Decode Your Toyota Tundra’s VIN Number

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Here’s what the letters and numbers in your Tundra’s VIN number represent:


The first three characters of your Tundra’s VIN number indicate where your truck was built.

5TF – Truck was manufactured at TMMTX
5TB – Truck was manufactured at TMMI


The fourth character of your Tundra’s VIN indicates the body type.

J – Reg. Cab 2WD
K – Reg. Cab 4WD
L – Reg. Cab 2WD Long Bed
M – Reg. Cab 4WD Long Bed

R – Double Cab 2WD
S – Double Cab 2WD Long Bed
B – Double Cab 4WD
C – Double Cab 4WD Long Bed

E – CrewMax 2WD
D – CrewMax 4WD


The fifth character of your Tundra’s VIN indicates the engine.

U = 4.0L V6
T = 4.7L V8
V = 5.7L V8


The 6th, 7th, and 8th characters in the VIN indicate the trim level of the truck.

521 = Base
541 = SR5
581 = LTD


The 9th character in the VIN is used as a check digit.


The 10th character in your truck’s VIN is the model year. It’s either a number or letter, depending upon the decade. For 2007, it’s the number “7”. However, in 1997, it was a “V”.


The 11th character indicates the final assembly point.

S – Indiana
X – Texas


The last six numbers of the VIN are used by Toyota to uniquely identify your vehicle, sort of like a serial number. However, these numbers do not appear to be sequential or numerically significant. Toyota seems to have a unique system for numbering cars – they don’t seem to be marking them 000001, 000002, 000003, etc.

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  1. […] 4WD Long Bed) T (4.7L V8) 521 (Base Trim) 7 7(year 07) X(plant – Texas) 007461 (serial number) Toyota Tundra VIN Number Decoded | __________________ 2007 CrewMax SR5 4×4 5.7 Nautical Blue My Pictures Pioneer FH-P8000BT w/ […]

  2. Matthias says:


    I tried to decode my Truck but on the4:th position i have the letter J
    not mentioned here meaning 3.4L V6 it have to be …

    engine says 3400 Four cam 24


  3. Mickey says:

    J is a regular cab 2wd. It’s the fourth character.

  4. TXTee says:

    Somewhere I saw a posting saying long beds were made in Mexico. Is that true and how can I find out for sure? My VIN matches all the above explanations for TMMTX and the SA TX plant as final destination…plus I have the Born in TX, Built by Texans sticker.

  5. Matthias – Are you driving a Tundra or a HiLux? If it’s a HiLux, the information here isn’t going to help you.

  6. TXTee – All the trucks are made in Texas, but the beds themselves could be made in Mexico (I’m not sure). According to Toyota, only beds for the Tacoma are made in Mexico, so my guess is that the Tundra beds are made stateside…but no easy way to confirm that.

  7. fernando says:

    how can i found the engine serial # for a tundra 2008

  8. Jason says:

    fernando – It’s on the engine.

  9. fernando says:

    wheres the secret number for the tundra 2007?

  10. Jason says:

    fernando – Not sure what you’re referencing – never heard of a secret number. Is it OU812? 🙂

  11. fernando says:

    every brand haves a hidden vin number and it supposes that only toyota and some police departments know where its located

  12. Mickey says:

    Van Halen………………..

  13. Mickey says:

    Fernando I have an 2007 Crewmax Limited which has the VIN # Etched. Which means the VIN # is on every part all over the Tundra. Now for a secret # are you referring to Lojack?

  14. Jason says:

    Fernando – I don’t think that’s the case. The VIN is on the dash, the door, and on the firewall or frame rail (this might be the ‘secret’ location you’re referring to). However, let’s set aside the myth that the VIN is the only way to trace a car. Every major part (and a lot of minor ones) have a serial number. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing? That truck was identified by tracking a serial number on the rear axle. When it comes to hiding the identity of a modern car, it’s almost impossible. The trouble is, if the VIN on the dash and the door is changed, very few people will bother to double-check it. Can I ask why you want to know?

  15. fernando says:

    Im asking becausa a police officer in mexico (im in mexico) checked my tundra and told me that the vin on the dash was altered, so he told me he that ke needed to check the secret numbers, he didnt find it, so he let me go…. an thats why im asking about , if is it true,,, its supposes that only the police deprtments and toyota knows where its located… but im not sure about it ( sorry about my english)

  16. fernando says:

    oo and now im worried because it really looks like it was altered,,, is it works if i check te computer vin ?

  17. Jason says:

    Fernando – Any chance the police officer was just trying to shake you down for a bribe? The number on the frame rail or the firewall can’t be seen unless you start taking parts of the engine off…pretty sure that it’s not something a policeman can just “check.” As for the possibility the VIN was altered, that may be. Do you have a legal title that matches the VIN on the dash and the door? If so, I think you’re probably OK. You can check your VIN number here for free, however:

  18. fernando says:

    Yes i have the title and it matches, but it could be like a cloned car,,, when i check the vin on internet it appears as a SR5 model,, and the one i have is limited, so i dont know how can i check that

  19. Jason says:

    Fernando – The autocheck VIN check would tell you if the car was stolen, so at least that’s OK. As for the SR5 vs. Limited, I’m pretty sure all Limiteds were considered SR5’s in 2007. That might be still, in fact.

  20. Mickey says:

    07 Crewmax Limited : 5TBEV58197S459853
    5TB = TMMI
    E = Crewmax 4×2
    V = 5.7L
    581 = Limited
    9 = Check # so we have 5+5+8+1= 19 so 9 is check#
    7 = Model year 2007
    S = Indiana assembly
    459853 = I have the best truck out there
    Fernando the three digits tell whether it’s a SR5 or Limited, as per mine above.

  21. fernando says:

    i heard about some number in the computer, and that is the one is different on my car

  22. Jason says:

    fernando – There is definitely an engine computer serial number, but as far as I know it’s not used for ID purposes.

  23. Muhammad Shahid Alam says:

    how to find out engine number in toyoya tundra 2008

  24. Hankstir says:

    OK, here’s a code that I cannot decode from this listing;
    5TF HY 5F1 1 A X 146229

    Not able to find exactly what ‘5F1’ and the ‘F1’ indicate.

    I was able to decode the entire number, just curious to know what those particular codes depict.

  25. Jason (Admin) says:

    Hankstir – You sure that VIN is valid? There’s no cab for ‘H’ nor an engine for ‘Y’. It’s either a misprint or the VIN for a different Toyota.

  26. Jessica says:

    I have an 01 Tundra, but my numbers say 481 for trim level. Is that cause its older?

  27. jorge says:

    I might say that part of the chassis has the serial number my tundra 2007

  28. Sandy says:

    How would one link the engine number on a Tundra to the Vin? I have two VIN numbers for Tundra’s that I need to know the Engine numbers to, however, I don’t have the vehicles physically here.

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  30. Rick says:

    Im trying to decode what rear axle ratio I have in my 04 Tundra…vin 5TBDT48124S434719.

    The owners manual isnt much help saying it could be any of half a dozen.

    At 2000rpm im doing 59.5 mph in overdrive.

  31. Roland says:

    Hi, I have a 2004 tundra sr5 and I believe that the 2004 years (2wd) were 3.91 rear axle ratio/drive. It may be different for the 4×4 though.

  32. […] will have to look at the VIN number for the 6th, 7th & 8th number to find out. Toyota Tundra VIN Number Decoded | Tundra Headquarters Blog SIXTH, SEVENTH, & EIGHTH CHARACTERS: The 6th, 7th, and 8th characters in the VIN indicate the […]

  33. […] Toyota Tundra VIN Number Decoded | Tundra Headquarters Blog Where truck was built: 5TB= TMMI (indiana) 5TF= TMMTX (texas) Final assembly point: S=Indiana X=Texas Confusing I guess, I dunno. __________________ "I have learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is easy, and fun as hell." ~some bastard […]

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