DIY 2014 Tundra Now Available – Build Your Own New Truck

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The DIY craze has finally hit the auto industry. For the first time in 100 years you can build your own brand new truck: all you need is some paper, scissors, and glue.

The best part? This new truck doesn’t burn any gas, won’t ever need any maintenance, and can go wherever you want it to go.

2014 Tundra Paper Model

Build your own 2014 Toyota Tundra with nothing more than paper, scissors, and glue. Click for a larger view.

OK – you caught me. It’s a Tundra made from paper. However, you CAN build one yourself – the template is free. Download it below.

A Tundra Paper Model?!

Why not? The 2014 truck isn’t going to be available for a few more months, so this should tie you over until then. As mentioned above, the tools you need to build this truck are:

  1. A pair of scissors or – even better – an X-acto knife
  2. Some simple elmers glue (that really does work best)
  3. A straight edge and a cut surface to cut on (Olfa cutting pads work great)
  4. Some heavy card stock
  5. A good printer (or a couple bucks for printing at your local print shop)
Paper Tundra model side view

Off-roading has never been easier. Go anywhere you want to. Click for a larger view.

The creator of this truck – Jesse of (who we hired to create this just for you) – recommends taking the PDF download to your local print shop (or Kinkos) and having them do the printing for you. Then, just start cutting and gluing.

If you’d like help with assembly, you can watch this time-lapse video for some tips:

YouTube Preview Image

How To Get Your Free 2014 Tundra PDF Template

There are three ways to get your own free template – like us on Facebook, follow us on Google+, or send out a Tweet with a link to this page.

Give us a Google+1 to Download Your DIY 2014 Tundra

Send out a Tweet with a link to this page to Download Your 2014 Tundra!

NOTE: The PDF download is a couple megabytes, so it might take a minute to download.

Paper 2014 Toyota Tundra model - top view

This DIY 2014 Tundra comes with a free tonneau cover! Click for a larger view.

OK…there’s a fourth way, but I really hope that you’ll take a minute to use one of the methods above instead. However, if you click on this link, you’ll be able to download the PDF without liking us, following us, etc. However, if you go this route, we’d really appreciate it if you at least like the page your on using the “like” button below.

TundraHeadquarters paper model

If you cheat and use the direct download like, please take a minute to like this post for us. Thanks! Click for a larger view

Thank you! Have fun!!

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  1. Mickey says:

    Intertaining I can say the least.

  2. DJ says:

    Very cool. Liked you guys on FB and tweeted to Jason on twitter but still havent got a link to the PDF. Ive emailed the site numerous times through the years and never heard a word back so this seems to be par for the course. Shame, great site and im a loyal reader but when you ignore your readers it’s pretty discouraging.

    • DJ,

      Sorry you have felt ignored! There is a direct link in the story to download the PDF. In the future, e-mail me directly at editor (at) and I will answer any of your questions ASAP. Thanks for being a loyal reader!


  3. GoI3ig says:

    Finally. A Tundra we can all afford.

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