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Fuel Doctor Review – Introduction and Test Procedure

>> Be sure to check our official Fuel Doctor review post to see if it really works!

Guest Post By Toby of Tundra Fuel Economy blog.

February 1, 2011 – From a very early age I can remember thinking and wondering about fuel economy. While yet still quite young I came to the conclusion that absent drastic change in fuel economy it would be rather likely that we would run out of petroleum in our lifetime. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve fuel economy and have tested many of my personal theories and inventions. I have also tested devices or products available for sale to the general public. Some of these devices have worked while others have only served to lighten my wallet. I take nothing for granted and have found in a few instances that the general consensus is off base or completely wrong. I am a hands-on kind of guy and most of what I write about is based on my personal observations and testing.


Toby the Fuel Doctor tester next to his 2004 Tundra

When Jason contacted me asking if I would be interested in testing the Fuel Doctor for and writing a review of the device, I was eager to get started. I must admit to a fair degree of skepticism after reading both how this device is purported operate and in the gains claimed. I know from personal experience that a 10% gain in fuel economy is an impressive improvement. Even so, I will test the Fuel Doctor in as scientific a manner as possible using a Scanguage II and the old reliable pen, paper, and calculator.

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