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Five Things You May Not Know About Flex-Fuel Engines

Five facts about flex fuel engines

1. They’re pretty much the same as a normal engines. Aside from a different set of spark plugs, injectors that can pulse more fuel, and a more corrosion resistant fuel system, flex-fuel engines areĀ essentially identical to regular old gasoline engines. To see what “essentially” means, read more below.

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2500 Mile Oil Changes Because You’re Running E-85? P-shaw

Last week a Toyota dealership dropped a link on Twitter with the warning “Did you know you have to change your oil twice as often if you’re running E85?” (or something like that ).

The link went to a page that advocated a 2,500 mile oil change frequency for truck owners using E85. Of course, there was no explanation as to why E85 users needed to change their oil twice as often, just that they should. THAT, ladies and gentleman, is why dealership service departments get a bad wrap. Instead of explaining why 2,500 might be a prudent choice (and it might), they make a blanket statement. I say p-shaw. This recommendation is, at best, paranoid.

First, here’s why this recommendation was made.