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Toyota Tundra Hybrid DEAD

Jim Lentz, President of Toyota’s U.S. sales operations, has officially declared the Tundra Hybrid dead. While we had determined that the Tundra Hybrid was due out in 2009 as a 2010 model, Lentz stated that “different models require different types of fuel saving technology…there may be a few [models] where hybrid technology doesn’t make sense“. Lentz then went on to say that diesel engine offerings in the larger vehicles (Tundra and Sequoia) will be both clean and very efficient.

NOTE: Toyota backed off their commitment to build a diesel version of the Toyota Tundra as well. Follow the link for more info.

So Toyota’s stated goal of offering a hybrid version of each of their vehicles by 2012 is officially off the table. Some environmental groups are dismayed that Toyota has backed off their plan – Toyota has long been a leader in the field of hybrid drive trains and environmentally friendly vehicles.

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