Ask Tundra Headquarters: Dual vs Single Exhaust Question

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Chris writes:

Thanks for the great info regarding the Tundra 5.7L exhaust. I have a question though. The local muffler shops offer dual in dual out exhaust for the Tundra, but they use smaller crush bent 2.25″ pipes for the exhaust. Will the smaller pipes hurt the performance of my truck or break even with the OEM 3″ exhaust? I want the dual exhaust sound, but not at the expense of performance, so should I just replace the stock muffler and keep the stock single 3″ exhaust pipe or dual it out with a couple of smaller 2.25″ pipes?

Good question.

Most muffler shops will tell you that pipe size isn’t nearly as important as pipe configuration and layout, but I don’t see any reason why you can’t have both. Smaller pipes increase back pressure, but that can be alleviated somewhat by the use of a louder muffler. There’s a science to it, but generally speaking you should try to match the factory pipe size whenever possible.

As far as single v. double, single is usually more efficient in terms of performance. One pipe is sufficient to flow the exhaust gases, and the factory system is configured for a single pipe. If you can stand the fact that your truck will sound better on one side than the other, a single exhaust is best. However, all that being said, it’s not a huge difference between single and double (in terms of performance). If you dyno-ed both configurations side by side I doubt you’d notice a significant difference – probably less than 2 hp.

So, in summary, out of your two options, I like them both. Simply replacing the factory muffler is least expensive, and you might find the sound to be pretty good. If you add two slightly smaller pipes in place of one larger one, you’re probably going to break even in terms of performance and you’ll have a good looking setup. If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to find another muffler shop and get a quote from them. You might like the options they give you better.

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  1. Dave Howe says:

    I pulled away fron the gas pump in my 2007 Toyota Tundra with 1500 miles on it.
    It just died-what do I do now. It’s Friday noght and no one around to help until Tuesday morning. Is this another problem with that truck?

  2. We are looking at the Tundra as a possible replacement for our GM 1500/2500 work trucks. My question is what is the experience out there with using the Tundra as a service truck. Our typical standard payload (parts and equipment) is around 1200 lbs. We put a medium high cap on our truck with pretty standard shelving, most weight is kept down low on the floor.

  3. Terence Lewis says:

    I’m interested in knowing whether or not Toyota plan to build the CrewMax with a larger bed. I’ve been told they will, and that it would have been available during the summer. However I haven’t noticed it yet. Do you know if it will be available in 2008?

  4. admin says:


    There’ no indication that Toyota will be bringing out a long bed CrewMax in 08′. When it happens, it will most likely coincide with the debut of the diesel Tundra. We’ve project that will occur in 2010 or 2011.

    See this post:

  5. Mo says:

    Is it worth putting a new performance exhaust system on a 4.7l tundra v-8, will it help at all?

  6. Mo – I think it is in terms of sound and feel, but in terms of performance it’s up to you. A good system will add 5-10 hp and 10-12 lb-ft of torque. It might make improve your gas mileage 0.5 mpg too, but only if you drive the same.

  7. […] the single pipe is more efficient the twins and that the stock pipe diameter is perfectly fine. Tundra Dual Exhaust vs Tundra Single Exhaust | Tundra Headquarters __________________ Dick 2008 Crew Max Limited TRD (New Tow Vehicle) 2009 Cougar 268 RLS ~8400 […]

  8. joe says:

    i have an 08 5.7l v8 super white tundra. and i have noticed some spots on my truck which looks like there wasnt enough paint on it, its faded almost grey in color. i havent put anything on my truck that would do this, is this an on going problem with this model?

  9. joe – Thin paint is a problem with most vehicles in the last 5 years or so. The EPA officially outlawed a class of chemicals that helped make paint jobs better as of 2006. So, many newer cars have paint flaws that didn’t exist as few as 10 years ago.

  10. chadd says:

    I’m looking for sound for my 07 tundra. Most of what i found is that every thing is 3in single to a dual 2.5in out.. on my truck its just the opposite dual 3in dual in to a single 2.5 out. I am not really into the dual exhausts i am just looking for the rich any hints as where i could find one?

  11. Jason says:

    chadd – The tone is all about the muffler – did you see our exhaust system vids?

  12. Aki says:

    I have been looking into the corsa exhaust for the 2011 tundra 5.7. They do not offer a dual system but only offer a single in and single out. The system has a pipe that takes the dual pipes on the tundra to a single pipe before entering the muffler. Is it possible to lose performance with this set up or will it not effect anything or would it be better to buy 2 mufflers and run true duals?

  13. Jason (Admin) says:

    Aki – Often times the factory configuration is the best one in terms of performance. A true dual setup *can* be better in terms of performance, but since a single exit merges both exhaust banks, you can get slightly better scavenging effects.

    Truth be told, most trucks with dual exhausts would be faster with a single exit…but not by much. It’s really not a major concern either way.

  14. Brian Lassiter says:

    Try Spintech. They make a 2.25 dual in with a single 3″out. YouTube had pleanty of spintech tundra videos.

  15. Heath says:

    The area of the dual 2.25″ pipes equals 7.95in² and the area of the single 3″ pipe equals 7.06in². You have almost a square inch more output. Not a whole lot, but surely more than the stock size pipe.

    Good talk.

  16. charles says:

    A lot of mechanics in ca told me they have trouble passing smog with the duel exhaust system. Is this true? the other thing is i would like to put a volant air cleaner on my 2008 tundra, and i’m told there alegel in ca. is this true> they say it wont pass smog.
    If so is there another that has the same sound?

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