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Three Reasons to Install Satellite Radio In Your Pickup

Satellite radio has emerged from its troubled financial status of just a few years ago to finally post solid quarterly gains in both revenue and subscribers. The high cost of acquiring subscribers combined with actually launching and maintaining a network of satellites broadcasting digital music from space took their toll on America’s only two satellite radio players – XM and Sirius – forcing them to merge in 2008 into the entity known as Sirius XM radio. The company broadcasts over 150 channels of music, news, talk and sports to subscribers who have added the service to their homes or vehicles.

Full disclosure:  I am a former long-time XM subscriber who had multiple accounts with the service. I ended my subscription after the merger due to the fact that the Sirius XM channel list was largely homogenized and removed many of the stations that I had enjoyed listening to, particularly those that focused on non-mainstream genres such as electronic music.

That being said – satellite radio does have a lot to offer listeners who don’t mind the fact that some of its more eclectic content is missing in action. Let’s take a look at three reasons to install satellite radio in your Toyota Tundra:

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