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A Mobile Veterinary Clinic For Truck Owners

Veterinarians have it tough. Not only are they required to diagnose and treat animals which have no capability of explaining their symptoms, but they are also often called upon to provide care outside of a clinical setting. This is especially true for vets who work with livestock or wild animals in nature preserves and parks.

The Bowie Legacy 5 Mobile Clinic for Veterinarians.

The good news is, when a veterinarian has to make a “house call” (more like “ranch call”), they can bring the office with them. A company called Bowie offers a unique “mobile command center” that fits into the bed of most pickups, including the Toyota Tundra. The Bowie Legacy 5 is a task-focused “Insert Clinic” that provides many of the services that vets require in a package that can be delivered anywhere a four-wheel drive truck can access.

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