Best of Craigslist – Automotive Edition

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Here are 5 “best of Craigslist” posts that have at least something to do with cars. Some important points before we continue:

  1. There will not be any apologies for offensive language. If you read from this point forward and click on the links, you WILL see something offensive. Such is the beast.
  2. None of the holier-than-thouI ride a bicycle and I’m better than you” rants that are so popular on Craigslist made it on our list. Sorry. (OK, not really sorry. Screw those people.)
  3. Keep the conversation going. Feel free to post a link to a best of Craigslist post that’s automotive in nature in the comments
Best of Craigslist posts with an automotive flavor

Best of Craigslist posts with an automotive flavor

Number 1: One BAD Personalized Plate

How can one person get 50 parking tickets, each one for a different car…the answer? They have a personalized plate that’s simply “NV.”

Number 2: Rant For Anyone Who Works In The Auto Business

If you work at a dealership, repair shop, or any sort of retail repair type business, this rant from an oven repairman will make you bust a gut. Best part:

We get 50 or more broken oven calls in the few days leading up to turkey day and santa day. We get one or two any other week. Ovens don’t collectively go on strike. Most people just admit their sh*t has been broken since the Clinton administration, but some of you think you can bullsh*t me.

Read it – seriously.

Number 3: Traffic Rants

There are dozens of rants about traffic, but a couple stand out. First, we have an introduction to rush hour traffic – “definitions and how to for beginners.” It’s profane, but it’s a nice warm up for the guide to driving in Phoenix (that’s FEE-NICKS).

Number 4: Cool Story About Redemption

Next time you think you’re having a bad day, read this story about a homeless guy getting back on his feet after a dealership took a chance on him and hired him to be a detailer.

Number 5: People Who Hate Annoying Car Ads

Craigslist is chock-full of classified ads for cars, and some of them are hilariously ridiculous. This list of the most irritating car ads hits a home run with this line:

3. The Detached-From-Reality Dipsh*t. “One owner 1986 Corolla. 234K miles. Needs a front bumper and headliner droops. Radiator leaks and needs alignment. $2300 FIRM.” Hey meatstick, one owner or 10 owners, your sh*t is old, worn-out, and worth $300.


Finally, if you’re posting an ad on Craigslist trying to sell your car, give this list of classified car ad tips a gander (and remember a tacometer is a Mexican dish, not a gauge).

Any best of craigs ads we missed?

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  1. The basics of Traffic Jams was great. The oven repair guy needs to choke on his stupidity and die. He is wasting my oxygen. He gets people telling him stupidity 2 weeks a year and he blows a gasket? That is how I work everyday.
    “What happened to your computer?”
    “It broke”
    “What did it do before it broke?”
    “Made noises, You have to get it working within 5 minutes, I have a meeting I need some files for!”
    “There seems to be a screwdriver sticking out the computer and a shoe print on the screen”
    “I dunno”
    “No, there is…see”
    “It is always broken”
    “Do you always stab and kick your computer”
    “I didn’t”
    “You have to make it work now”
    “Violence and technology, not good bedfellows”
    “I am telling your supervisor!”
    “That You Kicked and stabbed your computer? Put your supervisor on the line too…that way I don’t have to make a call also”

    Everyday and most weekends.

    Oh joy, 2 weeks a year, I have ZERO sympathy for your lethogic exsistance, Mr. Oven repair boy.

    HA ha ha ha

  2. Jeremy – Sounds like you could write for best of craigslist. I don’t have your experience, but my limited days of helping people with broken vehicles taught me two things: 1. When it went right and we could actually fix the problem, or when the problem wasn’t our fault and the customer knew that, it could be incredibly rewarding for about five minutes. 2. The rest of the time, it was like getting kicked in the gut by some sort of wild animal. Great experience, but I really don’t miss it.

  3. Mickey says:

    After working at a few dealerships I seen where customers have this issue. Personally I just take it there to fix the issue unless you go there 11x to fix the same dang thing it does become ridiculous and I feel like the oven repair man. If the oven broke and can’t be fixed by changing out the heating element then it’s time for a new one. No need to visit Oscar the grouch of the oven repair business. Oh BTW repair man I do have a turkey fryer and I had been using it for over 15 years. Being from New Orleans I learned at an early age to fry them. So while you stew repairman I’ll be kicking back with a cool one watching the fryer do it’s job. Bon apetite!

  4. Customer service can be sumed up in one statement:
    What have you done for me lately?

  5. Oh, and I ride a bicycle and feel like an idiot. It is 3 trillion degrees outside. Everyone else is driving. Exactly how am I susposed to be feeling better than everyone else?

  6. Jeremy – You should see the number of “I’m better than all you drivers” that are posted to best of craigslist. It’s ridiculous. I’m all for people riding a bike (once upon a time I was a hard-core mountain biker), but this business about being better than everyone else BECAUSE of riding a bike is offensive.

  7. In South Louisiana, Riding a bike is for exercise or due to a lack of a car. So either you are fat or poor. No one is bragging about either. There must be a lot of posters on Craigs List from Cali.

  8. Lots of them from Boulder, Colorado too. It’s a whole new breed of hippy up there. In Colorado, we say that Bouder is “20 square miles surrounded by reality.”

  9. TXTee says:

    Of course there are millions of Cali weirdo posters….it’s a nice state but some strange people out there. I feel sorry for the normal people I have met…..and just keep praying to get away from there soon. I’ve read some of the actual rants on craigslists and it is definitely WILD WILD WEST! I’m sure they LOVE my Tundra with TX plates leaving it managmous carbon foot print in their gorgeous state.

  10. LOL – I bet they do. Smoke a cigar with the windows down next time you’re in SF…

  11. Cali, Great Views, Beautiful weather, Weird people.

    If Cali didn’t have such a high concentration of odd balls and morons everyone would live there.

    Great State, Ignore the residents, they drank the punch.

  12. I once had a friend from California. HE asked me if I thought it was flakey to apologize to a tree if you accidentally hit it while playing golf since he is a christian and it is a living thing. I have never in my life hoped and prayed so hard that he was cracking a joke. I am still waiting on the punch line.

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