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Truck Bed Liners: 7 Tips For Buying The Right One

Bed liners might be the most popular truck accessory of all time. Truck owners love them for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is their role in protecting the shiny factory finish inside the truck bed. If you’re a new truck owner thinking about getting a bed liner, here are 7 truck bed liner buying tips for you:

Wet Okole Truck Seat Covers

Let’s face it – over the lifetime of your truck, chances are good that you’ll damage your seats. A lot of this is going to be unintentional – the occasional dropped cup of coffee, the mud during a surprise rain storm, or even the inevitable wear and tear on seat bolsters from climbing in and out of your truck. Of course, there is also the natural dirt and debris that finds it’s way into your truck as a normal consequence of not living in an hermetically-sealed bubble. This is doubly true if you introduce kids into the equation.

The tried and true solution to dealing with worn seats (or protecting new seats) is to install seat covers. For a large number of drivers, mention of the term “seat covers” evokes images of cheesy Hawaiian flower designs or ugly brown furry jobs held on with elastics that snake across the back of the seat. While those options might have been unavoidable in the 1970’s, modern seat covers have benefited from a quantum leap in both style and design.

Premium truck seat covers from Wet Okole are like wet suits for your seats.

Premium truck seat covers from Wet Okole are like wet suits for your seats.

In fact, seat covers aren’t just for covering up past mistakes anymore, they are also capable of protecting your seats from damage before it happens. Wet Okole seat covers are a perfect example of a premium-quality seat cover.