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Sometimes OEM Parts Aren’t Better Than After-Market

In Monday’s post about dealership parts pricing secrets I wrote that “All things being equal, the manufacturer’s parts are better” than after-market parts. Correctly, a couple of comments pointed out that OEM parts are usually better, but not always. Here are some situations where after-market companies make an excellent quality part.

Dealer Repair Parts Pricing Secrets

Comments in our recent post about the Tundra-Sequoia Air Pump TSB have uncovered wild price ranges for repair parts. Some people are able to purchase after-market air pumps from their local national parts chain (Pep Boys, for example) for less than $900, while others are being quoted nearly $1200 by their local Toyota dealer…30% higher than after-market. Obviously, this is frustrating some Tundra owners.

Also frustrating Tundra owners is the fact that a relatively simple electric pump costs $900-$1200 in the first place.

Here’s the how and why of how dealers and manufacturers price repair parts.