Ford’s UAW Members Are As Suicidal As Ever – Should Obama Fix It?

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UAW Denies Ford The Same Concessions They Granted to GM and Chrysler

In a move that should be considered shocking (but sadly seems like business-as-usual), UAW members at multiple Ford plants have voted against concessions that they granted to GM and Chrysler earlier this year.

According to news reports, many UAW members believe that “Ford is stronger financially than General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group and thus not entitled to concessions to close Ford

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  1. HA HA HA HA. Idiots. Unemployment is too high for UAW to be this stupid. Ford needs to announce they are moving to non-union production facilities and do it. there are WAT too many people looking for a good job for UAW to be playing this petty crap. Next thing the UAW will demand is magic gold and lawn gnomes for tea break. Should Obama help? the real question is CAN Obama help? And that answer is yes, buy staying as far away from this as possible. Cash for Clunkers? $4500 rebates cost us $24000 per vehicle. GM Bail out? They went Bankrupt and essetially killed the old GM and made a whole new company, This would be akin to taking the gas cap off your old car and putting it on your new car. Is that REALLY the same car? Finaly, Chrysler? FIAT is in control of them now. FIAT, really? That is kind of like Cuba running Florida and claiming that we saved Florida from collapse.

    Please Mr. Obama, Everytime you Help large numbers of people get screwed, let other people screw tax payers this time. The Government is incapable of effectively assisting the free market system. Everytime it does, regardless of who is in charge, Good people get hurt.


  2. mk says:

    This just in yesterday, I heard Citigroup is filing for bankruptcy. Does this mean Obama is going to bail them out as well? When will this govt. bailout money stop? Just because they are the biggest, does not mean they deserve special treatment. My wife’s company filed bankruptcy ALL BY THEMSELVES and came out hopefully O.K. because if she lost her job, we as a family would be screwed big time! All bankruptcy does is allow a big portion of the companies debt to be washed away under the rug so hopefully new restructuring is in effect to not let it happen again. Lets hope so! I say NO to Obama interferring since the workers voted against their own UAW and should be greatful to have a job nowadays making supposedly more money than GM and Chrysler. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OBAMA! Quit spending money the federal govt. does not have in the first place and let the companies fend for themselves, although one can be said that without GM, Ford, and Chrysler, Toyota would have hardly any competition except Hyundai and then Toyota would have almost a Monopoly on the US economy and raise car prices with less rebates since they do not need to be competitive anymore. What this all boils down to is the top execs and too many upper mgmt. idiots making too much money making for wrong decisions or no decisions at all and sitting around doing nothing or making their own company worse and not taking responsibility for their actions as long as they get a paycheck. I worked in the 90’s for GM and actually had the luxury to go to Detroit for a training seminar and I can tell you first hand, those execs and mgmt. and higher ups have it made in the shade and think they are better than the working class by far. Made me almost puke dining on steak, prime rib, shrimp for luncheons all catered in just for a training seminar for the week. What really pisses me off is, for example, my wife’s company who just emerged from bankruptcy is secretely going to give bonuses of 10-20% of their yearly pay to JUST EXECS AND HIGHER UPS WHO ARE EXEMPT/SALARIED (not hourly) very shortly and THAT IS PLAIN WRONG to do. Those higher ups should be grateful they get paid over 100K per year and that should be enough to live on when the rest of us live O.K. and get by for under 1/2 that per year. Ungrateful deadbeats! – Sorry, I had to vent!

  3. The idea here is that our government acted on behalf of GM and Chrysler to fix their UAW problem – shouldn’t the government do the same for Ford? I’m not saying any money needs to be involved…just pass a law that forces all UAW members to accept the same contract and call it a day (or something like that).

  4. NOTE – I don’t actually think that, by the way, but it certainly seems like a fair way to do things…

  5. I agree that it would be fair IF that is all that would happen. Maybe I am paranoid but I don’t trust the Government to do what is right. I feel it will do what it wants to insure power and choices are routed through them.

    Also thanks for pushing my comment through. I was just giving you a rough time for the sake of giving you a rough time. 🙂

  6. HARVEY MARTIN says:

    What is fair for one ( in this case 2) should be fair for all. I can’t believe that the
    UAW is this stupid. Better that Ford should fail and lose more jobs than accept what GM and Chrysler have accepted, really really dumb.

  7. Ford just turned a profit. I think that is why the UAW is not giving breaks. They want to drain Ford like they did to GM and Chrysler.

  8. Jeremy – No worries…it’s Monday morning so it takes time for me to get to this site. We’re on the same page I think.
    Harvey – I agree. I can’t believe it takes a bankruptcy and a multi-billion dollar bail-out to convince the UAW to work with their employer. Ridiculous…and shameful.

  9. Joe Smith says:

    It is shamefull this conversation is even taking place. What a slippery slope indeed it is when we accepted the idea that govt should be allowed to mettle in private business to this degree.

    Does anybody have any idea where the bottom is? Didn’t think so.

  10. mk says:

    Yah, let Ford suffer the same fate as GM and Chrysler and do not allow the govt. to intefer with the UAW of Ford. The UAW should be equal amongst all 3, but if GM and Chrysler needed a handout to survive and Ford does not, then if they do in the future, too bad. Leave Ford to wither away and let private companies remain private with NO govt. involvement ever again. Get this, I have bought about 20 GM vehicles before my current 2007 tundra, and I just got a letter from my GM credit card of which I have used a lot in the past stating my limit has been decrease to ONLY 300 bucks due to no use of the credit card. I called up and canceled my credit card and told them I will not be buying a GM car ever again to insult me like that. They did not care and said because of non-use (backup card only), the limit has been drastically decreased. I said cancel the card and I cut it up. If GM credit card co. wants to treat their customers like that, screw them for life! Let Ford suffer the same fate as GM and Chrysler and let Toyota rule the roof from here on out.

  11. Brian says:

    NO! The government should not intervene. It should also sell 100% of its shares in GM and leave industry alone! The role of government is to provide for the common defense, not the common working man. If the UAW wants to sacrifice Ford…let them.

  12. Ford needs to fight back and erradicate the UAW from their plants.

  13. Fascinating! The overwhelming sentiment seems to be that, despite the fact government interference created an advantage for Ford’s competitors, the government should not interfere again on Ford’s behalf. I think the logic makes sense – Joe’s statement wondering “where the bottom is” is a pretty strong argument against interference. For the record, I agree. I’d like to see the UAW do the right thing, but I don’t know to make them do it…and I concur that Uncle Sam probably can’t just do something simple.
    Still, it’s grossly unfair that Ford is being penalized for NOT filing bankruptcy.

  14. I look at it differently. I sugest The Goverenment stay out of it when Ford systematically fires every UAW worker and replaces them with Non union people. Is it fair that he UAW is being royal Morons about this? No. Was it fair that GM and Chrysler got help and Ford didn’t. No BUT the Gov also doesn’t own Ford and Ford is making some good decisions now which will come home to roost. 10 Years from now Ford will be in a better position that the other 2 if the Gov keeps it’s paws off. Let Ford play HARDBALL with these MOrons. Big Union has become the school yard bully and it is time for someone to plant here foot right square in their hahoo’s and punch them in the nose on the way down. In business, if the cost of labor is artifically high, CUT IT. Ford need to release a statement explaining that the UAW is employing strong arm tactics that attempt to ultimately destroy the US economy and that Ford is taking a stand against these domestic terrorist.


    The UAW Members aren’t the problem. It is the greed at the top (Sound familiar) that is driving the evil intentions of that organization.

    We, as Americans, Have to stand up to this and say NO.

  15. TXTee says:

    I don’t believe in govt bailout – period. I didn’t see any benefit in my pocketbook and it’s every man (or woman) for themself at this stage.

  16. Mickey says:

    Definitely agree TXTee….

  17. They will continue shoveling money into holes until the American people stand up and tell them to STOP IT! OR ELSE! To a politician there are things worse than Death, like not being re-elected. Or being ousted from office. Lets not re elect people who are wasting our money and toss a few out of office prematurely. I think the people who replace them would think hard before doing something stupid. The prevailing attitude in DC is “We made it here we DESERVE to do what we want” WRONG!!!!! They have no concept of Public Service. If you are elected, You SERVE those who elected you. SERVE or GET OUT!

  18. Jayson says:

    I respectfully disagree with this arcticle. When looking for a new vehicle I looked at Toyota, Ford, and Nissan. NOT Government Motors or steal my taxes chrysler. And should the president step in and FORCE FORD? Its rediculous that the comander in chief of the ARMED FORCES has anything to do with ANY Buisiness. Sure I don’t think its fair for Ford to be specifically disadvantaged. But the solution isn’t to give Ford money, the solution is to NOT GIVE GM and Chrysler Money. I hope the American Auto Industry survives and thrives because they build competative vehicles people want, not because they took my tax money to buy UAW support for politicians.

  19. “I respectfully disagree with this arcticle”


    The Article laid out some info then asked questions. Are you disagreeing with the questions? Or the comments? You are in line with EVERYone else INCLUDING the author on what should be done. He was asking if it was fair AND should the Gov get involved. The answers are a resounding no and NO. Welcome to the popular consensus.

    This article did what it was supposed to do, got people talking. Thank You Admin Jason, good job again.

  20. Mickey says:

    Sounds like the No’s have it. I second the notion….. Do I hear a third???

  21. Jayson – I think I could have worded the article better. A lot of people have assumed that I’ve taken the stance that Obama should help Ford…but I was sort of playing devil’s advocate. If Obama was going to do something, I wouldn’t be in favor of cash – more like Obama telling the UAW that if they didn’t agree to the same deal, Ford had a right to fire all of them (or something like that). Never gonna happen, just wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for commenting.
    Jeremy – Thanks for having my back man.

  22. fred19 says:

    What does it matter, the workers can vote the Union out if they don’t like it. It has happened before. If I don’t like my wages I ask for a raise, if we can not agree I find another job.

  23. Finding another Job for these guys is not an option. Not in this climate.

  24. Justin says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. And this is the basis for the majority of Unions these days. Unions could care less about what’s fair across the market or for a particular company; they are simply worried about lining their pocket books. If the UAW had any common sense and morals, they would enact the same concessions for Ford as they did for GM/Chrysler. But of course the UAW lacks any form of common business sense and morals, so they will fight tooth and nail not to give any, no matter how hard Ford may or may not be hit.
    It’s like the local Police, Grocery and Teacher unions here in CO, which Admin (Jason) you may be familiar with living here in the Denver Metro area. The Police initially refused concessions on delaying their raises for 6-months. No pay or benefit cuts involved, simply delaying their raises. When the results came in, the city determined the dept. would have to lay off up to 100 officers. This of course would hurt the city as a whole since fewer officers would be on the streets. Only after the Firefighters union accepted these concessions (which they

  25. Mickey says:

    Here here Justin…. Dang good article. Agree 100%

    Justin Said in November 6th, 2009 @9:44 am Stupid is as stupid does. And this is the basis for the majority of Unions these days. Unions could care less about what

  26. Justin – Well said. Unions are great examples of group thinking being dumbed-down to the lowest common denominator. I agree with you that Ford will overcome their disadvantage. BTW – that new Taurus SHO looks fantastic…what do you think of it? Have you driven one yet?

  27. Mickey – I just shake my head when I hear stories like that – something is ALWAYS better than nothing, but people just let their pride get in the way. At least you were one of the smart ones.

  28. Justin says:

    Thanks Jason! Well, Unions had their time that they helped fight for the blue collar worker. Now a days, they just fight to line their pockets. Sad really.
    Haven’t had a chance to drive a SHO yet, but have been drooling over them in both performance and style since they were released. Now it’s not a SHO, but my father in law is getting a Taurus SEL 3.5L AWD in the upcoming months. Of course his company is trading in his ’07 Dodge Magnum V6 for the Taurus and won’t splurge for the SHO, which is understandable. One thing about the SHO to remember, is under 50 miles on the clock, the EB isn’t pushing its normal PSI, basically a break in period. So if you ever take one for a spin remember this. I’ll be taking my father in laws for a spin when delivered, so I’ll understand what a base 3.5L performs like, so I can see the gain if I ever get to drive a SHO.

  29. Mickey says:

    Justin just to let you know another explorer bit the dust hard. Even though we have 2 recalls out on Ford’s for this issue we still have people who have no clue. Vehicle explodes and catches house on fire.

  30. rick wil says:

    Certainly not! ford is doing just fine w/o the gov putting their nose in there business.The UAW is the problem in the first place.If Obama would have let things run their course,someone would have picked GM and Chrysler up.Renegotiated or done away with the UAW automaticly droppping the price or raising the profits of each automobile at least $5,000 .

  31. The New SHO is THE prime example of why Ford will be a great car company again. Now all they need to do is resolve their roach (Union) problem.

  32. Justin – Good point. I think the SHO is a big car, but I’d drive one with pride. I like the Lincolns too…very sharp.

  33. Justin says:

    Mickey: This is the problem with many auto owners. Many simply feel or have the attitude of “it won’t happen to me”. Then again, if the owner purchased the truck used, many the dealership told them the CC switch had already been recalled. Sad sight and owners and Ford are still paying for this Texas Instrument switch. It’s a simply 5-10 minute service and being it’s a recall, is free to the consumer. Why it wasn’t fixed, who knows.
    Jason: Yup, the new Taurus is actually a full-size sedan, not a mid-size. Weird part, is many magazines are comparing it to the Camry and Accord, which are mid-size. They seem to praise it for its room and features, but then knock it for not handling like a mid-size. I also like the new style of the Lincolns, with the exception of the MKT. That thing is god awful looking and has a whale looking front end/grille. Of course those Lincolns are just upscale Fords as always.

  34. Mickey says:

    Justin I agree it’s the owners who negligence in this matter. Ford shouldn’t have to do a recall again since it was covered under the original one. People are plain and simple LAZY to get this done. Like you said it’s a simple fix and hardly any time also. It justs behooves me that this still happens.

  35. Justin – Car magazine writers (and bloggers like me) are often dumb. 🙂

  36. Justin says:

    Mickey: Well the most recent recall did expand upon the original, so a few more years & models were included. But for those that had already been recalled in the past, it was simply another notice.
    Jason: I wouldn’t say dumb. Cause I bet your average person on the street will look at comparing those models without realizing they are in different classes. It’s just tough for me when these magz say the obvious, but without a caviot to explain why the larger/smaller interior or the better/worse handling aspects. Oh well, can’t get it right 100% of the time.

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