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A Tundra Owner’s Guide To Horse Trailers

The Toyota Tundra offers an impressive towing capacity, with the 2011 model maxing out at 10,400 lbs with the optional tow package installed. While five tons of towing power might seem like more than anyone would ever need to use, there are a few applications that routinely touch – or even crest – this lofty weight figure. Of those, one of the most common can be found in the equestrian world, where horse trailers, the animals themselves and the gear that goes with them can add up to a hefty load to haul around.

Toyota Tundra 2 Horse Trailer

A 2007 Tundra pulling a Lakota HUT (horse utility trailer), i.e. 2 horse with a changing room. Image from review - click to see the original review.

What follows is a description of the basic horse trailer options for 2007+ Tundra owners, including an interview with Sundowner, a horse trailer manufacturer.

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Toyota Tundra Towing Basics – What To Know Before You Tow

Kenne's Tundra pulling his trailer.

Special thanks to member Kenne for allowing us to use this picture of his truck and trailer!

Ever since first production in 1999, the Toyota Tundra has been a popular choice amongst truck buyers based on its dependability on the road and its impressive performance. In addition to the numerous safety awards and accolades the Tundra has received, one reason this truck continues to grow in popularity is its formidable towing capabilities. Trucks are being used more often than ever for recreational and utility purposes, and the Tundra is rapidly becoming a fan favorite. Before you go out and tow your boat to the lake or deliver a shipment of lumber to a construction site, however, there are a few things you need to know about preparing your Tundra for towing.

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