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Dumb Headline At – The End of The Tundra is NOT Near posted a little story about Toyota’s financial loss this year (about $1.7 billion) with the idiotic headline “Toyota Faces Layoffs, End of the Toyota Tundra Pickup?

In a word, dumb. should be ashamed of themselves – this is nothing more than screaming fire in a public venue to get attention. Here’s why the Tundra is here to stay.

  1. We can’t emphasize this first point enough – Toyota has a long-term vision. The fact of the matter is that pickup trucks, while currently suffering a steep sales decline, are the heart and soul of many businesses’ in the United States. Big pickups, like the Tundra, fill a vital work role for contractors, farmers, construction workers, and millions of outdoor hobbyists and adventurers. There will ALWAYS be a market for a good pickup, and Toyota understands that. Getting rid of the Tundra would mean exiting an important part of the US auto market. A company with a short-term vision might be tempted to stop making a pickup right now, but Toyota isn’t worried about saving profits for next quarter by dumping one product – they’re worried about making profits for the NEXT DECADE. That’s one of the reasons Toyota is the biggest and most successful car company in the world, and the Tundra is an integral part of Toyota’s long-term success in the US market.
  2. Toyota hasn’t laid off any permanent Tundra employees. The article on Truckblog talks about layoffs and insinuates that the Tundra plant might be closed. Har-dee-har-har. Toyota didn’t lay off any

Tundra Headquarters Blog Goals For 2009

The Tundra Headquarters website has grown by leaps and bounds during the last 2 years or so, and we now enjoy more than 20k visitors a month! While this is very exciting, the fact is many Toyota Tundra owners have never even heard of us! Here’s what we’re going to do to become more popular in 2009:

  1. Reach out to more Tundra owners. People really seem to enjoy our ‘Featured Vehicles’ segments, and we’re going to work on boosting the number of trucks we write about.
  2. Boost the number of RSS and email subscribers to 500. We’ve worked on posting on a regular basis (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and we’re starting to get pretty darn consistent. The next step is to increase the number of people that read our site regularly, even if it’s just from their inbox or RSS reader.
  3. Develop more useful resources for Tundra owners. It’s hard with all the other stuff that we’ve been doing, but it’s important to keep giving Tundra owners useful info, how-to videos, reviews, exhaust sound clips, and more.
  4. Ask for more reader input. We’ve done a couple of surveys and gotten some really good info and feedback on ways to improve the site, but this is an ongoing process. So, if you’ve got suggestions for making better, we’d love to hear them.

P.S. You won’t hurt our feelings – let the comments fly!

Black Friday Shopping Deals

OK – you’ve had your turkey. Now it’s time to shop for deals: – Amazon is easily the biggest retailer on the internet. Just like Wal-Mart, the biggest retailer in the world, Amazon has quite a few loss leaders available beginning today. Even if you’re not going to buy any truck accessories for your Tundra, you owe it to yourself to check this link.

FREE Shipping on Truck Accessories! – They offer quite a few truck accessories on their site, and they often include free shipping. Here are their deals for the 3 biggest shopping days of the year (and the discount codes you need to get them):

7 Good Gifts For Truck Owners Under $25

With the holiday shopping season looming on the horizon, and with consumer confidence lower than ever, we thought it might be nice to put together a list of gifts that you can get the truck owner in your life that each cost less than $25. Of course, the challenge is coming up with a list of good gifts. No gloves, no ties, no official TundraHeadquarters merchandise (not that it’s not good), no digital tire pressure gauges, etc. Here’s our favorites:

TIP: If you’re the truck owner and you want something on this list, why not “accidentally” leave this website on the screen when you’re done with the computer? You could also print this list out and “accidentally” leave it somewhere anyone can find it. Anyways, on to the list…

The original LifeHammer can break a vehicle window out in an emergency, making it a great gift for showing you care (not to mention how cool it is to get a nifty looking orange hammer). The best part? It’s on sale right now for less than $20.

LifeHammer – What better way to show you care than to get someone a gift that just might save their life? This little hammer can bust a vehicle window with a modest strike, making it a potential life-saver after a crash when a vehicle door won’t open.

Deltran Battery ChargerThis is a nice, inexpensive addition to any home garage. Since it’s a “trickle-charger,” it’s especially helpful for anyone with a vehicle (say a motorcycle, boat, atv, or second vehicle) that sits for weeks without use. Get the Deltran Jr. Battry charger for less than $25.

Accupark’s Tire Stop is a smart buy for anyone with a tight-fitting garage.

Opinion – Detroit Automakers Deserve To Fail

This piece is the opinion of Roger Nasser and does not reflect the opinion of (not affiliated with Toyota).

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