gating. And it tows my 5,000 pound boat no problem.

    Yes I hate the fuel economy, yes I’d like a bigger engine. But most trucks don’t offer the heavy duty dual cooling fans and transmission cooler and redunancy that the Ridgeline offers to make it great at towing.

    Lastly, has anyone noticed that the Ridgeline has won the Baha 1000 2 out of the last 3 years in it’s class? That isn’t an easy race to win.

    I will be buying the new model when it comes out next year, and I imagine a lot of folks will be joining me. Honda is good at learning from it’s mistakes.

  91. Bryon O says:

    Here is an example of people not understanding the Ridgeline: Posted above, an owner, user name Frank, posts “For the record, I have loaded my โ€™06 ridgeline with firewood many times and have moved (towed full trailer) more than 1000 miles with my motorcycle in the bed.” and the non-owner replies “frank โ€“ No insults here, but I will tell you that over-loading a truck is never a good idea.”

    Nowhere does Frank say he is overloading the truck. The Ridgeline is rated for 1,500 lbs cargo and passengers. It is rated 1,000 lbs for the bed. But most people assume improperly that if you haul some firewood, you are taxing the vehicle. And it is rated to tow 5,000 lbs.

    Part of this problem is Honda’s poor attempt to market the vehicle. They’ve used lumberjacks floating in space, Chuck Norris entering a haught brunch, and brutes playing chess. Instead, they should have plainly shown what the vehicle can do, can haul, and that its four wheel drive system is incredible.

    Also implied above was that the vehicle was not designed in America. It was designed in America, is built by Americans (and fine Canadians for the first few years) and except for Canada, is not sold in any other country. (Of course, you could question whether it is actually being “sold,” as in “pushed,” here in America). The latest word is that the 2012 model will not be overhauled.

  92. Tim says:

    Ryan J.I hope your right on the comment on the Ridgeline will not be discontinued! You mentioned that there will be a complete redesign! Hope they don’t get too carried away with that meaning I still think it does have a very unique look to it! There is a couple things they should change is the stereo and heat display is not even in a LED reading! On certain times of the day you hardly see the display cause it looks so faint looking! Also the power outlets don’t work when the vehicle is turned off! What’s up with that? Can’t charge your cell phone or any other device. Tried to email Honda Canada with some of these issues and it’s virtually impossible.

  93. Jason (Admin) says:

    Ryan – Not to be argumentative, but Honda said the same thing about the Element to the national press…then they canceled it. – https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2011/01/10/honda-ridgline-not-canceled/ – Honda has every reason to lie about this.

    Bryon O – You are correct, Frank never said he overloaded the truck. As for your points about the Ridgeline’s marketing, I think you’ve made some good comments there too. Thank you for commenting.

  94. Ryan J says:

    True enough Jason. But what they say to the press and to dealers at a closed conference can be very different. Truth be told there is no for sure thing when it comes to what a manufacturer does with its lineup.

  95. Steve H says:

    Ryan J- I hope your right that Honda won’t be discontinuing the Ridgeline. It didn’t sell so well recently but I think Honda could make it more appealing if they decided on a redesign. I think it has potential. As far as MPG goes, I don’t see why Honda couldn’t get better gas mileage a second time around (look at the new Accord).

  96. Gary P says:

    I drove trucks in my early years and went to SUVs because the interior room was more important to me than the bed. Lately I have needed the bed more but still want the SUV. I got a Ridgeline and I am very happy.
    Some people need heavier duty trucks and some do not. I am one of the ones that do not and I am very happy to have one that rides like an SUV and scores some pretty nice luxury points.
    When I bought mine there was a 2009/18k miles and a 2011/new (same trim) and the price difference was only $5k. There are not many lines that hold that kind of value.
    I understand that this is a Tundra forum and I did consider buying a Tundra when I was shopping but the size put me off. I also considered the Tacoma and would have probably got one if they had changed the body to follow the new 4Runner, I just don’t like the low roof and the “submarine door” entry.
    I guess my point is “to each his own” I would look for a heavier duty truck if I needed one but being realistic and wanting some comfort over bulldozer toughness for daily driving I think it is a great vehicle. My perspective is wanting an SUV with some truck ability rather than a truck with comfy seats.

  97. Jason (Admin) says:

    Gary P – I understand your complaint about the Tacoma’s seating position. I’d like to see that changed as well. I think the Ridgeline is a fine vehicle – congrats on your purchase.

  98. jcnet says:

    So what’s the verdict? Is Dodge building that perfect Rampage? I hope so!!!

    If not, Will there be a Ridgeline redesign in 2012? If the ridgeline can get creative with the midgate and cab space, look more like a truck and get better fuel economy I will take an honest look at it

    I would not mind if the future ridgline is shorter with a smaller bed.

    Can the future ridgeline deliver 300hp, 4000lb towing and 22mpg real world avg???

  99. Jason (Admin) says:

    jcnet – As far as I know, the new Dodge Dakota is coming and it will be car based. I’m also of the opinion that the end is near for the Ridgeline.

  100. jcnet says:


    Thanks. I think the Ridgeline is unibody. I’ve been unable to find any concrete confirmation, but rumor is the the Dakota will be replaced with something that will look like the Dodge Rampage 2006 concept which is unbody from a minivan base.. but will (at least) look like a truck.

  101. jack4alltrade says:

    True, the Ridgeline is ugly. However, for a residential home owner it is highly functional. I purchase 4×8 panels and up to 20 studs occasionally. I also just pull a trailer with 2 wave runners. I do not need a full size truck for that. There is a market for these and it is not full size trucks market so if you are a full size truck buyer or user you’re pissing on the wrong pole. The only problem with this truck is its high cost. The higher mpg on newer full size 4×4 trucks and rideability of a Ram really made it easier to go with a full size truck.

  102. Jason (Admin) says:

    jcnet – The Ridgeline is a sort of hybrid unibody…it’s based on the Honda Odyssey frame, which is definitely unibody, but it also incorporates some body-on-frame features like additional cross-members.

    Truth be told, it’s probably a little ahead of it’s time.

    jack4alltrade – I agree the Ridge is functional and “right-sized” for most people. However, your points about cost and appearance are spot-on. Between the relatively high price (compared to max capability) and the polarizing styling, it’s hard for a lot of people to invest in a Ridgeline when a Tundra, F150, etc. is twice as capable and nearly the same price.

  103. Bryon O says:

    The natural disasters in Japan did not have a direct impact on RL manufacturing, but indirect impacts may bring truth to the prediction after all.

  104. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bryon – The earthquake could be the reason that the Ridgeline gets cancelled, but there are a lot of other reasons to cancel it too.

  105. Jim says:

    Truth is as much as Ford,Chevy and Dodge trash the Ridgeline , they are All working on one of their own .

  106. Bob says:

    Thanks for all the information on the Ridgeline. I am in the process of looking for a new vehicle and I took one for a drive. It is an awesome piece of machinery and a very smooth ride. On occasion I need a small pick up to hall 4 or 500 pounds. Just can’t make up my mind whether I like the looks of it or not.
    Kind of concerned though that they will cancel the model in 2012. Any updates on that.

  107. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bob – No official word from Honda, but I don’t know anyone in the industry who thinks it will be continued.

  108. Bob says:

    Thanks for the info Jason. I don’t want to buy a vehicle that is going to be discontinued. it is a nice riding and all around vehicle.

  109. Bryon O says:

    My latest understanding is the 2012 model will be available in August, with no significant changes from the 2011 model.

  110. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bryon O – Definitely going to be available for 2012. No one is sure, however, what happens after that.

  111. Gary P says:

    I don’t see an issue with the Ridgeline being discontinued because the mechanical is the same as the Pilot which I don’t think is going anywhere.

    The looks are not usually something that people ride the fence about but I think it fits a niche for me being a luxury SUV that can pick up stuff for weekend projects. I rarely tow and work at a desk all week. The big trucks were way overkill for my needs and the smaller ones were just too small in the passenger compartment.

  112. Lee says:

    I’ve been reading some of these later comments. I have owned an ’07 Ridgeline since it was new and I’ve been completely satisfied. I don’t agree that it is pricey. Since hearing the rumors of its demise I’ve been looking for an alternative and have found nothing cheaper than $40k or more. All others (Ford, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, Nissan and Dodge) can’t compare when it comes to final price and standard features (especially the dual action tailgate and in bed trunk – no other truck has these features). People are blown away when I show them the tailgate and the trunk. The most expensive Ridgeline is well under $40k. As far as trade-in value, I’ve been bugged endlessly with offers by my local dealer to trade. They are hard up for used Ridgelines because those that own them are keeping them.

  113. Jason (Admin) says:

    Lee – I hear what you’re saying – a CrewMax Tundra Limited has an MSRP of $43k, while a RTL Ridgeline stickers for $35k. However, I’d argue that a double cab Tundra Limited (which stickers for $37k) is a close match in terms of cab room and significantly more capable in all other respects.

    What’s more, if you go look at a Tacoma DoubleCab (which has the same capabilities as a Ridgeline), sticker starts at $27k. The Tacoma isn’t as refined, but it’s much cheaper.

    Now I’m not saying that the Ridgeline doesn’t have a good set of features, nor am I saying that it’s not a good compromise for users like yourself. However, the economics really don’t favor the Ridgeline. If you figure that the portion of potential Ridgeline buyers who don’t care about luxury will buy the Tacoma or Frontier, and if you figure another portion of the remaining potential Ridgeline buyers will opt for a more powerful half-ton truck, then the Ridgeline is left with a fairly small pool of buyers…and is therefore faced with cancellation.

    As for the used market, Honda has a great program for certifying used cars and a great reputation. The Ridgeline will always have good resale value, even if it’s discontinued as expected.

  114. Steve H says:

    I may have gotten a Tacoma or a Frontier but I found that even in their largest cab size, there was very little leg room. The Ridgeline has the same leg room as the pilot in the second row. We often have four to five people in it and I couldn’t get it’s leg room without going to an F-150 or Tundra.

  115. […] not neglect the wannabe faux-truck owners amongst us. You simply cannot make this stuff up. http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/bl…-discontinued/ __________________ In war there is no substitute for victory. Douglas […]

  116. Michael says:

    I love the Ridgeline, but bought a Tundra, which is really too much truck than my weekend warrior needs. The only 2 reasons I did NOT get the Ridgeline were, as mentioned already by other people: 1. Price. Too expensive! 2. Fuel economy. If you’re not getting better mileage out of a hybrid mid sized truck than you would out of a V8 half ton, what’s the point?

  117. Honda worker says:

    Just a lil FYI. I work for Honda and can assure you that the Ridgeline WILL be produced for 2012. We have all the prices and release dates at the plant to confirm so……. You might not want to believe everything you hear.

  118. Steve H says:

    Check this out.


    I think the Ridgeline will be around for a little bit longer anyway.

  119. Bryon O says:

    Take the wood chipper back to the forest where it can be used for better purpose. It is not going to be used on the Ridgeline anytime soon. http://www.honda.com/newsandvi.....id=6257-en

    Fact is, people can spend their money how they want. The Ridgeline is appropriately-sized and capable for what many (or “most”) people need to do. If you think the Ridgeline is expensive, then price out the competitions’ offerings – with the same specs – and compare. Same for mileage – only the EcoBoost really gets better mileage when equally spec’d. Hopefully the newest Ridgeline will compete with the EcoBoost. I routinely get 22+ mpg. If your work calls for a heavy duty truck, by all means buy one. But if you don’t need that capability on a daily basis, the Ridgeline will do the job in complete comfort and with reliability.

  120. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bryon and Steve – Thanks for the links. We’ll keep waiting for Honda to make a decision. Until they commit to a redesign, this truck is on life support.

    Now we have reported that a smaller version of he Ridgeline could come out in 2016…any interest in a Ridgeline light based on the Civic platform? That seems to be possible.

  121. Jason (Admin) says:

    Also, let’s remember that Honda lied about the future of the Element.

  122. Honda worker says:

    Good call Byron O. It makes me laugh a lil when people carve it up. If you don’t like it… DON’T BUY ONE! Bottom line is that it will do all of the things that 90% of the people “need a truck” for. But for some reason they have to buy the biggest thing they can afford. (Maybe they’re trying to compensate for something? LOL!)They just don’t seem to get the fact that it isn’t trying to compete with a full sized truck, it is a nice compromise between having a useful vehicle and having a vehicle that doesn’t feel like riding a cement block when going down a bumpy road. Anyway…. Go back to arguing over which of the “big 3” make the best truck, at least it’s apples to apples.

  123. Honda worker says:

    To Jason…. Not a chance. I work in one of the civic factories. Not do-able. If it was to shrink, look to the crv platform.

  124. Gary P says:

    I would not buy one if they shrunk it to either smaller platform. The interior space was just big enough for me, I would have gotten a Tundra if the Ridgeline was any smaller or the comparable Tundra was $5k cheaper (Tundra has more rear seat legroom). I still put a higher priority on the creature comforts than the serious truck abilities. I also like that I can forget that it is a truck.

  125. Big Daddy Stone says:

    The Honda Ridgeline is the BEST light Duty Truck ever! First of all it’s a Honda so it will last. Yea a bit pricy but you get what you pay for. It rides nice and smooth and is a good second car for couples. It does what any light to medium duty truck will and handles better in the snow than any 2wd truck and most 4WD’s. I have had 2 with no problems as well as my brother. I would love to see a hybrd version or a variable engine which would give better MPG, and I would’t complain if it was cheaper. But all in all I think it’s a great vehicle.

  126. Jason (Admin) says:

    Honda Worker – Thanks for the tip. I read that the CR-V platform was going to the be the basis of the next Ridgeline, but isn’t the CR-V based on the Civic?

    Gary P – Fair enough. For the record, I think the Ridgeline is a fine vehicle. It’s just that the appeal is a bit limited.

    Big Daddy Stone – When you say “light duty” truck, do you mean compact (a.k.a. Tacoma, Frontier) or do you mean F150, Tundra, etc.? If it’s the former, I’m on board. If it’s the latter, I must disagree. The Ridgeline is a lot of good things, but a direct comparison to a Tundra (or Ram 1500 or F150 or Silverado/Sierra 1500) isn’t appropriate.

    I respect the fact that you love your Ridgeline, and like I said before I think they’re perfectly fine. I’m merely saying that Honda will probably stop making them soon.

  127. […] Originally Posted by Everest209 Based on reviews I've seen from Ridgeline owners, "failed miserably" seems like a gross exaggeration. Based on sales figures, it has failed miserably. 16,142 Ridgelines sold in the entire year of 2010. The only trucks it outsold were the Dodge Dakota (barely) and the Cadillac Escalade EXT. (The GMC Canyon and Suzuki Equator are rebadged Chevy Colorados and Nissan Frontiers, respectively, and should be included with their mechanical twins in the sales figures.) The Toyota Tacoma outsold the Ridgeline 6-to-1 and even the ancient Ranger sold 3.5 times as many units. Compare the Ridgeline to full-sized pickups and it's worse. GM sold over 397,000 of the Silverado/Sierra twins in 2010 and Ford sold 313,393 F-150s. 16,142 is a drop in the bucket. Source: The Ultimate Guide to US Pickup Truck Sales in 2010 – PickupTrucks.com News The initial sales goals were 50k and the minimum sales figures for them to keep producing it are about 15-20k. There have been rumors of the model being discontinued for the past two model years, although Honda has recently decided to keep it in production. Source: Honda Ridgeline Will Be Discontinued in 2012 | Tundra Headquarters […]

  128. Mike says:

    Well, here it is December 2011 and guess what? They are STILL making the Ridgeline. Guess some people just can’t admit they are wrong!!!

  129. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mike – The post says 2012. If Honda hasn’t canceled it by Dec 31st, 2012, I’ll gladly update this article to reflect the fact that I was dead wrong.

    However, if *you’re* wrong, can I count on you to come back and say as much here? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bryon O says:

      I think somewhere else in this thread, you said you’d eat your hat.

      Better fetch your choice of BBQ sauce, ketchup or mustard. You are going to need it.

      It is my understanding that the 2013 is in production.

      • Jason (Admin) says:

        Bryon – True enough. I must admit fault…we’ll do a story on it soon. In the meantime, I’ve updated the post.

  130. Steve H says:

    anybody like the ridgeline sport? I think they just took the base model and stuck some black wheels and other accessories on it. Seems cheap.

  131. Bryon O says:

    The Sport version is a Ridgeline with just a few cosmetic changes – primarily the grill. The new grill seems to be a hit, and is being sold already as an accessory by dealers. You’re likely to see one on an enthusiast’s older model before the 2012s arrive due to manufacturing delays. The wheels are the same as previous years but with black paint trim.

    Honda again stood by the Ridge at the LA auto show and have released future engine lineups, hinting about what may be in the 2013 RL. There will be a 2013, but who knows what it will be like.

  132. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bryon O – If there’s a 2013 Ridgeline, I’ll be eating my hat…

  133. Honda worker says:

    Well Jason, I hope you’re jewish and not from Texas because I’m gonna want to see a pic of you and some bbq sauce next September. LOL! And for a prev comment, no the CRV is not based on the civic platform. It shares with the Acura RDX.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Honda Worker – LOL. I’m negative on both counts, but I bet I could find a Rabbi in Texas to make the whole thing Kosher. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the info on the CRV platform…previous to 2006, was the old CRV based on the Civic?

  134. Bruce says:

    I really hope they don`t stop making the Ridgeline. I have owned 2 of them, a 2007 and I now have a 2011. When I first these trucks I did`nt care for the looks of them at all. I took one for a test drive one day and fell in love with it. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned hands down. I do wish it got better gas mileage, I get about 17 most of the time. I live in WV and my Ridgeline goes like a tank in the snow. I just think they are a very good looking and reliable truck. A little bit bigger bed would be nice sometimes but it does everything I want it to do.

  135. Scott says:

    Honda says Ridgeline here to stay. So says John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda, who told USA Today that Honda โ€œstill has a ways to go on the Ridgeline,โ€ adding that the truck has developed a strong, loyal following and that it increases the automakerโ€™s โ€œshare of garage.โ€

    Jayson, can you park your Tundra in your garage? It would be quite tight if so. I do not need to tow anything. I can fit full sheets of drywall/plywood in there. I have carried beds, a playset, a water heater and a ATV. You can not get them into a SUV! The lockabe bed trunk is great too and the suicide tailgate makes the bed/trunk so easy to access. I have grown to like it looks. Most importantly I have not had 1 single quality issue with it. It is the 1st vehicle I owned that I really may repurchase. I would like to see better milage though.

  136. Dork lips USA? says:

    Okay, granted the last few years there have been more options in regards to what we were looking for, but in ’08 options were limited. Regardless of what anyone/everyone thinks, for me, large purchase decision making is heavily data driven. With that said, I was looking for 4wd, decent mpg’s, 4 doors and something that came with the piece-of-mind of knowing it would last with low maintenance. So tell me what my options were for 30,000 or less at the time? I live in rural Northern Michigan, two kids, nothing big to tow? Five-star Gov test rating was appealing. When the salesman in Traverse City showed us the trunk with a drain plug and capacity for 4 cases of beer plus ice, we were sold. Think about that gentlemen. Check out the trunk, then make your bias decisions! We towed a 5,500 lb camper 7,000 miles across country, and back, with low concern and zero problems. Definitely felt a little guilty buying foreign, but with amazing traction in the snow and 90,000 miles later and zero problems, the guilt is gone.

  137. Jason (Admin) says:

    Scott – I’m almost ready to concede defeat and admit my error, but not quite…Honda has lied about vehicle plans before (see Element).

    Glad to hear the Ridgeline has been bulletproof for you. Honda makes an excellent vehicle.

    Dork Lips USA? – I like the Ridgeline just fine (it’s not my cup of tea, but whatever – it’s not bad)…but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a strong seller. If Honda continues this truck, it will be a little smaller and based on the CRV.

  138. Jimmy says:

    This forum was great. I have to say, Ridgeline’s are amazing but probably still a niche market. I’ve had several trucks, this does everything I need it to do and more. I work in the oil and gas industry and drive to some pretty remote places as well as always loading the bed with random renovation materials, work materials, etc. I’ve never had any issues with the truck, it drives better than any truck I’ve ever had. It was either a Tacoma or Ridgeline, I did my homework and the Ridgeline won. It was probably the trunk & tailgate pivot that sold me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  139. Steve H says:

    6/22/12… Still Kicki’n ๐Ÿ˜‰

  140. josher says:

    I love how people say the ridgeline has a “useless” unibody construction,

    how about looking at the hummer the US military uses….SOLID unibody construction.

    the AWD/4WD system in the ridgeline has a predictive slip system in it that cannot be matched by any other vehicle.

  141. Bryon O says:

    So, here we are, ankle deep into 2013. Despite all the naysaying and the numerous internet search terms that bring people to this blog, the Ridgeline is still in production.

    Indications are that this will be the last year for the first generation RL, and plans for a second generation are still proceeding.

    Did you eat that hat yet?

  142. Andy G says:

    Might be time to pull this page down.
    The timelines listed have long since passed.
    Seems like a lot of opinions as opposed to what numbers are now available.

  143. Peter Deniker says:

    Not only has the Ridgeline continued in production, a redesign is earmarked for the 2015/16 model year. But have to say the current Sport Version is really a hit. The redesigned is said to be a compilation of many owner-recommended updates gathered over the years, but nothing confirmed of course. Though I have heard it there very well may be an attempt at what Ford Did with the Raptor (power and off-road capability from the factory) in one of the offered versions. All yet to be seen.

  144. Murf says:

    just got my 2013 rtl /navi… what can I say. I do not like surprises and am happy with the current design. after they put out the 2015/16 model, I will have the option, if I like it, of getting it or keeping the current one. better for me because all the kinks will be worked out of the new model by the time I make up my mind. I am praying for better gas mileage on the new model.

    Also this truck is a no brainier for suburban people who like to hunt. I have no need to haul anything. I just like the fact I can drive it to work and park in a normal spot, leave work, hunt and throw a buck in the back. if i decide to rent a boat and tow it, I can… ultralight camper, I can… tailgate party at Giants stadium… perfect! it is really spot on for people like me.

  145. Justin says:

    That’s just what it is. Its all just a rumor. Honda did not discontinue the Ridgeline. As a matter of fact, here now it the beginning of 2014. Honda is working on new concepts for the 2016/2017 models.

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