GM’s Toyota Recall Incentive Could Backfire Badly

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In case you missed it, yesterday GM’s crack marketing team announced a series of extra incentives on new GM products for anyone that owns a Toyota. This announcement is in direct response to Toyota’s accelerator mechanism recall and subsequent sales freeze on 8 models. According to GM’s announcement, they “decided to make this offer after receiving many emails and calls from our dealers, who have been approached by Toyota customers asking for help. We want to be able to provide peace of mind to customers and all of our vehicles are safe.”

Isn’t that nice – GM wants to help Toyota owners in the name of safety.

GM offers Toyota Owners $1000 To Switch

GM's offer to Toyota owners - clever marketing or unseemly sales gimmick?

GM will be offering anyone who brings in a Toyota an extra $1,000 cash rebate and/or zero percent financing on a new GM product. While this incentive might seem shrewd to some, the full analysis shows that this could be a very dumb move. Here’s why:

1. First and foremost, this looks like ambulance chasing. Profiting from the misery of others often leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. If you’re a fan of GM, you might not see this negatively. If you’re a fan of Toyota, however, you may see this is an insult. Whether or not the general public sees this as positive or negative is to-be-determined, but GM risks antagonizing potential buyers with this move.

2. What are GM dealers going to do with the Toyotas they take on trade? Toyota isn’t allowing their dealers to sell any models in the recall – new or used. Since GM is claiming to offer this incentive in the interests of safety and “helping customers,” it’s hard to image that GM dealers will be able to turn around and sell their trade-ins until Toyota repairs them. That could be a few days, or it could be a few weeks. In the meantime, GM dealers have to sit on these cars and hope they don’t depreciate. Which means…

3. Many GM dealers aren’t going to offer Toyota customers fair trade-in value. Since GM’s dealers aren’t going to be able to sell any of the Toyotas they take-in on trade, they’re not going to “want” them very much. Therefore, Toyota customers who try to take advantage of GM’s offer are going to be frustrated when the local GM dealer won’t offer book value on trade. While this will undoubtedly hurt Toyota’s image in their owner’s eyes, people have a tendency to “kill the messenger” who brings them bad news. The bottom line is that GM’s $1000 cash incentive isn’t going to look all that generous when the local Chevy dealership is offering $3,000 less than book.

4. Most late-model car owners are upside down. It’s a fact of the car business – anyone who has bought a vehicle in the last 2 or 3 years typically owes more on the vehicle than it’s worth. When someone tries to trade in a car they’re upside-down in, they either need cash to put down, they need to buy a lesser vehicle, or they must accept a higher payment. Since most people don’t like down payments, you can bet that trading in a Toyota for a GM will either cost more per month or result in a lesser vehicle.

Put another way, telling a Toyota Avalon owner that they need to buy a Cobalt to keep the same payment probably isn’t going to work.

5. GM is undermining their “May The Best Car Win” ad campaign. If GM is confident that they’ve got the best vehicles, why are they paying Toyota customers to make the switch? GM says this incentive is designed to “help” Toyota customers, but will consumers believe that?

6. GM is wasting money on an incentive they didn’t need. Any Toyota consumers who are mad enough to get rid of their Toyota might have visited the GM dealership anyways. Why pay $1,000 for sales you might have made without offering a discount?

7. GM is counting on Toyota to fix this problem fast. The best-case scenario for GM is that Toyota is able to fix all of their cars in the next few weeks. That way, GM dealers can bid aggressively on trade-ins and try to “buy” some car deals. However, once the cars are fixed, what’s the incentive to trade in the first place?

The bottom line here is that GM’s incentive isn’t very well thought out. Many GM dealers aren’t going to want Toyota trade-ins until the recall is fixed, so they’re going to low-ball every Toyota owner they see. At best, this promo simply won’t work. At worst, the decision to try and profit from Toyota’s mistakes will hurt GM’s image. It’s interesting to note that Hyundai, Honda, Ford, and Chrysler have all steered away from this type of incentive. The fact that GM is alone in this offer is even more evidence of the risk they’re taking.


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  1. Art64 says:

    No Thanks. They can keep their Ford, GM and other. If my Tundra starts falling apart, breaking, leaking, etc, then yes I’ll switch over in a heartbeat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I answered GM customer service lady when she asked me if I owned another GM vehicle. My reply was simple but with a Nasty tone. If I owned two GM products will you fix my truck this time? Second what business of yours in what I own? You should keep better records if you want to know and I don’t believe in loaded questions. She politely tried to tell me it wasn’t a loaded question but just a general question. I told yeah I was born yesterday under the GM rock too. Then I stated don’t worry dear I won’t own this truck very soon too. As far as low balling most dealers do that already when you try to trade a vehicle in now. They quit using N.A.D.A. and Kelly Blue Book. They use the Auction Black Book which lowers your trade by thousands of dollars. You will lose around $3,000 in trade in value with this. I don’t like any dealer doing this and Yes you have some Toyota dealers doing the same. Especially during this economic times we don’t need this crap either. GM already in my book is a total failure. After my last dealing with them on my 06 Silverado LT3 $36,000 truck with all it’s issues I won’t go that way ever again. I don’t appreciate a factory rep accusing me 3x of pulling down my headliner when he knew I talked to a separate factory rep who said it was a defect. There is no way will I ever let GM get involved in anything I do or want. I did lose out on the truck and I lost out on my 78 camaro which I prided myself on. I even have family members who live by GM and knew what happened to me. So when it happens to them I will definitely laugh in their face and state How does it feel? Ohh yes it will happen. I don’t hold a grudge…….NOT! Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me and it won’t happen a 3rd time.

  3. Mickey says:

    Forgot to log on. My post above.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow considering we own 4 gms and we have owned gm for a long time, we have never ever had any major problems. We own an Equinox, jimmy and a Malibu, we love the Equinox its great all around and has never let us down, same to be said with my Astro which everyone in our family loves. The Malibu has high mileage for its year but we know somebody who has a similar one with well over 200,000 miles and we are confident ours will be up there too. I woud never be seen trying to buy a toyota, everyone speaks of how great they are but yet out of those people I have never seen one live up to its standards. Considering the 2 major recalls are similar to the Eq. and Malibu, I would not want those to be my car and I would think about if I would want to drive them around with my family. I mean really my family is worth more then a price tag on a car and if I could afford the new car and maybe have a little higher payments I would really think about it. Because a safe for my family is above and beyond the price and luxury features may or may not have!

  5. liv says:

    You know that Ford is making the same offer, right? But, you’ve just chosen to target GM? Classy. But, I suppose that can be expected from a site titled “tundraheadquarters.” What else can you possibly be about that pushing Toyota propaganda? In any case, the lame response from Toyota and the dealers regarding the faulty accelerator pedals from CTS says it all. I’m happy to take my Camry to my GM dealer on a trade for a Suburban because with suspended sales and manufacture, it’s not like I can get a Sequoia anyway. For what it’s worth, Sequoia has less cargo space and diminished mpg compared with Tahoe and Suburban.

  6. lem says:

    liv is right on.Jason must not have seen the news.Ford is doing the same as GM.

  7. Michael says:

    Ahhh Government Moters our tax dollars at work. What a brilliant sales gimmick.

  8. Mickey says:

    Liv and Lem I haven’t seen the Ford version trying to take advantage. The only Ford commercials going right now id the guy from the dirtiest jobs in america pushing a Ford product on GM owners. Now GM on the other hand has offered what Jason put out. Nice try Liv but you need to get your facts straight about not getting a Sequoia. Toyota hasn’t suspended sales on a Sequoia so there you’re wrong. Now again you’re wrong about the mpg’s on a Suburban to a Sequoia. Anyway why are you worried about MPG’s when you are going from a Camry to a SUV? That doesn’t compute. Now for space your Suburban has more than Tahoe and Sequoia but you need to check your specs on the Tahoe vs Sequoia. Now what’s lame is you come on a Tundra site (Toyota) to complain and rave about a GM product. If memory serves me right didn’t your beloved Cadillac had the sticky situation? Yeah…. You might as well go with GM since you have an invested intrest in the company. I say go for it someone has to be the guinea pig and save GM.
    Anonymous….What can I say about your last 4 sentences. You wouldn’t want those vehicles and trust driving those vehicles with your family. Well you forgot to make sure your vehicles didn’t have recalls. Funny it’s okay to drive a vehicle with suspension problems with ball joints and control arms….Seem very dangerous to me when they colapse on you while doing 70 mph. Not to mention how your models have the brakes issues too. I guess you need to stop sometime. What gets me the 3 of you come to a Toyota site to play the troll game. I guess GM doesn’t keep you 3 busy enough.

  9. Mickey says:

    Sorry Liv my bad I was thinking of the 4 runner.

  10. Mickey says:

    Also here you go you lovers of the GM foreign made truck read it and cry on someone else’s shoulder.

  11. Mickey says:

    Jason that website will give you the latest in all vehicles made with the most american parts to the least american parts. It’s good to know the Tundra is on top of the truck world in american parts.

  12. Jason says:

    liv – Sorry to disappoint your accusations of bias, but this article hit at 5:00 am mountain when Ford hadn’t announced their incentive yet.

    Second, Ford’s incentive isn’t just targeting Toyota…they’re also targeting Honda. There’s a difference between kicking someone when they’re down and taking advantage of a gap in the marketplace. All GM had to do was include other manufacturers and they would have escaped my criticism.

    As for your sentiments about trading your Camry for your Suburban, go for it. I hope your GM dealer gives you book value for your Camry.

  13. mainehunter says:

    Well I took my rusted frame 2001 Tundra to the dealer last weekend, they had a bad attitude about the entire inspection. They looked at my truck for a total of ten min and never even lowered the spare tire. When I asked the service rep about lowering the spare tire and conducting a better inspection he told me that “its just surface rust and in maine you will have that”.
    So I dont care if GM Ford or anyone else want to kick them while they are down. I will be looking for a new truck this weekend and it will not be a Toyota.

  14. TXTee says:

    That’s sad GM and Ford have to use a recall situation just to try and make a sale. I’d be more skeptical about a company that couldn’t just sell on the basis of the confidence in their product alone. What was the marketing tactic prior to these recent events?

  15. walter says:

    i had an accident with my tundra ,was not my fault when it went in for repairs . the lexus dealer in south fla did an inspection on the right side door.
    he had to cut a hole in the door so the intenal parts could be checked.
    the damage was caused by a sideview mirror of the other vehical. (a side view mirror) it was 3000$ damage. with 500 deductable allstate was having a problem wanting to pay for they will come to find that my harvard grad lawyer will show them how easy it will be to pay… my point here is when i saw the so called intrusion bar damage .i was blown away by what i saw.a piece of 22 gauge metal that was no stronger than an mop stick. if u tundra owners want proof look for your self.also .this truck is history very soon after its repaired. also there is no transmission dip

  16. walter says:

    theres more if u want to know?

  17. John Francoeur says:

    Incentive???? $1,000.00!!!!! What a joke. After driving one of these above mentioned companies trucks/cars you tell me they are the better vehicles.
    I have and that is why I bought a Toyota. Plain and simple. And if the Toyota is the inferior product do you really think, the way these companies have been struggling to keep their head above water, that they would be taking in these vehicles to lose money?? I don’t think so. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!

  18. TXTee says:

    Sorry to hear that, Walter. However, I have two points. 1. All vehicles now are being made with flimsy materials and any ding, bump, scrape, or scratch is going to show no matter who manufactured it and where. Some of the explanations have been that the vehicles are now absorbing more of the impact to save your life…who knows! 2. Sounds like the collision center may not know what they’re doing. Don’t blame that on Toyota. Either that, or they figured they’d find a way to juice the insurance company.

    Go ahead and trade it back in. Someone is waiting for a great deal and the dealer already made their money off you. 🙂

  19. Vic says:

    So Toyota does nothing wrong TXTee! Is that why the truck that is changing everything took a whole new meaning?

  20. Charles says:

    GMs, Fords,Dodges, etc. been there, done that…I will stay with my Tundra which is the best vehcile of about 12 different ones I’ve owned over the years, whether car or truck. Toyota identified their problem and will fix the problem when they have the right fix. No need to hit the panic button.

  21. hbs says:

    What ever you have to say to make you feel better about the situation to keep your pride! What other manufacture has said our vehicles are so bad we can sale them. Told you they would fail and boy did they!! I hope they are enjoying those ignorant commercials now with five thousand pound paper weights on their lots. LMAO!!!

  22. Jason says:

    hbs – What do you drive, big man? Name it and I’ll show you at least 10 major problems the manufacturer has had in the last five years.

  23. Mickey says:

    Walter to start off with our trannys are sealed. That’s why no dip stick. It’s the best out there. That’s why other manufacturer’s are putting these 6 speed tranny’s in their trucks. Toyota beat them to the punch. Now for the flimsy metal I don’t know what to tell you but look at the rest of the trucks out there and find out for yourself how they all resemble each other on this. Vic I see you’re still trolling… Catch anything yet? Are you trying to say Vic your manufacturer is perfect???? You’re barking up the wrong tree. Then again you’re barking at a tree so either way you’re looking foolish like GM is. Okay hbs you want to talk why our country bailed out two out of threee of the manufacturer’s you’re behind? Why does my tax dollar had to go to fix your incomptetent manufacturer’s?

  24. mk says:

    No one vehicle mfg. of trucks is great right now. Each have their own set of problems no matter what anybody tells me, I know better. You just have to pick what flaws each one has and decide for yourself which truck mfgs. flaws are less important to you and get the one who has the flaws you can deal with day in and day out. For me, GM screwed up I think in 2008 or 2009 and did NOT make a 5.3L V8 available with either a 3.72 or 4.10 rear axle ratio. When tundra came out in 2007 and the 5.7L with the kick ass 4.30 rear axle ratio, it was a no brainer to trade my ONLY 5 month old piece of crap 2007 chevy silverado with ONLY about 7K on it that plastic pieces were falling apart all over the interior. This is coming from me, a guy who gets the GM employee purchase price with all great incentives and has bought ONLY GM trucks new about every 1-2 years since 1990. This is how much the new tundra has impressed me by having me switch over being a former loyal GM customer. If GM ever comes out with a 5.3L or bigger engine with a 6 speed tranny and at least a 4.10 rear axle ratio that is standard unlike the overpriced 6.2L V8 they have now with a 1/2 ton crew cab in a 6 1/2′ bed configuration, I might consider switching back to GM. Until then, long live the best 1/2 ton truck on the road right now, the toyota tundra.

  25. TXTee says:

    I love it when people like Vic try to put words in other people’s mouths. Nowhere did I say Toyota is 100% right in any or everything. Learn how to comprehend the English language and write something I can actually tear apart next time. Go re-read my comment and then finishing barking at that tree until you find something competent to say.

  26. hbs says:

    Why does my tax dollar had to go to fix your incompetent manufactures? I don’t know Mickey. Why are those incompetent manufacture able to sale vehicles today and Toyota’s are sitting on the lots? Some may be see it as the other manufactures are bailing out ignorant consumers who purchased a Toyota. TXTee, it was nice to see your concern for other owners, go ahead trade it in someone is looking for a good deal they already made their money. Way to give him support, next time why don’t you just say “we don’t care, we took your money, we will sale it to some one else and take their money”. Jason, Nissan and Jeep thanks for your concern little fella. I can’t help but to laugh at every Toyota I see and feel sorry for the owner for having to put up with it. Its a bunch of BS but I guess some owners have to rant and rave about other brands to take their own sting away. Ford is the worst, no GM, who’s selling vehicles right now? It is not Toyota!!

  27. Diesel35 says:

    I’m a contractor, i have owned a lot of trucks. Fords, Chevy’s, Dodges, and a Tundra. the 07 Tundra is by far the best all around truck. The 5.7 and the 6 speed trans. are the best. Performance, braking, and towing is out standing compared to the other trucks, i have had no problems with the Tundra.

  28. TXTee says:

    I show concern where it’s due. I made two points to the fact that it’s nothing to do with Toyota that Walter was complaining about. If he doesn’t like or want the truck any longer, then it’s best he trade it as he stated but he’s still in the hole. And I wasn’t trying to give support……I’m not about to hold a grown person’s hand and make them feel good OR bad about their personal decision in a vehicle purchase. Point is, we all have choices….get rid of it….and you can keep trolling elsewhere…or here…so I have some comedic relief.

  29. John Francoeur says:

    hbs, have ever seen the Consumer reports on those Jeeps? POC.
    Everyone I know has had nothing but trouble with them, hence, you could not give me one. Nissan, on the other hand, seems to be a decent truck from what I have read.

  30. Frenchy says:

    Diesel35, same here, Tundra trumps them all by a good margin.

  31. Mickey says:

    hbs what’s the matter your dog won’t play with you? Apparently you’re the type of person who doesn’t accept responsibility. Hence the reason you have no clue why Toyota isn’t selling CERTAIN models on their lots. Also apparently you have a complex since you come on to a website you don’t endorse.

  32. Brian says:

    All of this bantering is hilarious! Its funny how Toyota owners and fans talk big about their cars, and can’t handle it when there is a major cover-up and now a recall. Toyota is going the way of GM.

  33. Mickey says:

    Brian who’s covering it up? Toyota has been outward with what’s going on.

  34. Jason says:

    hbs – Here are some Jeep problems for you:

    1. Jeep Libertys that lose steering control:

    2. Jeeps that stall for no reason:

    3. Jeep seat heater fires:

    4. Jeeps that won’t stop:

    5. Jeep transmission fires:

    6. Wrangler tow bars that can break:

    7. Funny! Keyless entry that causes door locks to fail:

    8. 2010 Jeep passenger airbags that may not work:

    9. Wrangler engine fires:

    10. Driver’s airbags that may not work:

  35. Jason says:

    hbs – how about Nissan?

    1. Altima suspensions that could cause struts to pop out of place:

    2. Murano airbags that might not work:

    3. Muranos that stall for no reason:

    4. Rusting air conditioners recall:

    5. Nissans with bad crank position sensors that stall:

    6. Sentras that don’t keep their brake fluid:

    7. Flammable air filters and engine fires:

    8. Nissans that start without keys:

    9. Severe ring wear in 02′ Altimas:

    10. 05′ Sentras that blow head gaskets:

  36. Jason says:

    For HBS and anyone else who views this situation as “proof” that Toyota isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, 3 points:

    1. Toyota isn’t perfect.
    2. Neither is any other manufacturer.
    3. Anyone who says “Told you they would fail” about any manufacturer is a moron. OF COURSE they will fail – they all fail – there are thousands of examples.

    Is Toyota guilty of a major sin here? Yes. Is Toyota the only manufacturer to make a mistake? Hardly.

    Grow up, haters, and get a life.

  37. Mickey says:

    Jason, hbs is jealous that’s all. You know when you want something you can’t have how you start all kinds of BS till you get what you one. Okay he’s a spoiled brat.

  38. Frenchy says:

    Jason, you rock dude!
    hbs, have a piece of humble pie….my treat!

  39. Mickey says:

    Here you go there hbs… Ford halts production overseas… Do I beleive what I wrote??? Here you go. BTW you can also find this on consumer
    Ford’s Chinese partner Jiangling Motors has halted production of a full-size commercial vehicle in China because it has the same type of gas pedal assembly as the ones included in Toyota’s recent recall.

    Ford, which announced a $2.7 billion profit for 2009 Thursday, said it and its Chinese partner are being cautious and inspecting the trucks before resuming production:

    “When anybody has an issue in the industry, we check everything about the Ford system and production process,” said Ford CEO Alan Mulally on a conference call to discuss earnings. “It’s our assessment right now that this is very isolated.”

    The Transit Classic trucks, which have accelerator pedals made by CTS, the same supplier involved in Toyota’s recall, went into production in December. Only about 1,600 have been produced, Ford says.

    Toyota says it’s recalling 75,000 vehicles in China for the same problem.

    Toyota has halted sales on some of its most popular models while it works out a fix for the sticky accelerator pedals. Competitor General Motors yesterday threw out incentives to Toyota buyers, in an attempt to lure them into GM showrooms with lease and trade-in deals.

    Toyota’s recall presents a sales opportunity for Ford, Mulally said, but will it be a sales boon?

    “It’s going to depend on how this plays out and how fast Toyota gets this behind them,” he said. “Clearly, there is a void in people needing vehicles, and there is an opportunity for Ford.

    – By Sharon Silke Carty/Drive On

  40. hbs says:

    Jason, here’s some info for ya. House committee scheduled Congressional hearings for Toyota. Oh you left out Chrysler had a recall for a brake booster part on 2010’s that was not installed and/or improperly made. Their quality section caught, amazing how that works and no one got hurt. Why is there no posting about the congressional hearings??
    As for the comment about consumer reports ranking Jeeps as a POS, what did they say about the Tundra? Wasn’t their a whole posting about the creditably of CR with Toyota saying the are basically incompetent. Funny how someone wants to use that against other manufactures.
    Jealousy is a ugly emotion. The troll bait posts are funny just like the Toyota to make Rams april fool. That was hilarious especially now. Toyota could only wish they had that quality. Anyone who disagrees, go try and buy a Tundra today. They are so bad they won’t even sale them, LMAO!
    To the sailor of the village people who cares what Ford is doing in China. Since you seem to like them so much you too can trade in that recall monster for a Ford. Maybe you should focus on what is wrong with my vehicle than worry about others, but wait that is what put Toyota in this situation. The truck that is changing everything, starting the largest recall ever!
    Published: January 29, 2010

    DETROIT – Toyota faced heightened scrutiny on Thursday over problems with the accelerator pedals on its vehicles, as a House committee scheduled Congressional hearings into the matter and its recalls expanded to Europe and China.

    The recalls were a significant blow to Toyota, the world’s biggest auto company, which had built its sales on a reputation for quality.

    The company has temporarily stopping production and sales in the United States and Canada of eight models that could be affected by sticking pedals, and late Wednesday it expanded a previous recall in which buyers were told to remove the floor mats on their cars to avoid jamming the pedals.

    Jake Fisher, a senior automotive engineer with Consumer Reports, said the situation was the most serious Toyota had faced in its half-century in the United States.

    “There’s been some cracks in the armor, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything to this magnitude,” Mr. Fisher said. “We’ve never seen multiple production lines shut down. If you go to a Toyota dealer right now, they can’t sell you a Camry, they can’t sell you a Corolla or a Highlander.”

    With the involvement of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Toyota faced the most publicized investigation in the industry since problems with Firestone tires on Ford Explorers and other vehicles early last decade.

  41. hbs says:

    Oh there is more on that article, talks about Ford and China.

  42. Jason says:

    Frenchy – Thanks!
    hbs and Mickey – Please don’t quote and post articles here – just post links. It makes it easier to read the comments.
    hbs – Sorry if you think this is jealousy. For the record, this is me putting you in your place for acting as if Toyota is somehow deeply flawed because of this one recall. I fully admit this is a major mistake, but please don’t act as if this is some sort of once-in-a-lifetime safety problem. Engine fires, seat fires, cars that won’t stop, steering controls that fail, and unintended acceleration are ALL major problems. This recall for Toyota sucks, but it’s just a bump on the road. Ford had the Firestone problem a few years ago, and look where they are today. Stop hating and get a life dude.

  43. keith says:

    I own a 2009 Camry and test drove a 2010 Chevy Malibu for the first time. I owned Camry’s since 1988. The Malibu is far superior, I wish I never bought the Camry. I have to say, the car felt solid, like a heavy car. It was smooth and had a better ride on highway. I have to say it was pretty awsome.

  44. Denise says:

    Every auto manufactorer has had its issues. All I have seen on this forum is a bunch of people talking like children. ” My dad can beat your dad up”
    We all have our favorites. So grow up. With the troubles that GMC has had with money issues it concerns me that they are going to make cuts somewhere. Anyone who hasn’t thought about that needs to. They might not be in business in the very near future. I don’t wish for that. This company made the U.S great but it is a concern along with Ford’s and Chevy. I have owned several vehicles and the ones I have had the most success with is Honda and Toyota, so what that is my preference. I don’t expect anyone to have my same experiences. Everyone play nice. Toyota’s will pull through this and so will other companies that experience recalls from time to time
    This is a bad one for Toyota’s but all you Ford, Chevy, or GM people don’t hate us because we have had great success with Toyota’s.

  45. Frenchy says:

    Well said Denise.
    I am with you on all points.
    Thanks for pointing out the fact that all of us have a favorite vehicle/brand, just like we have our favorite pizza topping,ie anchovies….. well that may be going a little too far, but good job and welcome to the forum!!

  46. Frenchy says:

    A test drive is a far cry from owning a vehicle for awhile and finding out what you like/don’t like. Trade in your Camry and drive the Malibu for a year or two and then let us know how it’s goes.

  47. Jason says:

    Keith – I’ve driven a Malibu myself and I agree they’re very nice. Check out a Fusion too – I like that one as well. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a fan of the Camry. I like my cars to have more personality.

    Denise – Well said. I guess I went a little overboard…I just get tired of the morons who say “told you so” – they know nothing.

    Frenchy – True enough. I would say that the issue with the Malibu isn’t the quality or reliability…it’s the re-sale. If GM can’t sell enough cars to regular customers, they start selling cars to fleets and ruining their re-sale value. Of course, with this whole recall, who knows if Toyota’s resale will stay sky-high.

  48. Ron says:

    WOW! All this controversy over who has the better product, and who is the bad guy. I watched the Today Show this a.m. where the North American Toyota C.O.O. was on. He seemed to answer the questions the same way a politician would. Toyota has set themselves back very far with this concern. I was a Ford Technician for 14 years, I have owned almost every make of vehicle on the road. Currently I own a 2010 Toyota Tundra, just picked up 11/30/2010. I am impressed with the overall truck. What I don’t like is Toyota’s arrogance getting in the way of “fixing” the problem. They admit to knowing there’s a problem, but yet have not may a concentrated effort to contact the owners. I understand that there are several recalls on every vehicle, but if they involve braking or acceleration issues, then there should be a hightened level of concern by the manufacturer. I would have more respect for Toyota if they would offer anyone who doesn’t feel safe in their vehicle to have the option to go to a rental car facility and rent a vehicle until there’s is repaired. I know this sounds like a lot of money, but deals can be made. Think about how the price of vehicles has increased dramatically since the government mandated the 3yr/36 bumper to bumper warranty on all new vehicles sold in the US. Now, if Toyota makes such a quality vehicle, then they have saved Billions in warranty repairs. Now it is time they release some of those funds to help rebuild our confidence in their product. If GM and Ford will offer an extra $1000 on Toyotas, then Toyota could spend about 10% of that to keep owner loyalty.

    Kudos to GM and Ford. Guess what guys, it’s the car business, they are known for being cut throat. Also, my F-250 that I traded for my Toyota first received an apprasial of $11,000, I had to nearly walk away from the deal to get $13,000. It is currently sitting on the their show platform for $28,999. So for all you guys bashing GM and Ford, your precious Toyota dealers are no better. Let’s face it, their car salesman, it what they do.

  49. Ron says:

    By the way Mickey, it is not good to bash people until you check your sources. This comes directly from the Toyota website.
    Is your vehicle affected?
    Vehicles recalled

  50. Ron says:

    If Toy does have a fix, what is the problem? Mechanical or Electronic? These are fly-by-wire systems. Is the actual pedal sticking, or is the sensor? Toy must have learned saying less is better, “Is that you Tiger Woods?” Let’s face it, if they have found a repair, then they know what the problem is. Knowing this they know exactly which VIN’s are affected, but they are smart in not revealing this info until the repair or replacement parts are manufactured. This will keep people honest, because if they knew there specific vehicle could be affected, insurance scams would sky rocket. Now, as soon as Toy has the parts, then they can issue recall letters stating that you need to come in immediately. Therefore, if you have received a letter and not made an attempt to come in, and your accelerator sticks causing an accident, Toyota can come back and say, “You received the letter with specific instructions not to drive the vehicle.” This is just hypothetical, but that’s what lawyers strive on. I believe most Toy owners are typically sensible, and otherwise ethical, so hopefully that won’t be the case, except for the guy who crashed into the dealership. Toy better hurry, because this could be just the start of nightmare for them.
    I drive about 50k miles a year, typically in the city (Outside Sales), so I am not too worried about this problem, due to experience, plus having been a technician for 14 years. I would like to see Toy do something for me, a voucher for $1000 extra dollars towards my next Toy purchase, let’s face it, the competition is doing it, and yes I’m smart enough to know the comp is making up for the $1000 in trade dollars and mark up.

  51. Denise says:

    I had a very good friend who had a Malibu and it was one of the worse cars I have ever been around. However, I had a Suburban and it was awesome. Sometimes we just get a lemon. It is up to the consumer to go through the correct steps to take care of this misfortune. There are laws to help us even though it is a pain in the rear. This whole thing has caused so much dismay. I just hope this fix puts to rest all the doubts that all of the public is having. Toyota has had a great history and even if you dislike them you can’t take away the fact that they have out done Ford, Chevy and GM for many years now. Don’t be sour because you like GM and they have had issues that have been in the news the past few years. OK it’s Toyota’s turn To go through a rough patch. Remember what we were taught…be a good sport. Support each other.

  52. Mickey says:

    Ron are you referring to the article I printed out or something else? The article can easily be found by just googling it. It just so happens the Ford venture with China uses the same pedal. This is why they halted production to make sure they aren’t effected like Toyota is. Yes my truck is in the recall. Just like my 06 silverado recalls and my 03 F-150 recalls. Nothing different, just waiting for the letter. Ron after reading your last post you’re just another con man. You’re no different in trying to scam and make a profit. You of all people know Toyota or anyone else would just give a rental for this till fixed. You didn’t, nor did I, see this for Ford or GM especially for my recalls. Whether ball joints are down to the cruise control BTW Ford reissued another recall on because they are still getting trucks catching on fire which wasn’t originally done. There’s your lawyers dream.

  53. Jason says:

    Ron – I agree that Lentz looked bad, and I agree that Toyota has been arrogant (that’s a very good description I think). I also like your idea of a loyal owner discount or future purchase credit – I’m going to use it! As for Toyota hiding problems, who knows. Very disappointing time to be a Toyota fan.

    Denise – You are the voice of reason!

    Mickey – I think the wires got crossed somewhere – Ron probably didn’t realize some of your comments were posted before the pedal recall was announced.

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