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2011 Prius vs 1993 Geo Metro

I like to read as many auto blogs as possible, and occasionally I find something that strikes a chord with me. About a week ago, Christopher Demorro at lamented that the Prius isn’t advanced enough and that it was “falling behind.”

Christopher’s argument (which you can read at the link above) goes a little bit like this:

  1. Toyota had a 10 year jump on everyone in the segment that they didn’t take advantage of
  2. Toyota’s latest gen Prius only gets 50 mpg, which isn’t much better than the 40mpg Focus, Fiesta, Cruze, Elantra, etc.
  3. Toyota’s new Prius minivan was an obvious need years ago – why didn’t Toyota do it sooner?

While I’m not qualified to judge other auto writers for tearing down a manufacturer’s decision making – I do it all the time myself – Christopher’s whole rant against the Prius is poorly considered. I told him as much in the comments, we went back and forth, and here’s what we’ve come to:

93 Geo Metro XFI vs 2011 Toyota Prius Gas Mileage

93 Geo Metro XFI vs 2011 Toyota Prius - Gas Mileage Is Similar, But That's It

Christopher says he’d rather have a 93′ Geo Metro XFI than a 2011 Toyota Prius, since they both get about the same mileage and the Metro is cheaper and easier to fix.

if you put a Toyota Prius and a Geo Metro in front of me, and told me I could have either car…I’d probably take the Geo. It isn’t safer, or faster, or better looking, but it is simpler with an equivalent MPG.

OK Christopher you asked for it. Here’s why I say that’s ridiculous:

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