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RIZE Industries Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit

There are a number of reasons why people choose to install leveling kits on their Tundras. Sometimes, the desired effect is aesthetic – some owners prefer a truck that’s horizontally flat rather than a truck with a slight forward rake (which the Tundra comes with out of the box). There are also those who have a heavy accessory on the front end – like a winch or bumper guard – that are looking to level out their truck to reduce front-end suspension sag.

There are also a lot truck owners that are looking to upgrade their tire size, and a leveling kit (a.k.a. front-end lift) is one way to fit bigger tires on your truck (without a lot of tire rub). No matter what you’re looking for, a leveling kit is an inexpensive accessory that won’t hurt your warranty. (For more info, check out our guide to Tundra lift kits and Tundra leveling kits).

Toyota Tundra leveling kit from RIZE Industries

Toyota Tundra leveling kit from RIZE Industries

Rize Industries has a leveling kit for both two and four-wheel drive, 2007-and-up Toyota Tundras.

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