GM Dealers Demonstrate Blind Brand Loyalty

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Here’s a question for beer drinkers everywhere: Would you ever consider drinking a different brand?

For example, let’s say you’re a big Coors fan like me. Would you try out a Miller Lite or a BudWeiser or a Sam Adams? What if, for sake of argument, some study came out that said Coors beer was bad for you and that Budweiser was good for you. Assuming the study was legit, would you switch? Would you at least give Budweiser a legitimate chance?

Of course you would. Only an idiot would blindly stand behind a brand…yet this is exactly what many Ford, GM, and Ram buyers do every day. Rather than sample the rest of the marketplace, they blindly state that “GM is the best ever” or “Ford is the best ever” or whatever…it’s pathetic. Check out the first 17 seconds of this video from a NY Chevy dealer:

They have the audacity to call this a “Toyota Tundra Analysis” video…where, exactly, is the analysis?

Prepare for a rant regarding the stupidity of some domestic truck buyers in 3, 2, 1…

In my opinion, if you buy a truck only because of the name on the fender, you *&(#$ up. A competent consumer’s job is to to do their research, test drive all the options, and then make an informed decision. If, for example, you decide you like the Ram’s smooth ride so much that you’d rather have that truck, rock on. If you decide the F150’s low price and numerous configuration options are best for you, cool. If you decide that you want to support the American taxpayer and buy a GM pickup, I can respect that.

However, what I can’t respect is blind loyalty of a brand devoid of reason. When Toyota screws up (and they have), I never hesitate to point it out. (See Tundra bed bounce problems, Tundra frame rust problems, Toyota management problems, Tundra air injection pump problems, etc.)

Furthermore, when someone argues that truck X is better than the Tundra, I’m all about hearing the arguments. I’ve got reasons to believe that the Tundra is the best choice on the market (safety, consistent reliability, and resale value to name a few), but I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that the Tundra isn’t the best choice for everyone.

However, when a group of Chevy dealers – who represent the Chevrolet brand to the general public – create a video called “Toyota Tundra Analysis” that offers some silly platitudes as “hands down” proof of superiority, it offends me. Frankly, this is part of the problem with GM, Ford, and Ram. Some of their owners (some, not all), are so stupidly loyal to the brand that they refuse to consider alternatives.

My proof? Comments left on this site. Interactions with militant Ford/GM/Ram owners. This video. The Chevy dealers that signed off on the video above believed it would help them sell some trucks. Frankly, if it only sells one single truck, that’s pathetic. Shame on anyone who is so stupid that they accept this tripe as fact.

And shame on any vehicle buyer who refuses to consider alternatives…especially alternatives made in the USA with more domestic parts content than any so-called “domestic” competitor.

** END RANT **

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  1. mk says:

    chevy outhauls tundra – give me a break. ONLY way it will outhaul or be very similar is with the 6.2L V8 being very expensive option to get. The 5.3L V8 in the chevy is adequate at best, no way comparable to the 5.7L tundra, more in lines with the 4.8L base tundra engine. For 1-2 more mpg in the chevy engine, I won’t buy it UNLESS GM comes back out with the 4.10 rear axle ratio which for me in hilly country, got the best mpg, over the 3.73 and wimpy 3.42 rear axle ratio GM offers now. I sold my one and only 3.42 rear axle ratio in less than 6 months of being new the engine was a dog while I loved the 4.10 rear axle ratio chevy I had almost as much as the 5.7L 4.30 rear axle ratio in my tundra. Gear ratios make a huge difference in power and that is where GM fails and will not outhaul toyota tundra no way, no how. Anyone who believes that is an idiot.

  2. Mickey says:

    Chevy will never be an option for me. They blew it with the 06 LT3 I had. I would simply ask those dealers in NY if the truck comes with a lifetime supply of duct tape to keep it together. Jason not to mention the 07 Tundra was the first IIHA 5 star safety rating for a truck. Reliability having the last 5 or 6 years in a row by JD Power. NOt to mention the best thing “RESALE”. Why is that there GM? No headliners falling on my Tundra 11x. Both brake lights falling off. ABS issues. Not to mention the one thing that bothered me the most was GM customer care assistance asking me if I own another GM product. Not just once but everytime I called the number for a complaint.

  3. LJC says:

    Note: GM is the only truck maker that has a 2 valves per cylinder engine lineup for ALL their trucks. That is so 20th cenutry!

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      LJC – Agreed. While there are a lot of torque benefits to this older design, it’s not exactly taking anyone’s breath away. The thing is, GM’s engine designs are low-tech because they can get away with it. Now that fuel economy mandates are starting to kick in, GM has to spend billions to develop engines that Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. have had for years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    From an owner of a ford truck, a chevy truck and the tundra, I was sold on the tundra because of interior space and the ride. I found it difficult to let go of the simplicity of the chevy (once you have driven one you don’t have to look for controls to turn on lights, wipers, etc.). I drove a tahoe a 3/4 ton work truck and a z71 and all the control panels were the same. My wife drives a Toyota highlander now and to switch between the two is confusing, but if that is the only complaint with Toyota, I guess I’m doing good. I sold the ford and the chevy within a few months apart and drive strictly Toyota because of reliability and space. When I buy the next truck I will give the others a shot, but I have to say I’m kinda brand loyal to Toyota now and can see how easy it is to remain in a comfortable atmosphere. So I do respect the above opinion but it’s not so much stupidity as much as laziness. I don’t want to “learn” a new vehicle and how it handles and where all the controls are. It’s like having a certain cell phone or computer brand that is comfortable to work. And the final thoughts are: the dealers are just trying to keep their “base”, just like a politician focuses on the democratic or republican base. This only tells me they see their loyal customers dropping rapidly and they can’t replace that void with new consumers because they don’t have the trifecta of price, product and post-evaluation.

  5. Mike says:

    I agree, I own a 1996 Dodge Ram, since it was new, with 170K miles. I live in Alaska and needed a more reliable truck, so I started looking and found the Tundra to be the one for me. I told a friend that I had purchased a new truck and he said what another Ram, I said no a Toyota Tundra…the best truck on the market today. It is a gently used 2008 Crewmax Limited 4X4 and I am happy.

  6. troy says:

    A guy I work with had a 2007 Silverado, he’s always saying “Chevy is an American company blah blah blah”. At 80k his transmission blew. This truck was never used to tow ot haul anything. To me this is unacceptable. He ranted and raved for 2 weeks while his truck was being fixed and he was driving a Chevy HHR loaner. Guess what he went an bought? A 2011 Silverado. Now that’s what I call “blind ignorance”.

  7. mk says:

    before 2007 I strictly bought silverado’s. toyota finally came out with a full sized truck more powerful and just as roomy and even roomier than the silverado with tons more power. Power, comfort, reliability, and price being about equal almost sold me on tundra finally over chevy. Only thing chevy has over tundra is fuel efficiency and bigger rebates and a better/softer ride being less choppy, but not by much and not that big of a deal for me.

  8. Mickey says:

    Troy ask that guy if he got a spare tire and the jack & wrench with that truck. From what the news stated GM started charging extra to put these in because of mpg’s. Standard doesn’t come with a spare much less the wrench to take the lug nuts off. How bad can you get?

  9. Mickey says:

    My michelin spare tire hasn’t ever been lowered or tocuh the ground. With 121,300 miles I should see if it even has air in it. Then again I have two spares just in case.

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