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Slotted Cross-Drilled Rotors For Trucks and Towing – Part One

FACT: The brakes that were installed on your truck at the factory are a compromise between cost, performance, durability, and noise. While they do an excellent job of stopping your truck (even when there’s a big load being towed behind), they are far from the best option available to you. While there are some trade-offs, buying an after-market set of brake rotors can boost your truck’s braking performance (especially while towing and hauling).

Slotted cross-drilled rotors for trucks

In a nut-shell, most modern trucks (or trucks with disc brakes) have two main brake components – rotors and pads. Rotors are the large, flat rotating mass that are attached to your wheel hubs. Brake pads press up against the rotors in order to generate the friction necessary to stop your vehicle. Simple enough, right?

Stock, or OEM, rotors are usually completely flat, solid, and smooth. This is the cheapest and strongest configuration for a brake rotor, but it’s certainly not the best.

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