2010 Toyota Tundra Prototype – Minor Changes

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As part of our coverage of the 2009 San Diego Auto Show, we grabbed some photos and video of the 2010 Toyota Tundra prototype that debuted there.

First, take note of slightly modified grill. We anticipate this change will likely carry over to all 2010 Tundra models. Next…

The big exterior change for the 2010 Tundra, if you can call it “big,” is the different looking tail lights. See the 2010 tail light above and the 2008 tail light below. Not much difference.

Our 2008 Tundra Made In America project truck.

Finally, we come to the dash. The 2010 Tundra prototype dash layout is the same, but we hope that Toyota considers implementing the black face gauges in more than just the base model. They’re much easier to read. echoua

YouTube Preview Image

Check out this video of the interior.

Bottom Line: The 2010 model year Tundra will be more of the same. Still, 2010 (and the debut of the 2011 Tundra) was the original time line for a host of Tundra enhancements…let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Toyota still plans to bring along an update in late 2010 with the new 2011 Tundra.

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  1. ingle says:

    work truck package.

  2. R. Michael says:

    I own a 2007 Tundra extended cab. There is a Cargo light switch under the left side of the steering assembly that can be turned on by accident with your knee.
    The result is that I can be driving down the highway with the cargo bed (white) light on and not know it. This is a safety problem that should be addressed. The switch is just badly located and as it has a separate circuit from the interior cargo lights it should be disabled when driving.

  3. Ian says:

    Man, I was really hoping for a new interior in 2010. Do I push back until 2011??? I love everything on and about this truck except for the interior.

  4. Ian – I would suggest waiting till 2011 if you can. There’s probably going to be quite a few enhancements. Of course, having said that, you’ll likely never get a better price for a new Tundra than during the next 6 months. It’s tough out there, and Toyota and its’ dealerships are struggling so you can take advantage.

  5. Ian says:

    I agree 100% with you. The next six months are goiing to be PRIME to buy a new Tundra. LOVE the truck not crazy about the interior….I may have to wait…..

  6. TXTee says:

    The interior is bleak and needs major improvement but something tells me it won’t happen til a completely new model comes out in 2012. I didn’t complain about the lack of aesthetics because bottom line is I needed a truck that was capable of hauling and that it does rather well.

  7. […] out the change in the 2010 taillights. This is on a work truck. 2008: 2010: 2010 Toyota Tundra Prototype – Minor Changes | Tundra Headquarters . com The old taillights matched the headlight design. The new ones look a little more boxy. Attached […]

  8. Lux Trux says:

    Ive been waiting 3 years for a new Tundra interior. Ive owned 4 Toyotas trucks in the past and the only thing holding me back from a new one is the hodge podge interior, especially the console gages. Geeze loueeze. I guess Ill be putting another 30k on my 2002.

  9. TXTee says:

    Hey, at least that’s some confidence it’ll be going another 30K!

  10. Mickey says:

    I don’t find the interior that bad at all. They could have lit a few more things up so you can see them at night but since I’ve been driving it since July 07, I can find it in the dark quite well.

  11. I agree with Mickey that the interior is more than good enough, but I think that the new Ram and the F150 have pushed the expectations for truck interiors just a little bit higher and I expect the new design will offer more interior quality. I had a 1989 Silverado with a vinyl seat, a brown plastic dash, and a crappy plastic steering wheel, and I have to say I love that truck to this day. The Tundra’s interior is light-years ahead of that, and I have to say I think it’s excellent. Great for work too.

  12. Federico says:

    What happened to the Hybrid version of the 2010 Toyota Tundra? I was looking forward to this because I’m sure a Hybrid version of the Sequoia would soon follow, which is what I’m really waiting for with better mileage. The Escalade, Tahoe, and Yukon are available in Hybrids getting 21/22 for MPG. What’s going on with Toyota here? I had a 4Runner for 18 years and ten weeks, it ended with 269,062 miles. Am I going to have to look seriously at the Escalade or Tahoe for the Hybrid SUV because Toyota seems to have dropped the ball here?

  13. Mickey says:

    Toyota didn’t drop the ball. It’s not cost effective right now with the economy the way it is. Have you looked into a Crewmax? I have an 07 Limited and now they are coming out with a platnum series. Plenty of room and my original sticker has 20 mpg on hwy but I get anywhere from 19-23mpg. That depends on my driving habits.

  14. Federico – First of all, don’t buy anything until the EPA ratings for the new 4.6 V8 come out. It might just beat what GM is getting with their hybrids:
    Still, I have to agree with you about Toyota dropping the ball here. They’re the leaders in hybrid technology, yet GM has been offering hybrid versions of the Tahoe and Escalade for two years now. Toyota originally announced that they would be 100% hybrid by 2011, but then they decided to kill the Tundra hybrid for the immediate future because it wasn’t going to offer substantially better mileage than the new diesel:
    Fair enough. As Mickey says, a Tundra Crew will get mileage very close to the Tahoe Hybrid, and the new 2010 Sequoia with the new 4.6L will probably get the same mileage. However, Toyota decided to kill the small diesel for the Tundra and Sequoia:
    So you can call me disappointed. After promising a hybrid and diesel, we’re left with a very nice 4.6L V8. I’m not a happy camper.

  15. Buck Wheat says:

    “Ian Said in January 7th, 2009 @6:33 pm Man, I was really hoping for a new interior in 2010. Do I push back until 2011??? I love everything on and about this truck except for the interior.”

    Second that, Ian. We have a big V-8 2007 CrewMax in slate and grey leather. In a Toyota survey, I hit them on two things: 1) poor dash gauges (including that damn truckbed light, which is easily, all too frequently turned on in error); and 2) one of the chintzier interiors to come down the pike in years. Compared to the Tundra, the competition (GM,Ford,Mopar) looks downright plush. You wonder if Toyota ever heard the cliche, “The perception IS the reality.”

    Toyota could have killed the competition, had the package been done correctly. Now, for 2010, they roll out the Tundra ‘Platinum’, which is nothing but a placebo for the disaffected.

  16. Buck Wheat – I hear that. Let’s hope that 2011 or 2012 is a step up.

  17. Desmon says:

    Alright, I need some advice. I have been driving my 1998 Toyota 4Runner since I bought it new off the lot. I loved the idea of a four door tundra when it came out around 2002. I was waiting till the gas mileage got better, above 20mpg before buying a truck, which I really want. I am close to 200K miles on my truck now and have $30K saved up for a new truck. Should I wait for the Tundra Diesel to show up since the hybrid was killed, or should I go to the competition for a hybrid 3/4 ton or better crew cab truck that will get me over 20mpg from the competition? Given my situation, what are my options? I love Toyota but the ball has been dropped!

  18. Desmon – If you’re waiting for a Tundra diesel, you’ll be waiting at least a couple years…if not forever. Same goes for the HD Tundra. The only question I have – what 3/4 ton gets you 20mpg? I know the diesel enthusiasts claim they get 20mpg, but that’s an unloaded truck driven 55mph or less…

  19. jason says:

    will the taillight on a 2010 fit on a 2011 tundra crew max please let me know thx guys

  20. Jason (Admin) says:

    jason – I think so. As far as I know, there have been no changes to the taillight.

  21. Mragonese says:

    Ready to buy a new truck, I’m struggling to find what, if anything, has changed since I bought my 07 Tundra Ltd. Certainly I’m not the only buyer who wants new and improved features rather than the same thing I’ve been driving since 07. I don’t get it. The Fords are looking better than ever.

  22. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mragonese – You can find a nice little break-down of changes between model years on our site and on Edmunds.com

    Our site:


    Links to reviews from Edmunds are listed for each model.

    If you read, you’ll find the info you’re looking for.

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