Bed Bounce: Toyota’s Response To Our First Email

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Earlier this week, we sent Toyota a request for information about the Tundra bed bounce issue. We described our understanding of the issue, our position as an advocate of the Tundra community, and then requested the following:

1. Have Toyota’s engineering and/or quality teams been informed of this issue?

2. Are there any tests currently in progress to diagnose this problem?

3. Has a fix for this problem been devised? If so, when will it be available?

4. What steps can current owners that are suffering from this problem take to make sure they’re given priority when a fix becomes available?

5. Is this issue being corrected on the 2008 model?

We had high hopes that Toyota would communicate with us about this issue, but instead they replied with something that basically amounts to a non-response stating:

“As of today, Toyota has not issued a Special Service Campaigns (SSC) or Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for the concern you have described.”

Clearly, this response is intended not to fan the flames of discontent. While they didn’t acknowledge the bed bounce issue, they didn’t deny it either. After some careful thought, we’ve decided we need more data before we can effectively pursue this with Toyota. Our thinking here is simple — if we’re able to present Toyota with hard facts indicating the number of owners that have had this problem, the average severity of the problem, when and where it occurs, etc., we’ll have something that Toyota won’t be able to ignore. An additional benefit to gathering this data is that we’ll be able to share the results with current owners and prospective buyers. Hopefully, this will be a benefit to everyone.

We’re working on finding a good tool to gather this data, and we hope to have something ready by the end of the weekend. In the interim, if you have any suggestions about the data we should gather and/or comments on Toyota’s response, please leave a comment.

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  1. Terry Hodgins says:

    My suggestion is to take a video of a childs car seat in the rear of the cab and show how much bed bounce there is on a concrete highway. I refuse to take my grandchildren in our 2007 Tundra in fears of shaken baby syndrom. If you put a half filled 2 litre bottle of soda in the car seat it will show how much a child would be bounced around. This is a real problem for our family.

  2. Marco says:

    Video is a definitive. I have been testing my Tundra in south CA 86 and adding weight. I tried 3 50lbs gravel bags and it did improved.
    May be have a chart of bouncing vs weight.
    All trucks bounce and my friends have other brand trucks, but none of them come close to the terrible bounce of my Tundra. It is a safety issue and Toyota needs to address it quickly.

  3. Brett says:

    Funny, when I called Toyota to log a complaint on the issue about 1 month ago, the rep put me on hold. When she came back she reported that “Toyota engineers were aware of the problem and that a fix was in the works soon”. Why are they giving different stories to different folks? That is poor PR.

  4. Grant Scheibe says:

    I was looking for more information on the Tundra shock replacement and found your very informative site. Then I saw you information on bed bounce and wanted to share my situation. I just purchased a brand new 2007 Tundra Crewmax with TRD package. I am not sure if I have bed bounce but the ride on concrete is terrible. It is very bouncy/jittery and the bed seems to be moving up and down more than I would expect. Holding a conversation or reading can be very difficult with the continual oscillation. My 1997 F-150 with off road package road really nice and I had no complaints. With a 10 yr newer truck I would expected al least the same if not better ride. I am very unhappy with the ride of the Tundra. The dealer said it is because of the TRD package but I am not convinced. They said that the TRD shocks are stiffer and they would consider changing them. Do you think I should try the standard shocks?

  5. Shaken says:

    Grant, I have read on other threads that people with the standard Tundra have the same complaint. I have a double cab with the TRD package and there are some stretches of road that just about make me sick to my stomach. I’ve started to learn which lanes are safe to drive in and which aren’t on my regular route. I had a 12 year old 3/4 ton farm truck that didn’t bounce anything near the way this thing does on a paved freeway (and its shocks were pretty well worn out). It is definitely an issue and I believe it is a safety issue. If you combined slippery road conditions with this kind of bounce, I could see where the back wheels could break loose on the rebound since the grip of the rear tires would be reduced – for example while navigating a curve in the road the rear end could slide out and send you into a ditch or worse. If this truly is a safety issue, it should be reported to the NHTSA. If enough people filed complaints, it would be investigated; I don’t think Toyota could ignore that. Before I purchased my Tundra, I noticed one complaint of this type of issue on their web site, it really didn’t seem like enough to affect my decision at the time. If I had seen the number of complaints on the NHTSA website that I have seen on various threads since I started researching the issue, I would have waited or re-thought my decision all together. Although I haven’t filed my complaint yet, it seems like a fairly easy process; you can even file online. It may be the best thing to do if Toyota continues to ignore the problem.

  6. admin says:

    Good suggestions from all. Thank you.

    Grant, I’m sure that new shocks would help, but I’m not sure that they would help enough to justify the investment. This is definitely going to be a question we ask in our owner survey. Maybe we can help Toyota pinpoint the problem…

  7. Tat says:

    I installed the TRD rear sway bar and it helped a good bit on the bed bounce issue. I really bought it to help with body roll going into corners, but it ended up helping with bed bounce. I also added a ShurTrax water bladder that is in the bed of the truck and it pretty much helped a lot. $40 bucks on amazon, so it can’t be beat.

  8. Michael says:

    The I-10 is the worste for bed bounce!
    I drive from Fontana out to Rancho Mirage a few times a week and it is a killer! I had the same problem with my ’03 Tundra 4×4 TRD until I got rid of the stock tires, bed bounce still there but greatly reduced. Now I have an ’07 Tundra 4×4 TRD love the truck but the problem is worse than my ’03. Hopefully new tires will help, till then I dropped the rear tire pressure to 30 lbs. it helped reduce the bounce a little.

  9. Michael says:

    I just spoke with the service manager in Ontario, he said that Toyota is aware of the problem and is working on a solution … we’ll see

  10. Marco says:

    I call Toyota 1800 and explained the truck bounce(is not only the bed) in my near CA 86 concrete freeway.
    The lady search some notes and could not find any kind of related problems for 2007 Tundra. This is interesting since people on this forum have already reported this to Toyota correct? Toyota gave me a ticket number and some Tundra specialist will call me back.

  11. Grant Scheibe says:

    I have called both the Toyota 1-800 number and talked to my local service manager.

    My local service manager claims not to have any complaints on the bounce. He suggested that it will get better with age and for now I could try lowering the air pressure or try changing tires.

    A case manager from Toyota is going to call me tomorrow to discuss the issue.

  12. Marco says:

    I got a call from Toyota today.
    The tundra specialist told me that they are aware of this issue and are ivestigating it.

  13. Grant Scheibe says:

    I talked to the case specialist from Toyota today about my concerns with the bouncy ride. He stated that Toyota is aware of the issue and engineering in Japan is working on the issue. He did not have any information about what Toyota plans to do at this time. He stated that Toyota will be holding a meeting at the end of the month and he should have more details then.

    If you have any ride concerns you can let Toyota know by calling the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331. The more concerns that are brought to their attention should help expedite a resolution.

  14. Michael says:

    I still think the problem is the tires, same make/model I had on my ’03.

    Anyone replace thier stock tires yet?

    Grant and Marco please keep us posted as to what Toyota says, thanks.

  15. Reid B. says:

    I just bought a Double cab tundra With Southeastern Toyota XSP package. This is a non TRD truck with 20″ BBS Wheels wrapped with 285/55/20 BFG ALL Terrain T/A’s.
    I drove it 225 miles from dealer to home and it road pretty smooth. There were some roads that were kind of rough but I can’t say bed bounce was a big deal.

    On the other hand I was driving a 2001 Tundra limited w/TRD and had severe bed bounce for several years. I put Bridgestones new Deuler AT REVO’s on stock rims 3 months ago and bed bounce eliminated almost completely except for the harshest roads.

    Back to the 2007. It is a super sharp truck and I found the quality equally impressive. I pray now that bed bounce doesn’t become my issue too. I conclude at this point that Toyota put junk tires on most of the stock trucks and that is likely a primary culprit. No doubt the added stiffness of the TRD shocks doesn’t help. I nearly replaced mine on the 2001 TRD until I put the Bridgestones on and found I didn’t need them. Glad to have saved the $600 bucks.

  16. zach (Idaho) says:

    i have a 07 tundra 5.7L double limited with 20″ wheels and dunlop sport tires and the bed of my truck at highway speeds bounces. i thought that was very odd and had never noticed that on any other truck before, im glad im not the only one. i had the bed bounce even on nice smooth paved highways throughout Idaho. Maybe it’s something to do with the way the wind streams over the vehicle. i sure wont put my soda back there.

  17. Reid B. says:

    I’ve been especially sensitive to bed bounce since seeing all the posts and having just bought my 2007 Double cab non TRD. I can say I’ve experienced anything out of the ordinary. Truck rides pretty smooth. I wonder if there might be some other common factor involved. Anyone interested in setting up a survey? Might be interesting to gather data on model, TRD option, wheel and tire configuration, Date and place of manufacture.
    I would set up survey like others I’ve seen on this site but don’t know how.

  18. Terry Hodgins says:

    has anyone else had a problem with filling out the survey? We keep getting an error message even though all the fields are filled out.

  19. admin says:

    The survey has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  20. Art says:

    Replacing stock shocks with Rancho RS9000XL adjustable MINIMIZED the bounce. These shocks dampens more on the rebound than on compression thereby allowing the leaf springs to compress even when the truck in unloaded. Part No. RS999324 with the setting from 5 to 7, depending what truck configuration you have. Max setting is on 9. $101 each

  21. admin says:

    Art — good idea. Glad to hear that switching to a quality shocked helped. OE shocks are always very cheap.

  22. Art says:

    Yes, it does improved the ride quality in a big way. This is not the permanent solution, but it works. I have not tested these shocks with the truck loaded heavily, so I can’t provide any info on that. I have the shocks for 2 weeks now and I’m really happy with it. I also posted on the other forums for Tundra owners to try these shocks as they make a big difference in ride quality for empty to lightly loaded trucks.

  23. Grant S. says:

    Art-did you replace just the rear shocks or both front & rear?

  24. J. Johns says:

    I purchased a 07 Tundra 4×4 in July and i was so unhappy with the ride i got from the 40K Dollar worries me so much when i have my two month old daughter with me i will not get onto the freeway for fear that she may be injured somehting needs to happen or i might make my way to my friends house who is a director for a major news company. also i did go to the service manager of my local dealer and he said at this point i was just going to have to ride it out.

  25. Roy says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra Double Cab SR5, 4X4, TRD package, tow package, cold weather, and front bucket seats. I am only so descriptive because “maybe” there is a common thread. I live in Tacoma WA and I5 is horrible. I did notice a huge difference between my GMC (traded in on Tundra) and my new truck. I have always regularly checked my tire pressure every week when I wash my vehicle. I noticed that the pressure from the dealer was set 3-4psi heavy on all four tires (3 days old with only 40mi on the odometer). When I lowered the psi to the recommended psi via the door label (30front/33 rear)…the bounce is nearly gone. It is slightly more jittery than my wifes 2008 Accord. I will take the small differance with my belief that the stiffer TRD suspension in the contributing factor. Maybe I am wrong? Reading the above comments…maybe the proper psi and tow hitch (?frame support?)helped me. Maybe I5 in Tacoma isn’t as bad as other places…I don’t know. I have had my truck now for 3wks and 1,200mi now. I really enjoy the ride of my new truck. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  26. Len says:

    I bought a 07 Tundra DC 4WD last month and the bounce is excessive, but it only seems to occur on concrete freeways at speeds between 50 and 70mph. The bounce is so excessive that my family will not ride in the truck if I drive the freeways. When I complained to the dealer they told me the truck was designed to carry heavy loads and when empty, it will bounce. OK. I’ll buy that

  27. john ortiz says:

    Owner of a 07 4WD tundra.I still think it’s the frame, having the fully boxed frame on the engine, reinforced C frame below the cabin, and just the plain old C frame under the bed makes alot of sense why it bounces. It’s probably flexing where the reinforced C frame transitions to the C frame. I use to have a 05 f-150 with a fully boxed frame all the way to the rear, it felt very solid but the problem was that it drove SOLID! it never bounced the bed seperate from the cabin instead the whole car had a very stiff ride…this should be normal for a truck that they,ve made the frame very strong specially the bed area with “welded through” cross beams, think of the bed area of the tundra as the soft spot, this is probably where all the energy of the bouncing goes in comparison with the f-150 all the bouncing was spread throughout the truck giving it the stiff ride. But does any body wonder why the tundra drives smooth like a car on normal roads? I love this about the 07 tundras by the way, it was the only truck i drove that felt like this besides my 03 tundra. Why? maybe because the framing is allowed to flex…If anybody was to try to fix this they should reinforce the C frame the same manner the rest of the frame. I know theres a very good chance that im wrong with all this…i simply thought since this is the only truck that bounces the way it is and the only truck with the 3 stage framing brings a suspicion. Im still happy with my tundra since i pay attention also to the positive side of the tundra. I work for Nissan and Im glad i didn’t get a Titan even with the discount. Hehe.

  28. john ortiz says:

    Adding my email for follow up comments

  29. Michael says:

    Nice theory, but I don’t buy it. I have had this problem with other trucks as well. Case in point my 1988 f-150 long bed had this problem, apparently it was the wheel base dimension because the short beds did not have the same problem. Secondly my 1992 Ford Bronco, the bounce on this vehical was horrible, but unlike my f-150 that had a see-saw effect the Bronco bounced both front and back at the same time. I have had a truck since my first vehical and live in California where the freeways are bad so bed bounce is not new to me, but the Tundra really bounces on some freeways …

  30. john says:

    that still doesn’t prove that it’s not caused by the framing. Im sure if they just reinforced the under the bed framing with the same dimensions it would definetly fix it. By the way, off topic but on the note I recently hauled some concrete caps that weighed 1,500 lbs and it did not eliminate the bouncing, in fact it felt more massive as it bounces. Less frequency but felt slower and stronger. Maybe we should stuff some thick rubber insulators in between the cab and the bed below the rear glass and see if it would change anything, then we’ll know if it is the framing.

  31. Mark Downs says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra Crewmax Limited and the bed bounce or whatever you want to call it is severe! I also have a 1990 4 wheel drive Toyota pick up. My 1990 4 wheel drive that is harsh on concrete freeways is a Cadilac compared to my brand new truck. Something is wrong here! The funny thing is I live 1 mile from Toyota HQ in Torrance Calif. and I know that Toyota is aware of the problem as the two freeways across the street from them the 405 and the 110 have been traveled by everyone in that company that uses one or owns one. Please call the following telephone number and make your problem known so that we can get this problem handled. I just did this and it took only 5 minutes.

    If you have any ride concerns you can let Toyota know by calling the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331. The more concerns that are brought to their attention should help expedite a resolution.

  32. Joel Nooney says:

    I purchased a new 2007 DC Tundra from Stevinson Toyota in Aurora, CO. I have experienced the “bed bounce” issue on the new concrete stretches of I-25 between Castle Rock and Denver. It is beyond annoying to the point that I have been driving my Acura instead of the Tundra. My truck has factory 20 inch wheels/tires, bucket seats, no TRD package. I read another post which mentioned that the issue is worse w/ trucks w/ the 20 inch wheel/tire package. I have called my dealer and will call the Toyota CUstomer Experience Centerr tomorrow to officially log my complaint. If there are other Colorado owners, feel free to contact me at

  33. […] Advice needed Another source of information:Bed Bounce: Toyota’s Response To Our First Email | __________________ 2007 Tundra SR5 DC 5.7 Superwhite & debadged (NOT the motor badge!) […]

  34. SunButteDan says:

    My 07 Tundra, LTD Crewmax rides rough all the time but on certain stretches of Concrete interstates the bed bounce is severe. Most of the time you would not notice it. Perhaps our interstates in North Dakota are just that good. Our old 66 f-100 would ride like this sometimes because it had overload springs. My 99, GMC Z-71 was never this rough riding and never had this bed bounce. I think the rear springs are too stiff because Toyota wanted to be able to haul heavy loads and not see the rear end sag. Well, guess what no matter how much wieght I put in this truck the ride does not smooth out. Toyota over-did the spring stiffness thing. I thought I was the only person with this problem but now that I see the prevelance of the problem I will be sure to mention it to my dealer. More to come.

  35. Craig says:

    I can’t believe nothing has been done about this problem. I just bought my Toyota tundra in Aug 07, traded my 03 4×4 tundra and what a mistake that was!!! Seems as if we all have the same problem. I have made formal complaints to Toyota. The response was,
    “Because the Tundra is designed for utilitarian usage, such as towing and hauling, the driver may experience on certain road conditions a bounce sensation emanating from the Tundra’s bed area, when the Tundra is not towing or hauling”. Needless to say nothing is being done about it. I have also been told by rep’s that “this is the problem with people these day’s, they want a truck to drive like a car”

    “We have not identified a manufacturing defect, however, with the suspension of the new generation Tundra, or related components”.

  36. Craig says:

    Take the servay,
    Bed Bounce: Toyota

  37. Ray says:

    Not to change the subject……
    Warning To All Tundra Owners!!!!

    Last December, I got an e-mail from a friend regarding a new spark plug ( PulseStar Plugs) and it supposed to increase gas millage and give more horsepower!!! I checked the website and started reading how great the plug is!!! Most of the comments were good and a few that they couldn’t tell a difference but nothing really bad!!!! Out of curiosity, I decided to buy it!!!! Installation was about 2hrs checking for damage product and the gap…. I was very disappointed with my test drive, couldn’t feel any horsepower gain but the engine ran quoted…. So I decided to leave in my truck and when I get a chance I’ll put back the original plugs…. That was Dec. 18 2007
    Thursday ( Jan. 31 2008 ) on my way to work, I was driving around 72mph to 75mph going on up hill and my CHECK engine ligth came on and lost power but did not completely die!!! Pulled over to side of the freeway but couldn’t find anything wrong from the outside…. It felt like I was driving with all 4 tires flat and the emergency brakes on!!!! Turn off my truck and re-started, CHECK engine ligth cleared and drove normal like nothing was wrong…. I figured I it happens again, I’ll take it to the dealer to check what error code came up and cause!!!! Monday 2/04/08 the same thing happens again and practically on same spot!!!! ” wierd!!! ” after I cleared the CHECK engine warning, I went straight to closes dealer and drop -it -off!!! 11:30am…. Dealer called me back around 3:30 stating that they couldn’t find anything wrong with the truck but the error code had something to do with off-roading at 3-5mph and told them that I was in the freeway driving around 72-75mph…. They game me back the truck and was told to bring it back if it happens again…. Got gas right after I left the dealer and dead home. Not even 4miles from the gas station, the same issue came back and then some!!!! CHECK engine, RSCA, TRAC warning lights was flashing and activated the 4LO automatically!!!! I couldn’t take it off 4LO, so I drove my truck back to the dealer at 20mph!!!! Dealer gave me a rental car ” no charge ”
    dealer called me back the next day, stating that they found the cause!!! It was the after market plugs that I installed!!! The electrodes on on one plug completely missing and the rest were questionable!!! For peace of mind, I ask the dealer to scope the heads and cylinder to make sure no damage occured and the missing electrodes did not fall inside!!!

    buyer beware!!! My PULSPLUG story


  38. Michael says:

    Hey Ray,
    Thanks for the heads up on those spark plugs.

  39. AaronW says:

    I recently traded my 04′ Tundra Limited Access cab with TRD for an 07′ Tundra Limited Double cab with TRD. I had my tundra for a couple days then had its first 5000 miles service. After the service is when I noticed this bed bounce that everyone is talking about. I just thought that they may have put too much air in the tires. I didnt ever notice this on my 04′ Tundra. My 04′ Tundra had non-standard 16″ accessory wheels with Michellin LTX MS tires. I dont think that the bounce would bother me as bad because I know that its a truck and it has heavy duty suspension for towing etc.. My issue is though I have never had back problems or pain in the past, driving this new Tundra is really making my back hurt! I have tried adjusting the seat in every way possible, and adjusting the tire pressure. I am literaly having back pain everytime I drive it, especially on my 45 minute comute to work. Its like a bucking bronco everytime I hit any type of bump! I found a website ( that sells what they call Sulastic Rubber Springs. It adds another level of shock absorbtion to the leaf springs. Im not sure if it will void the warranty, or if it will even help. Any advice would be helpful. I dont know what to do. If there isnt anything to help, and if Toyota doesnt come up with a solution, this Tundra is going to be traded in… Its a shame that Toyota put so much thought into everything about this truck except for this. I read a lot of reviews about this truck before I bought it, and I dont remember seeing anything said about this issue. I dont like any other trucks out there.

  40. Craig says:

    I took my 07 limited double cab to a company in Concord California. They specialize in all makes/ models from the time autos were first made until the present date. He has also built racing suspension the whole nine yards for professional race car drivers. He said there is nothing that can be done with the bed bounce. He told me to pulsated the tail gate when down to make it bounce. He went underneath the truck and put his hands on the frame. I pulsated the tail gate and he said, “IT’S THE FRAME” THE FRAME IS FLEXING AND NOTHING CAN BE DONE WITH IT”. Funny the first response from Toyota was “IT’S NOT THE FRAME” I am now reserved to trading in this truck as much as I hate to do that. Oh and by the way, Toyota offered me a replacement truck! I have a double cab/ limited/heated seats/backup camera/460 watt? stereo with sub woofer/nav system/sonar/ all leather interior. This is what they offered me with the same payments!!! single cab 07/ cloth seats only, that’s it!!!! I don’t think so. I am now going to Chevy to see if they can set me up or to GMC. What a way to spend over 40,000. P.S I had traded my 04 tundra trd extra cab 4×4 for this wonderful ride I now have (yeah right). Toyota is not going to do a thing with this problem I hate to say.

  41. Tom says:

    I have a 07 double-cab, 4wd, long bed, 5.7, tow package,without TRD option. I’ve never noticed this bed bounce. I don’t do that much driving on concrete highways, but I have been on I-20 at 75 mph and didn’t notice a problem. I run my tires at higher pressure to help out with mileage. I wonder if the longer wheel base makes a difference.

  42. RayJ says:

    Hello, Everyone!
    I finally filed a complaint to NHTSA (National Transport Safety Board) and ODI (Office of Defects Investigations)
    WEB: (888)327-4236

    I just want this problem FIXED!!! I have waited long enough. I would rather have a defected component than what I

  43. ken says:

    I am shocked to hear about the tundra bed bounce issue. I am a expert tech at a toyota dealer and have never even heard of this issue before now. Been there 5 years now. I was on the internet looking into the frame rot tacoma issues looking to see if anyone had there trucks bought back yet. Then I came across this post. I have a great friend at the training facility. I will ask him for the inside scoop for you guys. Later. Ken

  44. ll cool j says:

    i had to buy another car because my infant daughter bounced so much. i went to the dealer and told them that i must buy their cheapest car right now cause i can’t put my daughter in this truck again. what sucks is that since i only had the tundra for about a month i was pretty much stuck with it. now it sits in my driveway as a second car payment. i’ve called toyota with my concern and they always say ” they are aware of the issue and will inform me when it’s resolved”. what to do, what to do?

  45. Elias says:

    I have the same problem too. I have a 08 model dc 2wd non trd equipped tundra. The bed does bounce, and i have talked to the dealer where i purchased the truck from to inform them of this issue. They reccommended i place a couple of 50lb bags of something to laden the truck, and if the problem persists to get back with them. My impression is that they are aware of this problem. But my sales person denies any of these issues. Which could be true, because the roads where i test drove the wehicle were are all smooth, and no concrete. I too am some what unhappy with this, because for most part i really like this truck. If I had experienced this bed bounce during my test drive, I would have looked elsewhere to purchase a truck. Question? how did this truck make 08 truck of the year with this kind of ride?? Humm. Well I am going to call Toyota Customer Experience Center first thing Monday morning to complain about this. Hopefully they will know what the problem is, what the fix will be, when it will be available, and how tundra owners will be notified. Thanks, and good luck to us all.

  46. Mickey says:

    Elias not all places have this bed bounce issue They have a few states where the interstate concrete has the perfect harmonic balance as the truck. Don’t have that issue here in Jax, Fl.

  47. Randy S says:

    I have a 2008 Tundra double cab with 6’6 bed and the ride is horrible. I have never owned a vechicle that bounce’s so bad. I have heard they changed shocks between the standard and TRD and I’m not sure how the TRD rides but I think going to a lower grade shock between the two is just petty and if I new before hand I would of bought something with more options if I new the ride would improve. Has anyone changed shocks and what brand did you go to if the ride improved.

  48. Mickey says:

    Randy I seen it under another thread that someone changed their shocks and cut the bounce in half. Now to remember where I saw it.

  49. Joel says:

    Guys here is the link:

    Based on Jake’s recommend I ordered a pair of NAPA generic rear shocks for ~$50 a piece, NAPA part # 911298. I will advise how this improves my ride in Colorado once they arrive and I install them.

  50. Tundra1 says:

    The issue is three fold. 1 The concrete expansion joints, 2 The 10K towing suspension under the Tundra, 3 The flex of the C-channel frame between the box and cab under specific road conditions. The fix is to change the shocks to better absorb the wheel movement thereby not transferring it to the frame and add about 200lbs of weight over the rear axle. This will virtually eliminate the bounce. With that being said, anyone with a Ford kicking the Tundra for bed bounce should look at a Ford F250 SD under the same conditions. The Fords bounce is so bad, the bed nearly touches the cab!!!! Neither are defects, but are inherent of C-channel frames and heavy towing capabilities / stiff suspension. If you wanted a car like ride, you should have bought a Honda Ridgeline!!!!

  51. Tundra1 says:

    Oh yea, Ford F150 owners are more aware of the Tundras bed bounce becasue they are always behind, as the Tundra accelerates away from them!!!! 400HP OH YEA BABY!!!!!!!

  52. Tundra1 – LOL – good summary too.

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