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Are Diesel Truck Engines Doomed?

For as long as I can remember, truck enthusiasts have been clamoring for a half-ton diesel. Diesel engines offer a lot of advantages over gasoline motors, many of which truck owners find particularly appealing.

Diesel Fuel No. 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: respres

Diesel truck advantages:

  • Diesel is more efficient. Depending on who you ask, diesel engines are about 30% more fuel efficient than a gasoline engine of comparable size.
  • Diesel engines are heavy on torque. Diesel engines provide gobs of torque at very low RPMs – much more than a typical gas motor.
  • Diesel engines run a very long time. Your typical diesel truck engine will run 200k miles minimum before a problem develops. For gasoline engines, 120k miles is a more realistic “no problems” life span.

Of course, it’s not all roses and horsepower with diesels – here’s a few reasons diesels aren’t better than gasoline:

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